Accounting Manager

Geolance is a free staffing platform created for ease of use for your Company.

We are uniting verified freelancers with businesses needing their services to address

their "hiring" difficulties. Furthermore, we offer free HR assistance round-the-clock,

looking for employees for your Projects.

We rely on the philosophy that freelance staffing is better than traditional hiring

when done right. When you hire a team member in your Company, there are lots

of logistics involved in the process, from resume submission to handling payments,

tracking time, etc.

We have built great features for your Company:

  • • Staffing for your Projects
  • • Company Profile
  • • Listing of your Services
  • • Project Management
  • • Team Management
  • • Video and Team Conferencing
  • • Project Estimates and Budgeting Projections
  • • Finance and Reporting
  • • Connection (Remove Excel Tracking of your contractors)
  • • Many More

However, when you use the Geolance Staffing Platform, you get the luxury of

working with thousands of top-notch professionals in our network without actually

having to deal with any logistics at all! The best part about it is that Geolance only

works with self-sufficient individuals who already have business know-how, so this

makes your job even easier!

Whether you need Accounting Managers with five years of experience in account

reconciliations, streamlining accounts, and financial planning. Highly motivated

professionals with a proven track record of delivering accurate reports and high-quality service. Possesses a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of

accounting and financial planning. Dedicated leaders with the ability to lead

effective teams in attaining profit improvement.

If you're looking for a platform to help with contracting, or if expertise is required,

Geolance can connect you with verified industry experts in your location.

Employment Experience of Geolance Professionals

• Produced error-free accounting reports.

• Organized books and maintained inventory records.

• Provided monthly, quarterly, and annual accounting services.

• Provided high-quality investment guidance to clients based on their needs,

goals, and lifestyle.

• Complied with all federal and state legal requirements.

• Remained up-to-date on existing and changing legislation.

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