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Our CMS marketplace provides innovative professionals in CMS IT services. We specialize in content management software and web portal development. That allows us to deliver a broad variety of services including an e-commerce website, CMS website development and design. 

Geolance custom CMS experts cover everything from designing, development, prototyping, implementation and support. Our specialists use only modern CMS technologies to deliver innovative CMS solutions. 

Also, our developers have a huge experience in portal solutions that create a strong web presence. If you need to create an initial web presence or spread out on your existing portal, we can help. We provide web portal designing services that are UX and UI friendly and give results. Our dynamic team creates web portals that provide your customers with an engaging user experience and enhance the value of your brand.

We specialize in:


Our CMS experts will deliver robust portal solutions that will cover all your business needs.


All of our software and applications have mobile-friendly portal interfaces.


We can give a second life to your current ineffective portal infrastructures and solutions. 

Geolance CMS services include:

• CMS web development & design

• Programming of individual websites 

• WordPress CMS development

• Open Source CMS website development

• SEO-friendly website development

• Programming of webshops 

• Enterprise CMS development

• CMS integration 

• CMS optimization

• Customized CMS websites extensions & themes

• Content relocation to a specific CMS system

• Customized CMS website customer support

• Digital marketing through social media & other on-site/off-site means

• Ongoing management & maintenance

Content Management Systems that we use


Our custom CMS development marketplace is experienced in WordPress projects and can customize WordPress apps for the different needs of our clients worldwide.


We have Drupal professionals that provide creative Drupal website development solutions that can suit every customer's budget.


With Umbraco, our developers have technical support to provide quality solutions. We offer custom Umbraco solutions that meet your business requirements.


As a CMS development marketplace Geolance creates innovative Joomla applications to meet the business interests of our clients.


We offer a broad range of DotNetNuke CMS web development services. Our experienced DNN developers have rich expertise in complex DNN projects.


Our skilled team delivers intuitive and feature-rich Sitefinity CMS solutions. They are great for meeting specific business needs and requirements. 


We use Magento to get full control and adaptability over the look and feel attributes, functionality and content of an online store. This e-commerce platform combines the highly-acclaimed features and the flexibility of Open Source technology. 

How to choose the right CMS?

If you have a hard time choosing which CMS is right for you, we recommend evaluating your needs. Here are the main things that you need to consider:

• Your long-term and short-term business, technology and marketing goals 

• Type of CMS (open-source or licensed) 

• The CMS your planned or current hosting environment can support 

• Stability of the CMS 

• What can you do in-house to update the website 

• Your ongoing and project budget

We can help with

Corporate & personal sites

A corporate website will brand your company and a personal one brand you. Our skilled developers can make lightweight CMSs for our clients with impressive logos and creative designs.

CMS Services

A professional Content Management System takes away your work pressure. It facilitates with structured deliveries and greatly ordered operations. We are a results-driven organization that will ensure that our cost-effective solution will help you stand out among your competitors.

Blogs and forums

For the average person blogs and forums sound simple to create. But it is not that simple if you want to add uniqueness and ease of use to it. Our programmers and developers are ready to help you with that. We will provide your app or website with social media plug-ins and all necessary SEO along with a clean front end.

Community websites & social networks 

Community websites will help you to bring together people with similar interests. And a social networking site for your employees is an excellent way to keep them engaged in company business.

News, content & events publishing platforms

If you want to create a news, content or event publishing portal, you will need to upload images, unlimited text, and video clips constantly. Besides, it must be SEO-friendly to be able to reach the audience in real-time.

Membership websites

A membership website is the best option for you if you want to serve a premium client. We can help you create a range of services that will be only available to premium clients.

Catalogue & inventory management websites

Immediate access to inventory positions is essential for any business. For that, you should opt for a comprehensive catalogue or inventory management website. It the best choice if your business has a wide range of products.

Business directories

Nowadays business directories migrated from hard copy to the internet. They require effective search, great navigation, and a fast linking of different categories. Our specialists are ready to provide professional business directory solutions for your company.

Learning management systems

Digital education technology is mostly used by multi-geographical companies. It enables training to remote employees through a learning management system that is yet another kind of CMS that we offer.

Photo, video and document management applications

The modern world is not only about uploading information but sharing it as much content as possible. There is a high demand for photo sharing, video streaming and document management apps and we can help you with that.

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