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Sales - As an entrepreneur, you want to sell products and services. If you need your customers to make their online purchases as smooth and positive as possible, this includes the most critical part of the purchase experience. I think it should come as no surprise you've spent the money to make a stunning site and to buy a good internet host. Do people think it would take them a lot of time to check their purchases? If it's easy, efficient, and safe you invite people into showing you money.

How do I accept payment online?

It's a question that plagues many entrepreneurs. They feel the need to know the right way to protect their financial data and how to get faster, more convenient payments from clients. The answer is online custom payment gateway.

An online payment gateway acts as an intermediary between your site and the customer's bank account, debit/credit card, or other information needed for a purchase transaction to take place. In other words, it securely processes transactions so you can sell whatever you want on your website without worrying about any personal financial details being leaked or used fraudulently by cybercriminals while also giving customers peace of mind when purchasing their home computer.

Are you a business owner who wants to sell products and services online?

You’ve spent the money to make a stunning site and buy a good internet host. Do people think it would take them a lot of time to check their purchases? If it's easy, efficient, and safe you invite people into showing you money. Geolance is an eCommerce own payment gateway that makes your customers feel secure when they purchase from your website. We provide fraud protection for all transactions so there are no surprises at checkout. With our simple integration process, we can have you up and running in minutes!

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What are the best e-commerce options?

There are several major online payment services you can consider using. Stripe is one of my favorites, they offer a simple API that makes it easy to process transactions through your eCommerce website or application quickly and securely. They are also the world's leading internet payment gateways for mobile devices which means you can easily accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and debit cards on any mobile device.

PayPal is an option with over 162 million active users worldwide. If you choose PayPal, you should be aware that there were some security problems in the past, and while these issues have been resolved many customers still view PayPal as having less than optimal customer service compared to other options available today such as Stripe and Fortunately though if you're already using PayPal for another business such as eBay, there's no reason not to transition over to PayPal for your website. is the preferred option for many merchants accepting Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards because it is very simple to use online. There are also several features not available with other payment gateways that will make your life easier including recurring billing options, batch transactions, back-end reporting, etc...

For whatever reasons you choose one of these three major internet payment gateways or another service alternative I highly recommend putting in place a payment solution so you can start selling on your website today.

Accept credit and debit cards on your website

If you have a business or are planning on starting one, it is even more important to have the right technology for your needs. It does not matter what industry you are in - accepting credit cards online is very important for any modern eCommerce merchant.

An introduction to payment gateways

When it comes to online payments, there are many different options. It is important to know what the right solution is for your business. One of the most popular payment processing methods available today is accepting credit cards.

What are the benefits of using a payment gateway? The easiest way to process the payment on your website is probably through an existing merchant account you might have with a bank or another financial institution. This may be fine if you already offer an eCommerce solution for customers to purchase items online, but there can be several downsides when choosing this method:

Few banks give their clients access to the technology required to integrate into websites that accept credit cards. There may not be enough room left in your merchant account's daily transaction limit to sell all the products you want. Some banks require a minimum monthly transaction amount to qualify for an account which might not be enough if your business is still growing.

To get around these issues, there are payment gateways that can help take care of processing payments securely on your website.


A payment gateway that lets you accept credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks using your existing bank account. There are no transaction fees for processing ACH withdrawals or electronic check transactions.

Dwolla's basic accounts are free which means there aren't any monthly fees to accept payments on your website. Dwolla only charges 25 cents per transaction when you use one of its supported credit/debit card processors including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club International, China UnionPay. 

One of the best parts about using Dwolla is that customers do not have to leave your website for their purchase to be processed. It allows merchants to use conditional logic so they can offer promotions based on the customer's selection of services or products.

Stripe Stripe is a well-known payment gateway that performs the same function as Dwolla and it supports all major credit cards including American Express, Discover, Visa, JCB, and MasterCard. Payments are processed using an internet merchant account allowing customers to pay using their credit card without having to leave your site.

Accepting payments on your website with Stripe is easy and there are no start-up costs, unlike most other payment processors. It does charge a flat rate for each transaction: 2.9% + 30¢ per successful charge plus a .30¢ per written record in addition to monthly fees starting from USD 5 being based on the number of transactions you process during that month.


Liqpay is a newcomer in the world of payment gateways but it has gained much attention from merchants because unlike most other services, there are no transaction fees or monthly charges when processing credit cards through this service. You might notice how competitively priced its service fees are compared to others when reading through their terms and conditions: "We don't charge any commission or percentage fee upon receiving or withdrawing the funds using service."

But since Liqpay uses an internet merchant account to process payments, customers are forced to leave your website for their payment to be made. It is best suited for customers who are shopping on websites where they have no intention of making future purchases because it can only store one credit card at a time.


PayPal has gained incredible popularity over the years but its use as a payment gateway has fallen out of favor with businesses due to its high transaction fees and monthly subscription charges which often outweigh the benefits of accepting this method of payment. If you already use PayPal for other services like receiving donations, sending money transfers, or processing customer returns/refunds; then you might find it useful to use its checkout feature on your website.

PayPal differs from other payment gateways because it is a separate entity from your business and the product or service you sell. PayPal will process the customer's credit cards but it will always view itself as a third-party mediator between you and the customer, even after transactions have been completed successfully. When a transaction is placed, PayPal holds onto the money until both parties indicate that they are satisfied with the transaction before releasing any of the funds to either one. There are also start-up costs associated with creating an account along with monthly fees based on how much volume you process each month which means maximizing its potential might not be feasible for every organization.

Unfortunately, this list does not cover all the alternatives and even those that were listed do not represent every payment gateway available today. To learn more about the different methods for accepting payments online, we highly recommend visiting where you will find a thorough list of resources that can help you choose the best processor to fit your needs as well as other information on how to use these services more effectively.

Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments facilitates payments between buyers and sellers who are both registered with Amazon. This service has attracted new businesses like yours who want to make it easier for the customer to pay on their website by offering them an option that is more familiar than some of the other payment services discussed in this article.

It uses Buyer Credit, which is essentially a virtual credit card number specific to each transaction made on your website or through Amazon's Marketplace. The benefit here is that your customers don't have to enter any information except for their email address and password during check-out so they won't have to worry about forgetting something later or losing track of what they entered during the process.

Integrate Mobile Wallet Payments

For a small fee, you can integrate your online store with the payment services of major mobile devices like Windows Phone, Android, and Apple's iPhone/iPad. This will allow your customers to make payments on their phone instead of entering their credit card information every time they shop on your website, as long as they have activated their phone as a way to pay for goods online. It is worth noting that not all phones made by these companies support tap-to-pay just yet so you'll also want to check if yours does before integrating this option into your website.

Merchants who do not wish to process payments themselves or are having difficulty doing so should consider using third-party providers. Before making any decisions, however, merchants need to understand exactly how these services work so they can best determine if this is a viable option for their business.

How to accept payments online: Summary

If you are still thinking about opening an online store or perhaps even already have one, it is important to know all the options available for accepting payments.

Setting up your payment processing service will require a lot of time and money which many smaller businesses cannot afford right away. That is why we recommend working with third-party providers like PayPal who can process credit cards on your behalf without having to pay high set-up fees or monthly charges, but this method might not be best for every business.

The first step you should take in determining how to accept credit card payments online should be figuring out if any of these services are compatible with the platform you use for creating your website. The second step should include looking at what types of costs are involved in signing up for each of them and whether the volume you process will be enough to warrant choosing one service over another.

If you do choose to work with a third-party provider, you should know that not all credit card processor services are created equal and some require significantly higher monthly fees than others which means it is in your best interest to not only compare prices but also processing speeds and payment options offered before making any decisions about who you want to work with.

On the other hand, if you would like to accept payments without using an intermediary then we suggest looking at PayPal, Google Wallet, Amazon Payments (or Try Amazon Payments free for 30 days), or Apple Pay (Apple Pay is currently available in select countries). We encourage you to submit a request for an invite to accept Apple Pay on your website if you are interested in this service.

Finally, if you are just getting started with opening up your business online then you should know that some payment processors offer special deals or free services for newer eCommerce websites so make sure to ask them about it when inquiring about their services. If nothing else, this information will help you get the ball rolling by informing your decision-making process at the very least.

Add a Payment Gateway to Your Website

If you are thinking of starting an online store or perhaps even already have one, it is important to know all the options available in terms of accepting payments.

Setting up your payment processing service can be a very time-consuming and costly process but to accept credit card payments online, merchants will have this initial expense before they can sell anything to customers. However, smaller businesses may not have enough capital available right away which is why many choose to work with third-party providers instead. There are so many companies offering these services that it is likely best for merchants to consider using PayPal can process credit cards on your behalf without having to pay high startup costs or monthly fees when compared to other similar services available.

In determining how to accept credit card payments online, the first step should be a clear understanding of exactly how these services work, which will help you determine if using an intermediary or third-party provider is best for your business. The second step is reviewing what costs are involved in signing up with each of them and whether you can afford one service over another based on processing fees and rates they charge per transaction. Keep in mind that some payment processors may offer special deals or even free options for newer eCommerce websites so merchants should inquire about this when inquiring about their services with companies offering third-party processing.

If you do choose to work with a third-party provider though, it's important to understand that all credit card processor services are not created equal, and therefore some are significantly more expensive than others which means it's in your best interest to not only compare prices but also processing speeds and payment options offered before making any decisions about who you want to work with.

Once you have compared all the services available, make sure that whichever provider you choose offers easy integration with your shopping cart or eCommerce platform of choice because if they don't offer this option, then chances are someone needs to be hired to do this for you.

If after considering all these factors, PayPal still does not seem right for your business then take some time to look into other options like Google Wallet launched back in 2011 as a way for people with Android phones to send money via Gmail™, Google+, Hangouts, or any other email service.

Google Wallet offers a great payment method as they do not charge users as high as they would if they were to use the service directly, which is one reason why they are such a popular alternative eCommerce solution.

However, this is far from all Google Wallet has to offer since they also allow you to process credit cards with ease and low rates per transaction and there's no setup or monthly fee involved, making them an attractive option for those looking for a credit card processor service too. There is however a limit on how much money can be sent per transaction through their system right now but it is known that Google plans on eventually bumping up the maximum sending amount sometime this year.

Selecting a Payment Gateway

To accept credit card payments online, merchants should always consider using a payment gateway to help them because this solution is one of the safest and most effective payment gateway development cost ways to do so.

In addition, there are several options available today that can help you not only accept credit cards but also other forms of payments as well such as Apple Pay launched last year as a secure way to make purchases through compatible apps or websites without having to enter your account details. Payment gateway software development services offer various payment processing solutions in different payment systems of external payment gateway option.

What should be considered when choosing a payment gateway?

There are several things to keep in mind when looking for a payment gateway including how easy integration with your shopping cart or eCommerce platform of choice is possible, the rate you will be charged per transaction, and what they offer in terms of customer support.

Once you have considered all these factors, merchants must make sure they only use reputable services offered by companies like Authorize.Net since this service can not only accept credit card payments but also offers multiple subsidiary options if their service does not fit one's needs exactly. Even though Authorize.Net can do much more than just accept credit cards (they also provide recurring billing services for example), most people who sign up with them end up only using the gateway itself because of how well it works and how easy it is to set up.

Authorize.Net offers low rates for transactions and does not charge users a monthly fee, and they accept credit cards from all major networks such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover to name but a few. In addition, their integration process is simple so most shopping carts or eCommerce platforms can be configured to allow for this type of service to be used with ease.

Another thing worth considering when accepting credit card payments online is the option offered by Shopify because this platform allows merchants who use them to receive money via PayPal without even leaving their store, which means users do not have to register with another company for this payment method to work either.

Once you have implemented all these things into your store it is vital to take the time and evaluate how effective your site is when it comes to increasing sales, since this can help you determine if everything has been configured correctly or if changes need to be made.

This is why software like Google Analytics™ is so popular with online retailers because they allow them to receive detailed information about their customers in real-time so they can adjust their sites accordingly. This type of service is beneficial for both webmasters and consumers alike because this way, eCommerce owners do not have to worry about making mistakes that might cost them potential customers while consumers do not have to worry about leaving a website without buying anything in fear of never being able to achieve what they set out to in the first place.

There are many benefits to accepting credit cards online, but with all the advantages also come disadvantages too when it comes to this payment method. One of the biggest issues merchants face when they accept credit card payments online is that they have no way of getting paid if their customer does not pay their credit card off in time or default on their debts with them by any chance. This can be extremely problematic for webmasters who rely entirely on eCommerce sales to make a living since this can often lead to hefty fees being applied by both your bank and/or your merchant account provider too which might even lead to you losing your business altogether in some cases.

However, one service that has been helping individuals better accept credit cards without having to worry about one of these problems occurring is GoCoin because they allow for transactions to be processed through their system as well as Bitcoin and Litecoin. This way, webmasters can receive funds from customers at the same time without any delays whatsoever which means even if they do not have access to traditional credit card systems, they can still conduct business with those who use Visa or MasterCard online whenever they like without having to worry about paying extra fees.

The people who sign up with GoCoin know that they will never lose money because of chargebacks and since it also does not matter which currency a client pays in so long as it is convertible, merchants often offer discounts or free shipping when someone chooses to pay via this service instead too. For example, many online stores use it to compensate for the fact that buyers cannot pay in their local currency using credit cards because there are many perks associated with using this service which include 24/7 customer support, competitive rates, and timely payments.

This is one of the reasons why merchants who opt-in to use this service enjoy such high conversions because they know in advance how much money they will receive in actual credit card payments so there is no guesswork involved in any way. Another aspect worth mentioning about GoCoin is that it has already processed over $5 million worth of transactions since 2013 so you can rest assured knowing the company behind this system knows what they are doing when it comes to accepting payments online.

Although most webmasters only rely on credit card payments as their main source of business, many exclusive process transactions use virtual currencies like Litecoin and Bitcoin as well. This is because they can save a significant amount of money by doing this since those transactions typically cost merchants much less than the alternative which is why they receive discounts when customers decide to pay with these types of digital currencies too.

GoCoin provides businesses who use its platform with the same level of customer service they would expect when paying for something online with traditional credit cards but that is not all; GoCoin also offers them protection against fraud too, making it the best option available in today's market because it allows individuals to accept payments instantly without having to worry about any scams whatsoever. Now everyone has access to an affordable, easy-to-use, and quick way of processing credit cards transactions which is why the company GoCoin has seen its business grow tremendously since it started.

How do I find the best payment method for my eCommerce website?

It all starts with understanding the different types of payment gateway system that exist such as e-wallets (PayPal, Skrill, etc.), bank transfers (Wire transfer), and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard). Once you know what each type of gateway is capable of, you can begin to decide which one will work best for your website.

Although most individuals usually prefer to use credit card payments online because they are more convenient than alternative methods like bank transfers or e-wallet services like PayPal, many still choose not to purchase using this method when shopping on web stores because there is a chance their transaction will be declined due to several reasons which include having an insufficient balance in their account or not being issued with enough credit lines by their banks.

Therefore, some merchants choose to focus on providing alternative payment options for their web store visitors by processing transactions using virtual currency because the fees are usually much lower than those associated with traditional credit card payments which are why more people are opting in to use this method of payment when they shop online. Since the company GoCoin allows merchants to accept payments in Litecoin and Bitcoin too, it also helps them meet customer demand accordingly because many people who use these types of digital currency do not have access to traditional e-wallet services like PayPal.

What precautions should be taken when accepting electronic payments?

Although there is no better way to receive money quickly compared to an online credit card transaction because it takes minutes for most companies, there is always a risk involved when it comes to receiving money online because there is the possibility of criminals gaining access to your system and siphoning off merchant's funds as a result.

For this reason, most digital currency companies use third-party services which manage incoming payments for them so they can protect their business by preventing fraudulent transactions using pre-paid cards that do not require any verification before being used. This allows webmasters who use these types of systems to accept payment instantly without having to worry about the authenticity of the information people submit with their transactions.

What are some techniques that can be used to optimize website checkout?

Although most websites allow individuals to input all the information they need via automated forms, many merchants choose not to do this because it takes up too much of their time. For this reason, they choose to use third-party services which provide them with an API that can be embedded on their website so people who are buying products or services online do not have to leave the page they are currently browsing to complete a transaction, thus keeping users engaged and maximizing revenue due to higher conversion rates as a result.

For example, if someone wants to buy 100 dollars worth of Bitcoins using their credit card then it would require them to input all the necessary information so it can be transmitted correctly. They will also need to go through an additional verification process too which is why more web store owners focus on providing alternative payment options since it makes everything easier for both parties involved. These types of transactions usually take 15 minutes to complete.

Although they are known for having high fees when compared with alternative payment methods, credit card payments remain the most popular way to make purchases online because most people who use websites are already issued with them by their banks which is why more e-commerce platforms focus on providing several options rather than just credit cards alone.

It should also be noted that some merchants choose to process transactions manually at certain times too which means you will be able to see percentages next to each option in checkout forms. This can confuse customers however this does not happen often because most websites prefer automated systems instead of manual ones due to their simplicity and convenience.

Are there any ways in which digital currency companies try to convert rates?

One of the biggest advantages of using digital currency for payments is that there are no loopholes with regards to the exchange rate because people know exactly how much will be deducted from their bank accounts at all times due to third-party payment gateways which manage these transactions for them. Since cryptocurrencies like Ripple and bitcoin have a fixed supply of coins then this means that merchants cannot manipulate rates based on market conditions or change the price after it has been negotiated because they would lose money as a result.

Since most alternative currencies do not suffer from inflation and provide more transparency when compared with traditional forms, eCommerce companies that accept them usually offer discounts in return for their customer's loyalty. For example, if someone opts in to buy 1 dollar worth of Bitcoins during one week then they will receive 1% off their next purchase. Alternatively, they could take advantage of a limited-time offer such as saving 10% if they choose to buy 100 dollars worth of coins over one year.

Since there is an extremely high degree of competition between different companies which process digital currency payments then this means that merchants will often try to distinguish themselves from the rest through providing unmatched levels of service and benefits which cannot be found elsewhere too. For example, some websites might offer customers free refunds and shipping for any items purchased via cryptocurrency so it would only cost the individual 1 dollar plus fees for their customer to earn back 3 or 4 dollars instead.

Are there any specific problems associated with using alternative currencies?

One of the biggest disadvantages when it comes to using cryptocurrencies for eCommerce is the fact that they have a high degree of volatility so it can be difficult to predict what will happen next. For example, if you were to buy 10 bitcoins at their current price then it would cost you 2,700 dollars but this could rise or fall by several hundred dollars per day due to market changes.

Another issue is that wallets are not completely secure because users are required to input their private key into each one of them before money can be transferred out of them which means more responsibility is placed on end-users shoulders instead of third-party companies providing wallet services. Lastly, there are some security risks too with cryptocurrencies because hackers focus more on hacking cryptocurrency platforms rather than traditional ones. This means digital currencies are usually targeted more often by criminals than regular forms of payment processor so it is important to be extra vigilant before you take any actions online.

Who are the main companies which accept alternative currencies?

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in eCommerce platforms that choose to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment gateway development because they provide their customers with greater convenience when compared with traditional methods. Furthermore, businesses can expect higher conversions rates if they provide products and services at lower prices in return for digital currencies too due to its growing popularity. The biggest players include Steam, Microsoft, Reddit, and many others not just in North America but across Europe too.

Are there any benefits associated with using cryptocurrencies for eCommerce

Using alternative forms of money is beneficial to merchants by reducing risks associated with chargebacks, fraud, identity theft and they are also more convenient too. Entrepreneurs can collect payments instantly on their online stores through decentralized peer-to-peer models which means all of the money is deposited directly into their bank accounts instead of the merchant having to wait for days or weeks.

There are no transaction fees involved when compared with traditional payment methods like credit cards because end users do not have to pay any payment processing costs on their part either. Merchants would simply need an internet connection to receive coins although they will still be required to pay Fees related to converting them into fiat money if they want to spend it offline due to their insufficient liquidity at the moment.

The Top Payment Methods For eCommerce in Summarycredit cards

Mastercard and Visa are the world's most popular payment methods for eCommerce platforms because they can be used anywhere to buy goods or services all over the world. This includes both digital as well as physical stores too so many businesses feel more comfortable using them as a method of payment due to their widespread availability.

is an online company that provides alternative forms of currency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum for people who want to build up their digital wallet balance through an easy and quick process. People will first need to create a profile on the website before linking it with other personal details like email addresses and bank accounts etc. Afterwards, users will be able to purchase any form of cryptocurrency they wish in return for regular money that is tied to their credit cards.

These are the most popular forms used by all eCommerce businesses regardless of whether they are selling software, clothes, or even luxury cars with many people accepting them as a method of payment when compared to traditional currencies like the US dollar or Euro, etc. It is believed that cryptocurrency usage will continue to increase in popularity in the future due to its convenience and faster transaction speeds for end-users which can be processed within seconds rather than days. The growing number of people who want end-to-end encryption on all online purchases is another reason why crypto transactions will become more mainstream in the coming years too.

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