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Apple Watches are considered by some to be among the best smartwatches available on the market. While the Apple Watch is certainly an incredible gadget, this has also happened partially because Android is no longer competing for the Apple market. It has been long forgotten by Google and just recently he said in Google I/O 2021 the Wear OS could be revived through an association with Samsung. Although the news certainly is interesting, we still have no watches for the OS update and existing watches are still not updated.

Google is holding back Android Wear.

The latest update has added support for phones running Android 4.4+, but it also reveals that Google has turned into a massive bottleneck that fails to empower its users in any way. It’s time to break free from the chains of this monolithic corporation and take control over your own life with Geolance!

With Geolance, you can finally have full access to all the apps available on the official store without having to worry about being rejected because you don’t have an expensive phone or live outside America – we are not limited by these restrictions like Google is! We want everyone in the world who wants their creation featured on our platform to be able to do so without worrying about arbitrary rules set up by some corporate giant who doesn’t care about anyone but themselves. Don’t let them hold you down anymore – download Geolance today and start living your life how YOU want it, not how they tell you it should be!

Download Geolance now and enjoy true freedom!

Best Wear OS apps: 10 smartwatch apps everyone needs

While the news is good, it still does not solve other issues such as availability and compatibility. Although Google Play has a large number of WatchOS applications that we would like to use on our Samsung Gear S3 or Sony SmartWatch 4, many developers have turned their backs on Android and this will probably continue until the next release update. That said, here are some alternatives for third-party exciting and compatible watch apps and accessories available today.

1. Android TV Remote Control (requires Android TV) . This wear os app works with almost every Android TV box and allows you to control your home theater system without using an actual remote. The application works almost the same as a traditional remote and allows you to navigate around YouTube and other video applications with ease. If this is not an important feature for your smartwatch, we also recommend several home automation apps such as Unified Remote Full.

2. Barcode / QR Code Scanners. Some Android Wear watches have integrated cameras that allow users to scan barcodes or QR codes in real-time using their wrist or even in passing. Although this may sound like an awesome idea, it has not yet come to fruition due to limitations in security standards (and privacy concerns). However, if you are planning on running away with the cashier's watch, make sure you bring your own NFC tag reader with you because most retailers do not yet accept Android Pay, which means that this feature is not as clever as it seems.

3. Banking and finance apps. If you are a financial services provider or a bank, developing an app for the smartwatch may seem like a brilliant idea to offer your customers additional support. Although we have not seen many banks investing in these features so far, it's about time they do – especially if they want to survive the next decade. There are already several applications available on Google Play that allow direct access to banking accounts from mobile devices, but for now, there does not seem to be any compatibility with smartwatches.

4. Business card reader. This is another application that sounds cool at first but has little use in the real world. Although you might want to take down that person's phone number after a meeting, it is unlikely that somebody will volunteer his wrist to scan your business card and this means we're probably better off just writing it down (or using e-mail).

5. Calculator. Anybody who has ever tried to calculate something on their smartwatch knows how much it sucks and ends up driving you crazy trying to perform the simplest of tasks. That said, if you are looking for a small calculator application for occasional use instead of getting an actual physical calculator, there are several good alternatives available on Google Play. Some allow voice input and calculations while others simply display numbers in a large font so you can do math without too much pain.

6. Camera.    Although it is possible to use a third-party camera app with an android wear watch, the best Android wearable cameras require a standalone application that supports Android Wear as a remote viewfinder or shutter button. The first developer who manages to offer this feature will probably become rich from Apple users looking for an alternative from their Apple Watches. In the meantime, your alternatives are limited to those apps made by Google and some custom ROMs such as Wear Camera Remote which has been discontinued but has inspired several others to follow suit.

7 . Calculator.  As we said above, there are already several calculators available on Google Play that allow direct access to banking accounts from mobile devices – but are not compatible with smartwatches. This means that although it is likely to come soon, you can expect your third-party app development company to have the initial idea before the incumbents.

8 . Calendar.  If there's one thing users love about Android Wear, it's the ability to connect with Google calendars and quickly check their day without much effort. The best way to do this is by using apps that include support for Android wear 2.0 smartwatches, not just regular wearables running obsolete software. So far, none of these apps are powerful enough to replace a traditional calendar (such as those available on Google And Apple), but they could be useful if you only want to make sure you do not miss an important meeting or event.

9 . Camera. Although many people like the idea of ​​using a standalone camera app on their Android Wear watches, they quickly realize that it is completely impractical unless you want to take pictures with your wrist. This is not only embarrassing but ineffective and most people will probably prefer using Google Photos or even taking pictures directly from their smartphones instead. But if you must do this, try Wear Camera Remote (discontinued) which allows you to start photos wirelessly and also see what your phone is seeing by connecting to its camera via WiFi or Bluetooth.

10 . Calculator.   There are already several calculators available on Google Play that all allow direct access to banking accounts from mobile devices – but none of them works with smartwatches just yet. So you might want to wait until one developer comes up with an app that will meet your needs before paying $ 2000 for a smartwatch just because it has a calculator.

The best Wear OS apps for your Google-powered smartwatch

will be those that enhance your life and keep you connected to the people and information you care about most. So far, we've seen a lot of these apps on Google Play and for all tastes and purposes, but it is clear that the current set of available applications has left little room for innovation or improvement.

This would change if developers who see value in building apps specifically designed for wearables start investing their time and money into new projects – but until then, consumers will just have to settle for what's already out there until they provide better alternatives than good old voice commands. If you're looking to buy an android watch, please visit our website. We also offer custom Your Android Wear app development services.


Spotify first launched its free music streaming app earlier this year, but it was quickly removed during its beta period. The company promised to re-launch the app with some additional features and more stable performance so if you must have Spotify on your Android Wear watch, sign up for the waiting list at the link below.

Wear Gesture Launcher

Wear Gesture Launcher is a very useful and practical app that allows users to quickly access applications and features on Android Wear devices with simple hand gestures. Although you can not expect an application like this to replace the standard launcher, it could be very useful when you want to quickly open or switch between apps without using your phone or tablet.

Google Maps

Google is at its best when you are planning a trip, looking for local restaurants, or trying to find the quickest way home. Sending directions directly from your smartphone to your wrist could be useful in many situations – but it would be even cooler if Google allowed third-party app developers to integrate Android Wear apps with this feature.

Pocket Casts

This application allows Android smartphone owners to use their devices like external storage devices for podcasts so they can listen offline without wasting network data. The idea is not new but it works very well on most major platforms including Apple Watch, so if you want an easy way to explore your favorite podcasts on your morning jog, Pocket Casts might be what you are looking for. If you're interested in having an android watch app for your business, please feel free to contact us.

Action Launcher 3

This is one of the best alternatives to the default launcher on Android devices and it works perfectly with smartwatches from Google, Motorola, and LG. The new version of this application adds support for icons in folders which means you can easily access more than 100 of your favorite apps at any time by simply swiping across your screen. This option might be very useful if you have dozens of applications installed on both your phone and watch.


This is the play store app everyone has been waiting for – at least those who are thinking about buying a smartwatch and do not plan to use it much as a standalone wear os device. Tinder users know all too well what this application offers and how it works, so we won't bother explaining it any further.

Samsung Gear S app

Samsung's first Tizen-powered wear os smartwatch was released back in 2014 and its successor arrived earlier this year with improved specs and capabilities. The company still does not allow anyone outside of the Gear S family to create custom media apps for these devices, but those who own such watches can now download an official Samsung Gear companion app from Google Play that adds additional features such as the ability to lock your smartphone when you leave home or work – even if you're not connected to your wear os watch.

If you want an Android Wear app for your business, please contact us today. We also offer a custom application development service and we can help you launch a new project or improve your current one in no time at all.

Medisafe Medicines and Pill Reminders

Android is a free mobile application aimed at patients who need help keeping track of their medication and doctors. The Android wear version allows you to easily set reminders for taking pills on time and you can even create different profiles with specific dosage schedules, which means you can share your watch with another person without losing all your progress.

The handy app features built-in support for various languages such as English, Spanish, Russian, French, and German as well as compatibility with both round and square screen smartwatches from Samsung (like the Gear Live), Motorola (Moto 360), or LG (LG Watch R).

Due to restrictions put in place by Google Play Store's publisher agreement, we cannot publish this application directly – but we will be happy to provide our custom Android app development services if you are interested in creating a similar application for your business.

Google's official Android 4.4W apps

Google is the only major company that does not allow developers to make custom applications or widgets for Android wear devices, but they did design four native applications which come pre-installed on all wear os watches powered by Android 4.4W and above. These include Messaging, Calendar, Google Fit, and Watch Faces .

The messaging smartphone app allows users to respond to messages quickly using voice controls or canned responses, while the calendar lets you view upcoming events without having to take out your phone. Meanwhile, the fitness application tracks your steps, calories burned, and distance traveled with internal sensors so there is no need to carry an additional pedometer.

The Watch Faces application is probably the most useful of these since it allows you to make custom watch faces for your device, which means users can choose between thousands of different styles and colors without having to install additional apps. Note that all four applications mentioned above are now pre-installed on Android 5.0W smartwatches as well, so if you own any such watch, feel free to download them from Google Play Store.


Android Wear's latest update has added support for phones running Android 4.4+ which means almost every smartphone in the world will now be compatible with this new platform. This opens up a lot more opportunities for phone app developers who want their creation featured on the official store – but it also reveals that Google assistant has turned into a massive bottleneck that fails to empower its users in any way.

Google Play Store is an open platform, so anyone can create applications for Android devices without having to ask permission from the company. We created this article to showcase some of the best examples of custom wearable apps and widgets available for download on third-party app stores nowadays. Unfortunately, they are not allowed in Google Play Store because it offers no real benefits in return for all these restrictions – but companies like Samsung still benefit greatly from Tizen's restricted SDK, which forces app developers to purchase an expensive license if they want their creation featured on the official store.

Android wear features some amazing capabilities when compared with other smartwatches on the market right now including an extremely powerful processor and a fully-fledged operating system that can run applications independently from your phone. We hope this is just the beginning of a long line of Android 4.4W smartwatches since there is still a lot of space for innovation when it comes to wearable devices and we would love to see Google embrace diversity to make its platform even better in the future.

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