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About Us is to have a website that effectively communicates what they do, what makes them different, and why they are an integral part of their market. Using responsive web design, a modern design language that adapts itself to the device being used to view the website, it is expected that a large portion of targeted customers will access Theme Development - About Us from their mobile devices. A new era of web development us pages has arrived, and it's time for them to join in!

Six basic steps of the process

1. Drupal standards and best practices have created a set of standards and best practices for developing themes using the Twig templating language and Sass CSS extension language. Most of these standards and guidelines are based on the Bootstrap 3 framework for development, which is widely used in web design today.

2. A tool kit for theme development: Our team has developed tools to use with our Drupal-based theming workflow similar to what most professional Drupal developers will be using in production work due to its usability. These tools include an installation profile; several modules pulled from the Drupal core, theme screenshots generator, template file overrides file system structure, layout web templates, block templates, a standard library of HTML and CSS files that are pre-formatted for CSS vendor prefixing, browser compatibility testing with BrowserStack, coding standards.

3. Theme documentation: Appnovation has a set of theme documentation guidelines to help our clients create quality products. We review all client deliverables for adherence to these requirements before the project is considered complete.

4. Responsive design: Building themes using Bootstrap 3 allows them to be responsive to different device resolutions, such as small mobile phones and large desktop screens, with touch-first interfaces built-in out of the box for tablets and smartphones.

5. Integrate third-party modules: Twig and Sass make it easy to integrate existing Drupal modules into custom designs by placing SCSS variables into the page.tpl.php us page template file.

6. Drupal theming best practices: The Drupal theming community has developed a set of standards that are considered best practices to follow, and the theme development team has made it easy for our clients to deliver outstanding products with both front-end and back-end expertise to accomplish this goal.

Are you looking for a new website design?

Geolance has the perfect solution for you! We use responsive web design, which means our websites adapt to the device used to view them. This ensures that your website looks great no matter what device your customers use.

Our designs look great, but they're also built with modern technology that will help your business succeed in an online store. We have the experience and knowledge to help you reach your target audience and achieve your desired results.

Customized Creative Front-Ends

Our team of Front-End developers has a combined experience of over 20 years working on high traffic Drupal websites and complex Drupal theme designs with HTML5 and CSS3. This has given us insight into what works well in the browser and what does not work so well. In addition, we have worked with large teams to develop responsive themes for some very demanding clients with strict design guidelines.

Authoring content using WordPress

In addition to our theming services, Appnovation also offers a complete solution for creating WordPress themes that can be used to generate website content. We provide custom solutions tailored specifically for each client’s needs – complete with expert support – at no additional cost.

Our Drupal Theme and Front End

Developers have more than 15 years of combined experience in building premium, scalable and secure themes for some of the top Drupal agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Our Drupal theme development team is experienced with best practices for web applications, including e-commerce, content management systems, content marketing platforms, user profiles, and social media pages integration. We can also build custom modules and implement existing third-party modules to meet your requirements.

Building HTML5 Themes using Twig

We provide cutting-edge solutions to help our clients overcome common challenges associated with the design process by utilizing the latest front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap 3, JavaScript - jQuery / AngularJS / ReactJS.

At Appnovation, we believe that one of the critical success factors of our success is our unique ability to combine design and development expertise under one roof in social proof. We offer a full range of design services such as responsive web design, HTML5 & CSS3 animations, user-centric UX planning, usability testing, and transparent communication. Hence, clients always know the status of their projects.

As well as offering Drupal theme development, we can also provide custom solutions for WordPress themes using PHP / MySQL / HTML / CSS / jQuery, which are tailored specifically for each client’s needs – complete with expert support – all at no additional cost.

Professional Drupal Themes & Drupal Theme Creation

Drupal theme development is at the heart of what we do here at Appnovation. We have over 15 years of experience as Drupal developers. Our latest team members have worked on some high traffic, very demanding Drupal websites with extremely tight deadlines. Our product managers are experienced in web applications about page target market, including e-commerce, CMS, CRM, human resource management systems, content marketing platforms, etc. At Appnovation, we believe that one of the critical success factors of our success is our unique ability to combine design and development expertise under one roof.

We offer a full range of design services such as responsive web design, HTML5 & CSS3 animations, user-centric UX planning, usability testing, and transparent communication. Hence, clients always know the status of their projects.

Our Drupal Theme Development Team

We also have a team of seasoned Drupal theme developers who can provide best-in-class, high-performance solutions for your business - no matter the scope or scale. We've worked on several large-scale enterprise websites, ready to tackle yours! Our theme developers are just what you're looking for if you need Drupal development services.

In addition to providing custom Drupal development services, we also offer several solutions which help build beautiful sites from scratch using our proprietary AppnovationCMS platform. Our front end experts take full advantage of current technologies such as Bootstrap 3, HTML5 & CSS3 animations, jQuery / AngularJS / ReactJS to develop the most reliable, performant and scalable websites.

Take user experience under control with Drupal themes.

We take your user experience seriously. We want to ensure that site visitors are rewarded with a smooth browsing experience on every page builder of your website - whether they are clicking through from Google or simply navigating from us page templates to page examples. We believe that when you have a great user experience, you're more likely to see results in increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

We apply best practices throughout the entire process, so our clients receive websites that are not only highly functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Our development processes foster collaboration between designers, project managers, and developers to create beautiful sites within budget and on schedule. When you choose Appnovation for all of your Drupal theme development needs, we become an extension of the team; an additional resource to ensure your vision is implemented seamlessly.

Why should I hire a WordPress developer?

Aside from the impressive list of accomplishments Appnovation's Drupal developers have under their belts, we also offer exceptional WordPress theme development services. We've worked with businesses in every industry and for organizations of all sizes. Whether you need a small change to your wordpress website personal brand story or an entire re-design, our experienced team can work with you to achieve your desired results.

Our experienced WordPress developers are well-versed in modern web technologies including PHP / MySQL / HTML 5 & CSS3, Bootstrap 3, jQuery / AngularJS / ReactJS , Responsive Web Design (RWD) and Smashing Magazine's own GruntBuster tool . We take pride in designing responsive websites that look great on all devices - both PC and mobile - and we would be happy to discuss your website's specific needs with you.

Do you offer Drupal development services? Of course, we do, and our expert Drupal developers are ready to complete your project today. We guarantee all of our work and can provide references upon request! So, if you're looking for a highly-skilled team of designers & developers to turn your vision into reality, let's chat.

Drupal theme development done right.

Maintaining an effective web presence is imperative for any business trying to grow - large or small. In addition, as more consumers search for products and services on their mobile devices (be it iPhones, Androids, or something else), it makes sense to have a mobile-optimized site that looks great on any device. Plus, if you want to stay on top of the latest technology trends, it's essential to have a website that is not only functional but also forward-thinking.

One way to make sure your site stays competitive in today's fast-paced marketplace is to develop it with Drupal. With its powerful taxonomy system and fully-integrated Search API, Drupal can provide quick search results for even the most significant sites, making it an ideal solution for businesses that aim to grow over time. Of course, having a great site is one thing - keeping it updated is another! This is why many companies turn to Appnovation for all of their Drupal development services - we're happy to help maintain your website so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

In addition to these benefits, Drupal theming offers several options that can help your site stand out. If you're interested in learning more about how Appnovation can provide the perfect Drupal theme for your site, contact us today. We'll gladly answer any questions you may have and discuss how we can help take your vision to the next level.

They trusted us for their Drupal theme development, so what can we do for you?

What is a responsive website? Responsive web design (RWD) is a type of design that makes your site easily viewable and usable from any device in any orientation. Simply put, it's a method of designing sites in a way that looks great no matter where or how your customers are viewing them. Thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices, more and more people are turning to their smartphones and tablets to find products and services online. In addition, Google has been known to give preference to websites that offer great mobile experiences in search results - meaning that having a positively reviewed site with RWD could help you rank higher on search engines over time.

We are experts in custom theming and can help you design a fully responsive site - whether you need us to complete an existing project or start from scratch. If you're looking for exceptional multi-use Drupal themes for your company story culture site, we've got what you're looking for (and if we don't, we'll build it).

Responsive websites load faster on mobile devices and adapt themselves to any viewing environment - no matter how small! They allow business owners and marketers to reach more customers while helping search engines find their sites. Appnovation is here to help you build a fantastic Drupal site that will fit your unique needs and give you the best possible return on investment.

We'll provide a customized solution for your business, not just a pre-determined theme, and we guarantee our work 100%. We specialize in Magento website development and can help with any Drupal project - from simple changes to complete custom builds.

Responsive websites are great for SEO... does this mean I should prioritize having one? Absolutely! One of the main advantages of responsively designed sites is that they often perform better than their non-responsive counterparts in search engine optimization (SEO). This happens because Google prefers mobile-friendly websites when determining which sites to display at the top of search results. This feature is known as "Mobile-Friendly" and has influenced rankings for some businesses.

We'll build a beautiful theme that provides an excellent user experience on all devices, which leads to higher rankings in some cases - meaning your site will attract more customers over time! Plus, since Google uses Wikipedia pages as the standard for links on their search engine results page design (SERP), more prominent sites are even better able to succeed through this boost in SEO brand values.

This technique helps Google sort through the many words, phrases, and descriptions they find online so that business owners can get the most out of their listings. It's essential not only for sites that are targeting local audiences but because Google uses Wikipedia listings as the standard for links on their SERPs.

Almost every business - large or small - can benefit from having a website. The Internet continues to grow in popularity, which means marketing online is crucial to the success of almost any company culture today. If your site doesn't have an attractive presence online, you could be missing out on potential sales, taking away an essential edge over the competition.

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