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Expert Developers

Our experienced developers specialize specifically in Android application development. They are designated to work on your creative app idea.

Agile Android Development Approach

Here in Geolance, we use a custom agile process for all of our Android mobile app development projects. That maximizes speed, minimizes risks, and gives transparency.

Full In-House Coding 

Not a single line of our Android application code is outsourced. All of our services are completed in-house at our office in Toronto. 

End-To-End Services

Our Android app development services include product strategy, consulting, development, UX/UI design, usability testing, and launching.

Support & Maintenance 

On top of our Android development services, we offer support and maintenance. Hire our Android developer, and we will help you stay on top of app upgrades and operating system updates.

Deployment on Google Play 

We will handle the application submission to the Google Play store. That includes descriptions and listing, asset gathering, icons, and more.

Our Android developers specialize in:

Android game development

Today Android games gained popularity. Games not only provide entertainment to users but are helpful. They contribute to the full development of personality. Our Android development professionals guarantee the best quality of Android games with multiple difficulty levels, including visual effects and animation. We develop games for all types of Android devices. You can quickly implement its plans for new games with the help of our developers.

Want a new Android game? We are ready to help you make a unique game using your fantastic idea.

Android app design 

Android mobile app design is an essential part of application creation. Professional design services will help your app to become more attractive to users. Unique elements and originality - will bring success. Our developers will help you create mobile apps that can be popular both among the younger and older generations. We can make a unique design of the homepage, main screen, interface, layout design, icons, menu, theme, buttons, etc. Besides, our designers use various innovative tools and software. Contact us if you need the app design at the latest standards; our Android app designers will help you!

Android app UI & UX 

UI (user interface) design - individual site elements that allow users to interact with this website. UI design includes the organization, grouping, and alignment of interface elements. Also, a single style of interface elements and the available space is essential. UI improves usability while being a purely technical decision.

UX (user experience) design - experience interaction. UX design helps you to set goals and objectives select appropriate UX tools to achieve your goals. Also, you can use it for product development, as it helps to find out the most convenient and easy ways to meet the expectations of your target audience. And UX analysis of the final result helps you learn whether the product meets the customer's expectations and how high the level of user satisfaction is.

When compared with UI, UX is a broader concept. It includes a comprehensive user's attitude to using the system - the information environment, its hierarchy, navigation, usability, and design. Our team of Android SDK developers is ready to help you with UI and UX design development for your Android platform application.  

We can help


Our experts have helped companies of all sizes reach their goals. These include creating brand awareness, increasing foot traffic in the store, and generating sales.

Startups & Entrepreneurs

We can help startups or visionaries with a big idea in all aspects of developing a product. We will help you develop a perfect product from content strategy to launch.

Brands & Agencies 

Geolance works with different brands and agencies around the world. As a result, we understand the importance of target markets, brand guidelines, and a creative approach. 

We offer such customized services as:

• Android Specific UX/UI Design;

• Native Android App Development;

• Hybrid App Development (Xamarin, PhoneGap);

• Android OS Customization;

• Android Widget Development Services;

• Android Launchers App Development;

• Android App Porting/Redesign;

• Android App Test Automation;

• App Support, Maintenance & Optimization; 

• Android App Programming;

• App Testing for Flawless Performance.

Geolance works with such service industries.

We offer the development of a custom mobile apps list that supports android apps and other app components for various industry verticals and domains. 

Social Media

• Applications for social networking 

• Chat messengers

• Applications for video calling 

Fitness & Health 

• Applications for fitness and exercise

• Weight loss applications

• Applications for fitness tracking 

Music & Restaurants 

• Restaurant applications

• Music player applications

• Applications for online food ordering 

E-Learning & Education

• Applications for kids' education 

• University and school applications

• Applications for E-learning 

Recreation & Sports

• Applications for live streaming 

• Live score applications

• News applications

E-commerce & Shopping

• Applications for retail 

• Coupon and deals applications

• Applications for E-commerce 

Applications for Gaming

• Multi-player games

• Action games

• Location-based games

Video & Photography

• Applications for photo editing 

• Camera-based applications

• Applications for slideshows 

Our four-level project management system

We provide high-quality customer service by deploying collaborative and innovative project management systems. Our four-level system includes: 

1 - Telling your business requirements and needs for the Android Studio application

Our analysts will review your project requirements and select a strategy that suits your project the most.

2 - Discussing details of the project with our team of analysts and developers

We will contact you to review the specific aspects of your project. Then, our experts will offer suitable solutions for your project development.

3 - Choosing terms and timelines engagement 

You can determine the engagement timelines for your project execution. But we will finalize them after the project consultation provided by our specialists.

4 - Make a secure payment online and get started!

Make payment through our secure online system, and our developers will immediately start on your project within 24 hours.

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