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People have started automating everything that could be automated a long time ago. The software QA sphere is no exception. There is special software that developers use for performing testing, and it is especially useful for repetitive tests and formalized tasks. Geolance experts certainly know how to use automation tools to their best. So, what are the main advantages of automation testing?

Resource economy. Can you imagine a load or stress test when you have to simulate hundreds or even thousands of users visiting a website? How many live testers would you need to do that? Automated website testing will spare you the trouble. One tester can automate such processes, thus checking the performance of your software more efficiently and cheaper and executing a larger amount of test cases.
Testing round-the-clock. Are you pressed for time? If yes, then be sure automated testing of software can help you. The QA process is no longer limited to the tester’s working hours as automated tests may run overnight and thus win you lots of time.
It is normal that people make mistakes. A high-quality automation tool can perform the necessary task without errors, thus preventing new faults from appearing. Quality assurance automation is also especially effective in regression testing, ensuring a higher quality of the product.
Once some tests have been efficiently automated, they can be used over and over again, even if the testers in the company come and go, which helps to build up a robust QA system of the company, which is certainly something we can boast of. By developing and using a test automation framework, specialists can adjust your testing processes to the new products in no time.
Although the tests are automated, skilled specialists in Geolance digital marketplace can perform all the QA processes. In general, automated testing of software enhances test coverage and accuracy and most importantly, increases your return on investment. You can make sure of that by calculating the cost of the service you need on our website.

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