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If you want to expand your business outreach to international markets and create new opportunities for yourself, you need resources and a plan of action. For Canadian companies, it's hard to do business abroad in competitive foreign markets.

However, you can set international offices and bring success to your business with the right services and outreach methods.

Are You a Canadian Business Owner Looking to Expand Your Reach?

Geolance is a trusted provider of Business Abroad Services. We help companies like yours take their businesses to international markets and create new opportunities for themselves.

If you're looking for ways to grow your business, we have the tools and expertise to help you do it. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way so that when it comes time for expansion, everything is ready and waiting for success.

Our team has decades of experience in the industry, so we know what it takes to succeed in foreign markets.

You can trust us with all your needs because we've been doing this for years and have helped hundreds of clients succeed abroad.

We offer services tailored specifically for Canadian companies who want to do business outside our borders, including market research, translation services, and more! If you're ready to start expanding your reach today, contact us now!

Setting Up Business in Another Country: Considerations

Before Canadian companies start doing business abroad, Canadian companies must make an important decision before starting their operations outside Canada.

Exporting products or services to the other market is an option. It's another option to go after the market. Not a project you won't begin and complete within two years of starting.

Prepare time and money to gain an understanding of the target market. We cannot know how long it will take; it varies between business interests and jurisdictions. Some industries underestimate the complexity that involves establishing a shop in a new country.

To grow your business, you have to get to know your target market, and you have to know it first.


Consult websites to learn about foreign market operations—plan for taxes and sanctions and export and import control. Join Canada in its trade deals, WTO deals, and more.

Let us help you measure your potential in specific markets, connect you with qualified contacts or solve your market access problem.

Apply for financial assistance or participate in programs that help innovation and expansion companies and underrepresented groups, participate in a trade mission or event.

Be Sensitive to Local Markets and Cultural Norms

Every country is influenced by its cultural or individual history. Therefore acquiring the necessary cultural knowledge can be a good starting point for success.

If you plan to hire someone, researching the local labour market is essential. The rules and regulations in the workplace, healthcare law, and disability benefits programs are different.

For cultural profiles from more than 100 countries, consult Global Affairs Canada's Country Insights. You can also use EDC's Country Risk Quarterly to understand market risks and opportunities.

Decide Where and How to Market

Regardless of what your business is, aspects of your marketing strategy revolve around your online presence. Do you need a sales representative to send a brand-new facility into the country where you are establishing the facility?

It depends on your business plans and the types of customers you wish to connect with abroad. When selling directly to domestic customers, the marketer has a marketing presence that can make them able to achieve their goals faster.

Plot Your Sales Strategy

Adapt your marketing strategies based on what your target market has. Be cautious when utilizing contract employees for a product or service sale. If they don't know your business or carry your business cards, there may be a danger they're considered a De facto employee.

It would include substantial costs like legal disputes, benefits payments and taxes. Learn local employment rules so you won't have any surprises. Too many businesses find out this only when they plan to terminate a contract arrangement, and it may be too late.

Know Your Tax Responsibilities

Some countries allow small businesses to reduce tax liabilities easily. Tax arrangements in other countries make things more complicated and labour-intensive.

China, Brazil and Turkey rank as the countries with the highest regulatory complexity in financial reporting. If you plan to do business in one of these countries, it's critical to have a plan for repatriating your gains to Canada.

Getting the door out of other countries is bad if you can't bring the cash home. Therefore, choose a structure that will allow you to observe local regulations while minimizing your tax liability.

Virtual Programs, Support and Services

The Ministry of Economic Development helps Ontario industries expand throughout Canada and beyond. Digital Export Market Development Initiative helps both existing and new exporting industries in Ontario use digital technologies for the creation and promotion of new business partnerships, and other employment opportunities.

We provide export specialists living in key international markets assisting Ontario businesses with business contacts locally.

Know the Laws and Regulations

Every country has their requirements for filing and submission. For instance, the European Union has comprehensive regulations established which ensure that products are used to protect human and animal health, the environment and consumer rights.

Because these kinds of legislation can be complex, you might want to entrust compliance efforts and other back-office tasks to local experts and avoid potential penalties.

Expand Your Business to International Markets!

You don't have time or money to waste on failed attempts at expanding into new markets. With our expertise, we can help save both by helping you avoid costly mistakes before they happen.

Let Geolance show you how we can make it easy for your small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMB) to succeed internationally!

We offer free consultations and affordable packages tailored specifically for SMBs like yours! Contact us today, and let's get started!

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