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Car transportation services are always in demand, especially for citizens who appreciate the time savings offered by expert couriers. With the increasing pace of life, delivery becomes more significant. It allows you to avoid wasting time on separate errands and difficulties caused by them (for example, sitting in traffic jams). Car delivery is regarded as the quickest and most cost-effective option.

In addition to same-day courier services, a large number of companies offer their fleet for delivery.  Delivery personnel receives a package from the sender and then transfer it to the airport. In turn, the carrier company notifies you about sending your parcel.

Typical same-day courier service requires registration on the site by indicating shipping information: recipient's name, telephone number and address for shipment collection. You can also track deliveries online.

Types of courier services with a car

Automobile travel offers the optimum efficiency that requires no alternatives in a megacity: public transportation or bicycle travel is far slower. With this in mind, car couriers are utilized for rapid or even emergency delivery. The following are the most frequent kinds of services:

-collection and delivery of parcels;

-transferring documents;

-delivering items purchased online (items bought on the Internet).

Expert Car & Motorcycle Delivery

Most companies only offer the transportation of documents. However, there are more advanced services that allow you to send parcels and purchase goods online. For example, via courier service Luxe City Cycles, you can buy products on the Internet and transfer them to your home or office. After receiving payment information from the seller/store, the service will contact you by sending an e-mail with a link to track items on its website. They also provide emergency delivery of medication for urgent cases (in case of accidents).

With your consent, couriers come directly to your place to deliver the package safely without any damage. This reduces travel time and enhances security (parcels are delivered straight into your hands). If you can't come to the Courier's office, pick up is also possible.

Emergency Car Service

Aside from standard deliveries, problems may arise at any moment. For example, if you are in a traffic accident or an avalanche blocks your way home, you need help fast. That is why many companies have developed their emergency services. Some of them work 24 hours a day and can come immediately when required. The most common types of car telephone consultations include:

-delivery of documents;

-transferring parcels;

-delivering items bought on the Internet (online purchases);

-transportation for urgent cases (like accidents).

Groceries Delivery

Deliveries of groceries and ready meals are also widespread. The customer desires the dishes purchased at a restaurant or fast food to be warm. He also requires them to arrive on time, for example, by the start of the lunch hour at work. Only a courier by car can offer this service.

For this purpose, you need to place an order at the store/restaurant and indicate your address. The courier office will contact you after receiving the required data. Courier companies also allow phone consultations to track the progress of your order or help with delivery if necessary.

Delivery is available in different areas:



-office building entrance (the package can be stored in a post office box);

-hotel room (room service).

Even long trips abroad do not frighten experienced couriers – they can deliver goods straight to your hotel. You only need to determine the exact arrival time and specify it on the site when ordering services. If you desire, deliveries can be arranged to the airport. In addition, this service provides an opportunity to send presents to family and friends.

Most companies offering this type of courier service also provide additional services like:

-exchange or return;

-pickup (the Courier can bring you something that was forgotten at home);

-delivery of hot food in case it got cold, which is vital when using takeout, for example.

However, not all couriers are licensed or insured. Before hiring any company, ask your friends about their experiences with various services, so you don't get tricked when choosing transportation services. A reputable company should have a website where its contact information can be found in addition to its license number and insurance policy. The Internet will show you how other clients have assessed certain courier services.

In case of emergency, medicines may need to be delivered right away. There are moments when drugs must be obtained right away, but there is no time or opportunity to purchase them individually. It is feasible for a courier with a vehicle to transport them from the pharmacy to your house or a medical facility in a matter of minutes - delivery straight into your hands.

A pedestrian courier or a cyclist will deliver documents. A pedestrian courier or a cyclist delivering business papers is not something to be concerned with. He may spill water on the forms and wrinkle them... Transportation of records in a vehicle provides an extra layer of protection - hiding them from curious eyes.

Flowers delivery is a popular choice. However, it's tough to ensure the safety and freshness of the bouquet when riding public transportation or on a bicycle. Carriage will allow you to maintain the appearance of your scent, which will help you preserve it from elements such as cold temperatures (for example, frost).

Heavy items will be delivered. Auto couriers may travel by car and truck. This means that you can arrange for the delivery of equipment, furniture, and other significant objects.

How to Choose a Courier with car

A vehicle courier must be thoroughly oriented in the city, have a dependable vehicle, be responsible, punctual and polite for all of the sorts mentioned above of delivery to be high-quality, rapid, and inexpensive. The Geolance service can help you locate someone who meets these standards. It provides you with the following advantages:

- you can receive your order on time;

- effortless management of couriers.

The Courier's auto, bicycle or motorcycle will pick up the goods from the customer at their convenience and deliver them to the recipient without any extra stoppages. The service is paid for based on its price lists which are usually found on its website. Customers are notified about order execution viae-email or by phone call if arranged beforehand.

A potential client should not face any problems when ordering services - register online and provide personal data necessary for work purposes (address, telephone number). Then choose what type of Courier with the car, you need to use - a bicycle courier can transport pictures, while a cyclist delivering documents should be more responsible. In addition, carefully study the conditions of work with the company to avoid later problems and misunderstandings.

How to order specialist services?

- You can log on to Geolance's website and fill out a form there for courier services.

Who are they? How do you get in touch with them? What are the prices?

You have found yourself in a situation where it is impossible or difficult to go somewhere personally. A courier service will help you resolve this problem. The benefits of couriers with cars can be used when you need something urgently, especially if that thing cannot wait until the morning. Courier companies offer various transportation options - bicycles, motorcycles, private cars or minivans. They can send a team member who will transfer your parcel from point A to point B one day after ordering their services online. They also support same-day delivery, meaning they will send their courier services to you the same day. These services are particularly popular with companies with many branches because they can quickly ship raw materials and spare parts. So if you need something, but cannot find a ride, do not worry - use the services of couriers with cars!

Working hours (9:00 am to 6:00 pm) and weekdays (weekdays) determine delivery time. You can choose any free time interval if there is no need for urgent deliveries. But if your order must be carried out on a specific day before a particular time, you will probably pay more for the service. If your parcel or document's weight is less than 20 kg, you can also require special measures such as wrapping and packing your order. The cost of this service will be included in the total price. You can also specify additional requirements for transporting products like temperature control or security (for example, locking).

- When ordering services, you need to fill out an application form which can be found on the website;

- If you are not sure whether your order complies with the terms and conditions of work, contact customer support via telephone or e-mail. It is better to check beforehand if sending a package by Courier by car is possible because certain goods are prohibited from being transported by this method. Also, you have to know that couriers do not work round the clock.

What is the price for Courier by car?

- On the site, you can view courier prices for different destinations;

- If your package is heavy or oversized, then its transport will cost more. The weight of your parcel should not exceed 20 kg;

- When sending an important document, do not forget to specify additional requirements (packing, security). The price of this service does not include insurance coverage. You can order it for an extra fee if desired. Courier companies usually offer their clients a choice of transportation options - by foot, bicycle, motorcycle or car.

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