Cleaning up after Floods and Fires


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Flood and fire damage not only hurt you during the event; it also prevents you from leading a normal life after it. If the damage from floodwater or fire has been too much, you have to stop everything and find a clean-up service to fix the damage for you. Floods and fires are unintentional events that make your life miserable for some time. Even if the fire department can stop the burning flames in time, they aren't able to fix the damage for you. A similar thing happens when it floods damage. There is some ray of hope with the insurance company, but then again, you end up either standing in flood water or charred furniture of your house. What would you do then?

When nothing else helps, you have to call professionals with experience in flood or fire damage control. Once you have your fire or flood insurance, all you need is someone to clear out the damage from the fire or remove the standing water from your house. If you find yourself in a situation like that, give us a chance to help you out. We have professionals ready to make your life easier after flood waters or fires damage your property.

Hire Local Professionals for Flood & Fire Damage Clean Up

You're probably wondering how to get back on your feet after a flood or fire has destroyed so much of what you had. We know it's hard to focus on anything but the damage done by water and smoke, but we also know that if you don't start taking care of things right away, they will only worsen. That's why we offer 24/7 emergency services for any disaster in your area! If the damage from floodwater or fire has been too much, you have to stop everything and find a clean-up service to fix the damage for you. We are here to help!

Our team is highly trained in water extraction, mold removal, smoke odor removal, and more. We will make your home feel like new again after we're finished with it. You won't have to worry about ever picking up that phone call from your customer that isn't so happy with how late their package is. Never stress over late orders, missing packages, and the mess of fulfillment. Rest easy knowing we will take care of all your fulfillment needs for you. Let us do what we do best, so you can focus on other things in life!

Calling the Fire Department:

When you suspect your house is on fire or you smell gas, immediately call the fire department. The fire department will have protocols to help them know when they are needed and who to send to your home. Wait outside of your residence until it is safe for you to re-enter. Once the firefighters arrive at the scene, follow their instructions closely; they know what they're doing! If not appropriately treated, they can quickly extinguish a blaze that could turn into an inferno. Don't make any emergency calls yourself; let them handle things like this. It would only cause more confusion if multiple reports of smaller fires (like small electrical fires) needed assistance at separate places.

If you do get too close to the flames or enter your home and notice they've gotten larger, leave right away. If you can't get out on your own, there is a high probability that the building will soon collapse, so either head for another exit or go outside as quickly as possible. Don't risk jeopardizing your life for such an easily preventable issue! If the fire department needs to use their fire hoses to extinguish the flames, please move all cars from in front of the area where they're working; this could cause accidents if people drive around carelessly!

Make sure valuables are not exposed to any harmful chemicals that may have come into contact with the water used by the firefighters. Keep pets indoors until clean-up has begun if chemicals were used. Once the firefighters have successfully extinguished the fire (and only once that has happened), it is time to begin cleaning up! The most important thing here is if you suspect your house was flooded, make sure to turn off all electricity and gas. If your home's electricity got wet, there is a high likelihood of it shocking whoever goes in the area where the water damage has occurred.

Surface Deep Damage

A flood can cause a lot of damage to your property, going into layers that may not be immediately visible. Geolance has years of experience providing a complete in-depth cleaning process to ensure that all the damage caused by a natural disaster is fixed in its entirety. No matter what type of surface you have been unfortunate enough to have been struck by a flood or fire, we know exactly how to fix it. Our professionals will come out and inspect the damage, and then we can use our products to restore your surfaces to their original condition.

Water & Fire Damage Restoration & Clean-Up Checklist

Although water and fire damage can cause different levels of destruction, several steps are similar for restoration and clean-up. For fire damage, finding the cause of the fire is essential so that if there are gas leaks, they can be prevented. Your upholstered furniture and appliances are also at risk of further damage and electrical hazards. Therefore, they need to be checked as well. For flood waters damage control, mold spores, and excess moisture is an issue that needs to be addressed quickly. Let's go over the different steps to see which ones are important for fire damage restoration and water damage restoration.

Removing Debris:

After the water has receded, the professionals will need to remove what's left of your belongings. Broken dishes, fallen pictures, smelly clothing, and soiled carpets are all things that need special attention before they can be cleaned up. As for fire damage, the smell of burned wood can be challenging to remove. Asbestos may also have broken free from its safe confines, so we'll have to wear gloves as you go through the wreckage. Geolance can help you clean up after a flood or fire with our professionals ready to help!

Drying Out Your Home as Quickly as Possible:

During the aftermath of a flood, it is vital to dry out your home or business within 24 hours. Water can damage your property if it is left for too long. In addition to serving as a breeding ground for mold and mildew, water can cause structural damage. This includes warping floors, breaking down roof tiles, and tearing apart ceiling joists. To get rid of the water quickly, you can use fans or dehumidifiers. However, the best method is to bring in professional help from a company like Geolance.

Wearing Protection:

Professionals have to wear protective clothing, long-sleeved shirts and pants, safety glasses, dust masks, and gloves for protection. If your home or business has flooded areas still wet, professionals should avoid it until the area is dry. If the water is pumped out and drying of carpets is necessary, we can help with professional dehumidifiers. If you have suffered fire damage, you need to wear protective gear to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Geolance professionals can clean everything up for you after a fire or water damage with the necessary safety equipment.

Monitoring Moisture Levels:

Geolance can help you monitor the moisture levels in your home and remove any moisture that has seeped into your walls or floors. This helps prevent mold from developing on the floorboards and supports of your home. Mold can lead to respiratory problems and cause extensive damage to wood and other materials in your home. Mold usually requires professional help to be removed. If you have mold, contact Geolance for a free consultation on the best way to remove it.

Checking for Mold Growth & Further Damage:

You will need to check for mold growth and further damage. Mold can be a danger, and it is crucial that you take proper steps to remove the mold. If you have black or colored mold, it may be toxic, and you need to take care of the removal process. You may need to hire a professional mold removal company for this process. After you have checked your home with a quality mold tester, you can begin the restoration process.

Checking Appliances and Countertops Thoroughly:

The process of checking appliances includes making sure no power lines have dropped in the flood water. To avoid any damage, turning off the main power switch at the breaker panel is crucial to avoid electrical shock. Remove any appliance that has gotten wet, even if it appears to be working correctly. Appliances also carry an electric charge, even after turning off, so don't attempt to clean them yourself. Putting appliances back into service that has come into contact with flood water will increase the risk of shock or fire after a flood.

Fires and Floods: Dos and Don'Ts of After Flood and Fire Cleaning

What happens after a fire or flood? How should you clean up after the disaster has passed? We're here to answer these questions for you. One of the biggest problems that occur during floods and fires is that most people do not want to go through their belongings afterward, thus creating another problem: cleaning what is left? We're here to answer your questions about how you should begin the cleaning process and what materials would be best for that.


Dip or soak up the water with towels and dry them on high heat. Saturate the area again if more water is evident after this process. Use wet vac, shop vac, or broom to remove standing water. Open doors and windows to air out the home. Leave for several hours if possible. Remove items that can be laundered in the washing machine if launderable (gently cycle). Put items in mesh bags before throwing them into the washer, so they are contained during the wash cycle. Be sure the water temperature is not too hot, so colors remain vibrant. A cold or warm setting should work fine because the goal here is to get rid of dirt, dust, etc., not sanitize anything. Use a mild detergent with cold or warm water. Use an extra rinse cycle to make sure all dirt and soap are removed from the items. Air dry out of direct sunlight in a room temperature setting to avoid shrinkage and wrinkling. Iron flat when completely dry if wrinkles remain after air-drying.


Don't use a high heat setting on anything that can be damaged by intense heat, such as wool, silk, nylon, etc., because these fabrics may shrink in high heat. Don't put anything into the washing machine that is not launderable or doesn't have a mesh bag before throwing it into the washer, so they are contained during the wash cycle. The agitation of the washer can damage these items. Don't use chlorine bleach on most fabrics because it can change your clothes' color, fade colors, and damage fibers.


Our team is ready to help with whatever needs doing – from cleaning up all the messes left behind by floods and fires to helping restore items like furniture and appliances that were damaged beyond repair during these events. We want nothing more than for our customers to be able to go back about their lives as quickly as possible after a natural disaster strikes their homes or businesses! Post a project with us, and let us take care of everything while you focus on getting better again!

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