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Air cargo means the items being loaded and transported by plane. Air cargo includes air transport, air express and airmail. When a shipment travels by air, it is often called air cargo or airfreight. Well-known air carriers that carry air cargo worldwide include FedEx Express, DHL Air, UPS Airlines and TNT Airways. Most air cargo is transported in a pressurized (max. 8.5 psi) aluminum (or alloy) container and carried in the cargo holds of the passenger aircraft and non-passenger aircraft of all airlines. It is the domestic and international delivery of goods, mail, and other items by aircraft. Air cargo is commonly carried by air freighters (freight planes). It is complemented or supported by seaports and railroads and has become one of the fastest-growing global commerce services. As measured in tonne-kilometres (tkm), over 5,000 air cargo carriers operate more than 120,000 flights over the world's oceans every day. This is more than the number of commercial passenger carriers flying worldwide. A typical aircraft is capable of carrying conventional or unconventional loads. For instance, an Antonov 124 can lift almost 250 tons of cargo, while a C-130 Hercules has a maximum load capacity of 37 tons. However, this is less than 1% of the part weight (e.g., for 100 kg) and maybe as little as 10% of its volume (e.g., for 30 m³/300 kg). The world's unit load device (ULD) fleet is around 600,000 units and still growing.

The Air Cargo Industry Is Growing at an Exponential Rate

With the rise of e-commerce, there is an unprecedented number of shipments being sent worldwide. This means that companies need to find a way to get their products from one place to another quickly and efficiently. That's where Geolance comes in! We connect you with air cargo services for businesses around the world so they can focus on what matters most – running their business. In today's competitive world, you don't have time for slow shipping or missed deadlines, which is why you should choose Geolance as your air cargo carrier today!

Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure your shipment reaches the destination wherever and whenever needed. We offer flexible pricing options and fast delivery times, so you know your shipment will arrive safe and sound without any hassle at your end. We help you find air cargo carriers that can fulfill your shipment needs, so you don't have to waste any time gathering quotes and checking rates. Whether you need a one-way cargo shipment or a round trip courier, we have just the right solution.

So what are you waiting for? Go to Geolance today to find the right logistics company to meet your air freight needs.

Geolance connects you with the right logistics company that offers international air freight shipping and domestic import and export shipments. Our experienced workforce and connections with the most significant freight and shipment companies help us efficiently meet the demands of our clients. This allows our customers to get more secure, efficient and high-value shipments throughout the world to any destination. Our air freight service covers all the locations in the world via aircraft. We operate in all the countries, so you can get your shipments delivered practically anywhere. You can also track shipments in real-time, so you know where your freight is at any given time.

Types of Air Cargo

Air cargo comprises all products, equipment, food, and general mail. In addition, dangerous goods are also transported by air, although this is subject to international laws and agreements.

Air cargo has two types — general cargo as well as special cargo. The general cargo consists of value items, from electronics and jewellery to pharmaceutical products. In contrast, the special cargo items include perishables, organs, explosives, hazardous waste, and radioactive materials. Many airlines have restrictions against transporting certain types of items with air freight. Therefore, although some carriers offer special cargo services, the majority do not. You can find out which service is suited for your cargo by calling the carrier you are considering.

Geolance has connections with all of the top logistics companies in their regions to ensure that they can meet your requirements. We assist our clients in selecting the most optimal freight forwarding company to handle their shipments based on price, transit time, and other factors. In addition, we provide a significant amount of research in the logistics industry to better assist our clients.

How Is Air Cargo Delivered in an Aircraft?

Most air cargo is carried in enclosed shipping containers or aircraft ULDs (unit load devices) on pallets or skids (which are sometimes built by third parties like Ameriflight). Many airfreight forwarders provide the service of "door to door" transportation for pallets and skids, i.e. including customs clearance service and delivery to the customer's premises. Air cargo operations are typically categorized into scheduled and non-scheduled services.

The scheduled flights are more expensive and usually feature a high level of service and reliability. In contrast, non-scheduled services tend to be less expensive and not as reliable as scheduled services. Lower-valued items such as consumer goods and small packages are often sent as cargo on non-scheduled flights.

The Sky's the Limit

Our carriers offer flexible schedules on virtually all of the leading routes globally to help optimize your flight planning. If you want to send an express shipment, you can also opt for express freight service to send your cargo with the following first flight to the destination. The express delivery service allows you to send your freight urgently to any location in the world.

We connect you with a logistics company that has thousands of aircraft. You can easily manage, track, and keep a record of all your shipments and communicate with your carrier to adjust delivery times. All you have to do is tell us the size and weight of your shipment, and we will do the rest. We make sure your cargo is packed with care and caution to meet all standards of the air cargo service.

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So if you are looking for an air cargo service to get your items delivered, post a project on Geolance today! Geolance will give you access to a massive network of air freight service providers to get your items shipped.

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