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Apartment cleaning is one of the most common cleaning tasks since busy city dwellers find it difficult to find time to keep their homes clean. The following are some of the reasons why you should hire professionals for cleaning: a hectic job schedule, hobbies, rest, and just a lack on your part to spend 4-5 hours on unpleasant chores.

Every week, at least once a month is ideal. This should be done on a regular basis to maintain the sanitary and hygienic condition of your home. If you want additional services, you'll have to invest in a full cleaning.

3 important factors when ordering apartment cleaning service

The cleaning process. This is a convenient schedule for cleaning, as well as a list of services and access to the object by a professional (but it's preferable to stay at home and monitor the cleaning professional's actions). The cost of cleaning. It is not important in the market for cleaning services (otherwise more expensive does not imply superior), so select someone based on personal characteristics. However, its pricing should still be comparable to that of the market average.

Time to clean. Many individuals are concerned about how long a typical apartment cleaning should take. It may be calculated based on the hypothesis that one expert in 4-5 hours can remove 30 square meters (with general cleaning - 15 "squares"). As a result, if quality and speed are priorities, it's more practical to hire 2-3 specialists, who clearly define their responsibilities. The time may be reduced if the specialist uses a strong washing vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, or professional-grade detergents.

The most common types of cleaning are as follows: Cleaning of a single-room apartment, Cleaning of a two-room apartment, Cleaning of a three-room apartment.

Do you wish to have your apartment cleaned quickly, effectively, and affordably by a professional with experience? This desire may now be fulfilled thanks to the Geolance service: in minutes, you may select an artist with verified information, reviews, and recommendations. At the same time, you establish your own cleaning budget and work directly with a professional for post-factum payment.

What is included in apartment cleaning?

Cleaning of apartments usually entails cleaning the kitchen (countertops, cabinets outside and inside), washing the refrigerator, stove, and other equipment. Dust and grime are also removed from furniture and décor in the rooms using dusters and mops. Carpets and carpets are vacuumed, floors are washed, and varnishes are applied to them.

How much does it cost to clean apartments?

The cleaning procedure is determined by the type of package you pick. Standard cleaning is less expensive, whereas general cleaning is more so. In addition, each client can select from a variety of options that aren't included in the basic package, such as window blinds, crystal chandeliers, and furniture inside surfaces. Extra fees will be required for these services; therefore, you must pay them separately.

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