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Specialists on our platform provide solutions that improve the safety, reliability, and efficiency of modern cars. They deliver full-cycle production of ECUs with hardware design, software programming, and automotive firmware.

Geolance is one of the leading digital marketplaces with a huge number of experienced automotive digital developers. They provide solutions that improve the safety, reliability, and efficiency of modern cars. That includes a range of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems like collision avoidance, automatic parking, connectivity solutions, and more. Our professionals also create appealing and functional Human Machine Interfaces for different in-vehicle infotainment systems.

Also, experts on our digital marketplace can create sophisticated machine learning software that prevents failures and examines hardware performance.

Specialists offer a wide range of products as a supplementary automotive software outsourcing service. They make unique systems that optimize assembly line operations and logistics of the OEMs. Geolance’s automotive software engineers provide reliable back-end infrastructures as well as intuitive, lightweight mobile apps.

Moreover, we can provide great specialists in virtual reality software for the automotive industry.

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