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I hope it was a good year! What apps should be installed on your Android Phone during January? You know how much you regret downloading. This is our hand-picked list of the most popular Android games available today. Most are free; some are cheap, most are great to play with friends online when it's hard to come together, and all are fun at home or on the move. Let's dive into the play store!

Are you looking for a new phone?

The iPhone is the most loved smartphone in the world. It's packed with features that make everyday life easier, more entertaining, and more productive. It's the perfect device for anyone who wants to do more with their phone. And now it comes in two sizes – so there's an iPhone for everyone. It is easy to find someting free to play game. The best racing games are now at the top of the mobile game as well as puzzle games and strategy games.

You can use your finger to swipe between apps or zoom into photos quickly, so everything feels fluid and natural on this more prominent display. With just one hand, you can easily reach content at the top of the screen without adjusting your grip or switching hands. You won't find another device like it on the market today. It's not just a fantastic product but also an incredible experience you can have every day of your life! Click here to buy yours today!

The best Android games: Top picks across every category

Best Android mobile games: Adventure

Action, Adventure, Simulation, and RPGs with a pinch of Strategy, Puzzle, or Trivia.

1. Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft

Is it a card pc game? RPG? It's both! The most popular strategy franchise on World of Warcraft is now available on your phone as an addictive card / RPG gem. With online multiplayer capabilities against friends and strangers worldwide, you will be hooked on this long after the first session. Be ready to spend money for new card packs and expansion packs as everything in Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft has to be bought for real-world cash. Well worth the investment if you like that sort of thing.

       2 - Crime City (RTP < $1)

Crime City is another story-based RPG set in the world of Mob bosses and gang wars. Crime City is very similar to other RPGs but has a much faster pace than most, giving you that quick fix needed for action!

       3 - 2048 (RTP = FREE)

One of the biggest mobile hit games in the last few years makes its way into our top Android games list. A simple puzzle/strategy game with numbers trying to get to 2048 by adding tiles and getting higher scores is deceptively challenging. It can take hours upon hours before you beat your best score. It's also free! Or do we mean was? I expect it will be available soon as paid title too...

      4 - Drag Racing (RTP < $1)

Drag Racing! The Drag Racing Android game would bring all of those memories back if you liked playing with toy cars as a kid. Remember it being so hard to put them in reverse? Well, now you have to use the clutch... The graphics are good, and there is a lot of depth here for a free app recommended for fans of racing games.

      - Ingress (RTP = FREE)

In-R-Geeesssss! These games rotate around augmented reality, where people go out into the real world and capture 'portals,' which sounds lame but is fun if you like this kind of thing. There are also portals at your house and places near you, and you have to capture them... look it up. It's based on the massively popular online game so expect people you don't know to join your team, being very annoying! Well worth checking out if you are into this sort of thing.

      - TwoDots (RTP = FREE)

Two Dots is a classic mobile puzzle game that will test your brain and reflexes as you progress through the levels trying to beat each type of puzzle. It's easy at first but ramps up in difficulty, which makes sense as progression is made through the game (and years!). The graphically simple style may be off-putting for some, but for those looking for something quick or an escape from visually demanding games, TwoDots won't disappoint.

The 20 Best Offline Games on Android That Don't Need Internet Access

Do I often get asked which Android games are offline? The list below is full of quality apps that work without wifi, data, or network. If you're staying in a hotel with internet restrictions, these are the ones to grab!

Best Android Games Without wifi: Action and Adventure

1 - Hitman Sniper (RTP = $3)

Hitman Sniper is a top-rated franchise on console / PC, but now it's on your phone too! It has been ported from other platforms, so do not expect console graphics as those levels of visuals require more power from devices. However, many people have downloaded this free Android game and if you like an excellent snipe-em' up, give Hitman Sniper a go tonight.

      2 - Asphalt 8 Airborne (RTP = FREE)

Asphalt 8 Airborne is a fun arcade racing game with amazing graphics and effects. There are over 40 cars in this free Android game with anything from BMWs to Lamborghinis making for an immersive experience when you spin through the corners at ludicrous speed. The Multiplayer mode is excellent too...

      3 - Star Wars Uprising (RTP = FREE)

Star Wars Uprising! If you liked the force awakens, you'd love this free MMO / RPG between episodes 6 and 7. As of writing, it has just been released but is very popular already, so expect more updates coming soon, which will keep it fresh for years to come!

      4 - Modern Combat 5 (RTP = FREE)

For FPS fans, Modern Combat 5 (MC5) is the best free Android game on the market right now. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most expensive too! Nevertheless, there are 4-5 star reviews all over Google Play, and it should be first on any FPS gamer's list if they like mobile gaming. In app purchases in this fantastic game is what google play store offers you in final fantasy and some other of the best games.

      5 - Asphalt Overdrive (RTP = FREE)

Asphalt 8 Airborne! Remember playing Grand Theft Auto as a kid? Well, this is like that but for your phone/tablet. That means you blast through pedestrians in luxury cars doing sick jumps off ramps! If you liked GTA or not, then try this racing game out...

      6 - Brothers In Arms 3 (RTP = FREE)

Another shooter with excellent graphics, deep gameplay, and many guns to try out. If you're looking for something more than just run & shoot, then Brothers In Arms 3 (BIA3) is worth checking out tonight. A new update was recently released, making the game feel fresh again!

      7 - Shadowgun Legends (RTP = $5)

If you like MMOs / RPGs and love Sci-Fi shooters, check out Shadowgun Legends! Graphically it looks stunning but has New Star Soccer potential in-depth, so expect to get hooked if that is your thing. Another great feature is 'Shadow Ops,' where you can team up with friends and take on massive bosses together like you would in World of Warcraft.

      8 - Modern Combat Versus (RTP = FREE)

Modern Combat Versus is the best-looking 2D shooter on Android, and it's free! It's a MOBA, so expect 5v5 online multiplayer plus daily/weekly events with new content to keep things fresh. The only downside is that it requires an internet connection to play, which can be annoying in some countries or when wifi access isn't available...

9 - Hearthstone (RTP = FREE)

Hearthstone! If you thought Magic: The Gathering was relaxed, check out Blizzard's fantasy card game for your phone/tablet. Over 70 million people have downloaded this free Android game, so the secret is out! I have played it for years on PC / console, but now I can play whenever I want:-D.

      10 - Angry Birds Transformers (RTP = FREE)

Angry Birds Transformers is the latest in a long line of excellent incarnations inspired by the cult classic game, which took the world by storm. We all remember playing this one when we were younger, so why not try? The free Android game has around 15 million downloads and new content every month!

11 - Strategy & Simulation Games For Android

Wargaming titles are some of my favourite best free android games on PC/consoles because there's nothing better than controlling an army of thousands as they destroy your enemies! So if you're into that, check out some of these great titles on your phone/tablet...

- Clash Of Clans (RTP = FREE)

      - Mobile Strike (RTP = FREE)

      - Game of War: Fire Age (RTP = FREE)

      - Storefront Collision (RTP=FREE)

12 - Augmented Reality Games For Android

Augmented reality best puzzle games are popping up more and more as technology becomes cheaper and more readily available. One good example is the excellent title 'Ingress,' which offers a sci-fi storyline and requires you to go outside and explore your local area. The first game for pc and console counterparts is like battle royale popular among game developers If you like that, check out some other great augmented reality titles for free, including Ingress, Pokemon Go, Jurassic World Alive, Jurassic World Survivors, Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, and Harry Potter Wizards Unite...

13 - Old School Games For Android

Some people are still impressed by the likes of Super Mario World and The Legend of Zelda, so check out these free titles if you want something retro:-D.

- Super Mario Run (RTP = FREE)

      - Mini Militia (RTP = FREE)

      - Gameboy Emulators for Android (RTP = FREE)

14 - Casual Games For Android Mobile Phones & Tablets

I recommend Casual games, including Crossy Road, which is similar to Frogger except with a host of characters from different TV shows/movies. It's fun and very addictive! Also, check out Subway Surfers, Fruit Ninja, Block Craft 3D, Cut The Rope 2, Cookie Jam, Smash Hit, etc.

15 - Casino Apps For Android Mobile Phones/Tablets

Casino games are super popular these days, so if you visit casinos regularly, then give some of these great games a try on your smartphone or tablet.

      - Game of Thrones Ascent (RTP = FREE)

      - Slotomania- Las Vegas Slots (RTP = FREE)

      - Extra Chilli Games (RTP = FREE)

      - Super Lucky Casino (RTP = FREE)

16 - Multiplayer Games For Android Mobile Phones/Tablets

Multiplayer options are very important for Android mobile gaming because they can add a new aspect to your favorite games. To name but a few:-

      - Agar (RTP = FREE)

      - Clash Royale (RTP = FREE)

      - Clash Of Kings (RTP = FREE)

      - Tank Stars (RTP = FREE)

17 - Retro Games For Android Mobile Phones/Tablets

Retro titles are still top-rated, and there's nothing like good old Mario Kart / Zelda etc. It's also fun to try something different, so here is a selection of 'New Retro' style Android games that might interest you:-

      - Arcade Bowling 3D (FREE)

      - Neon Skies: Age Of War (FREE)

      - Tiny Dice Dungeon (FREE)

      - Blocky Roads: Cruisin' USA (FREE)

18 - Racing Games For Android Mobile Phones/Tablets

Racing games are also super popular, and there's nothing like the excitement of real-life car racing online :-) The good news is that you can now download some great free android games for mobile devices that let you race against other players, friends, or even AI! Here is a selection to check out:-

      - Real Drift Car Racing (RTP= FREE)

      - Fast & Furious: Legacy (RTP= FREE)

      - Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing (RTP= FREE)

19 - Simulation Games For Android Mobile Phones/Tablets

Here are some great titles if you enjoy the idea of being a virtual 'God' :-)

      - The Battle Of Polytopia (RTP= FREE)

      - Best Fiends (FREE)

      - Minion Rush (FREE)

      - Titans of Space Plus (FREE)

20 - Sports Games For Android Mobile Phones/Tablets

Sports games are also hugely popular, especially with the big events broadcast live on TV. You can now download some great android sports games for mobile devices, including:-

      - FIFA Mobile Soccer (RTP = FREE)

      - NFL Quarterback 13 (RTP = FREE)

      - NBA Live Mobile Basketball 2015-2016 (RTP = FREE)

      - Star Slam Baseball (RTP = FREE)

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