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Before installing CMS ensure all necessary documentation has been completed. Because Microsoft C is a separate product that has its installed CDs and downloads, C is no longer included with the Operations Center servers. More details on installing Operations Center are available in Operation Center Server Installation Guide. During installation, various configuration parameters are required for CMS. Once installed, you will begin implementing CMS services. Section 2.1.1 Updating & confirming your Operations Center configuration settings.

WordPress CMS Installation and Configuration Services FAQs?

CMS is a free open-source Content Management System that is easy to install and use. A blog can be created in minutes with just a few clicks of the mouse with WordPress blog software. The CMS has thousands of themes, plugins & widgets available free of cost, making it an ideal choice for anyone interested in creating their website at little or no cost at all.

You don't need to be a web developer to create a website.

With CMS, you can create a website in minutes, without having to learn coding or design. All you need is an idea and we'll help you make it a reality. Thousands of themes, plugins & widgets are available for free, so you can create the perfect website for your business or personal use. There's no limit to what you can do with CMS.

Get started today by clicking on this link!

WordPress Installation And Configuration Services FAQs?

WordPress installation services include the initial site build-out which includes any pre-requisite sql server database engine requirements required by the CMS platform being implemented on your web server environment to ensure you have all the necessary elements working together when they are deployed live over the Internet. C also encompasses testing in root directory before the final launch of your new website including any updates or modifications to the design.

Customization of the WordPress software and installation files, including making changes to the look & feel of your site will also be included in our WordPress installation service(s). We can provide you with complete training on how to add and update content on your new website as well as any technical support that might be needed after implementation is complete. Our WordPress implementation services include all CMS prerequisites such as setup & configuration, theme implementation (free themes available), plugins implemented (free plugins available), and widgets implemented.

Theme Installation and Configuration Services

CMS Made Simple is an advanced yet easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) platform that lets you create and manage a wide range of websites: from small web pages to large portal sites. While CMS Made Simple doesn't provide for every possible configuration and customization, it does support many common features; and these can be configured or extended by any user with some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the general principles of the Internet applications development and higher pdo php extension.

Theme Installation And Configuration Services FAQs?

During installation, various configuration parameters are required for CMS. Once installed, you will begin implementing CMS services. Section 2.1.1 Updating & confirming your Operations Center configuration settings provides information on updating your Operations Center server with all the necessary configuration settings.

Theme customization or installation is one of the most important services provided during our CMS Made Simple services. Our developers are well trained in creating new themes for your website and/or configuring an existing theme you might have purchased from another vendor in installation directory. We can provide CSS coding, HTML coding, JavaScript functions, server-side PHP programming & mysql database integration to suit your requirements. Please contact us so we can advise if this service will meet all your needs and expectations before buying a theme(s) for your site or to discuss an existing theme that you already own that you would like us to configure to suit your specifications.

Customization Services FAQs?

CMS Made Simple is a professional content management system designed and developed with usability and performance in mind. The platform is widely used for its ease of installation, strong configuration options, and powerful templating system.

The CMS Made Simple Professional Services team provides cost-effective custom solutions to meet your business needs.

We offer strategic consulting services to help you select the right combination of content management features, design & branding elements for your website. This service can be purchased separately from our launch of your new site process. Your Certified Implementation Specialist will guide planning & designing your online presence as well as providing a quote for delivery of this service before you commit to purchasing it from us.

Customization FAQs?

The Custom WCM Service provides everything required to build a complete website including the front-end design work with a range of custom slider and graphic packages. The service also includes a complete CMS Made Simple professional existing installation, theme customization, and user training on how to update the site yourself. We can even build you a custom mobile app for your site's content.

This is a project-based service where we will work with you from start to finish in the design, development, and deployment of your new website(s). Some common examples of our Custom projects are:

New or existing websites are being launched on our Content Management System (CMS) Made Simple platform.

- We will build you a custom WordPress website that matches your branding requirements. CMS Made Simple is the best CMS for SEO and has many other benefits including dynamic content generation, easy-to-use interface, security & backups, free theme updates for life, and an active community of support staff. Please contact us here with details of your new project; we can provide quotes in advance based on your requirements so there are no surprises when it comes to paying for this service after completion of the project.

Custom FAQs?

For more information please visit:

Contact Name: Contact Number: Email Address: Questions / Feedback / Comment

Existing websites being upgraded from an older version of CMSMS to the most recent php version (v11)

Accessing your sample data stored in another system such as a database queue driver, eCommerce shop front, etc. This would require a technical strategy session with us first so that we can then provide a quote for our time and work to complete this task.

Website uploading into the wrong hosting environment (e.g: we need to move you from Bluehost up to SiteGround) - Please note that we will only review your existing website and provide an accurate quote once we see it in the live hosting environment as there are many factors such as plugins, code & images that can slow down a site.

CMS Made Simple is one of the best Content Management Systems available today designed with ease of use and a powerful templating system in mind. We believe this product has all the features required by small to medium businesses and organizations but also provide professional services for those larger enterprises that may require advanced security or high availability infrastructure depending on their needs.

CMS Made Simple v11 has been released and is now available for download at Updates from previous versions can be performed by following the standard upgrade guide found here:

This release includes several new features as well as bug fixes to all areas of the CMS system, including enhancements to the admin interface, improved mobile support, and many developer improvements such as better caching and security measures against current threats on the web today. We encourage everyone using an older version to upgrade as soon as possible so that you can take advantage of these new features and benefits from this latest release.

Key CMSMS v11 features:

- Improved access restrictions - New dynamic navigation bar management - Improved security and caching - Added mobile support for pages, forms, and the admin console interface - Better multi-language and translation support through Language Packs - Updated plugin file manager and installer with better dependency checking and improved user feedback when installing plugins

CMS Made Simple is available under a GPL license so we cannot provide any technical support or documentation on how to install it yourself if you do not purchase our CMS Made Simple installation service (Custom). If you would like feedback on your existing website before purchasing this service please email us here. We may be able to provide some limited advice without needing to see your site in action but please note that free support is not available for this product.

We are experts at installing & updating CMSMS to run your website project so you can focus on growing your business rather than worrying about the hosting, backups, security patching & plugin upgrades, etc.. Our typical projects will include both an initial install as well as ongoing support, updates, and customizations required by the client. Our typical pricing structure includes:

- Initial installation and configuration of the website (e.g: initial setup and importing demo content) - Upgrades to newest versions as they become available (requires a new install at this stage) - Additional plugin or theme installs, configuration, and integration if requested - Monthly support calls for WordPress & Theme changes, monthly updates/upgrades waiting time, website backups, etc.

Installation of plugins or other CMSMS functionality is also available upon request, please contact us for more information.

If you are interested in our CMSMS installation service or have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected] with the subject line "CMS Made Simple Installation" and we will review your requirements before contacting you to provide a quote. As mentioned above, if you need help with your existing website before purchasing this option please only submit site URLs that can be viewed by default values without requiring login credentials. If you are not sure how to test the URL then try using the incognito mode of your browser (Chrome) or turn off any ad-blocking plugins first as these may interfere with live editing mode on the demo website.

If you are purchasing an installation service for our CMSMS or WordPress managed to host packages, please also let us know your account ID in the email so that we can set up your installation services in advance and create a customized backup of your existing site before importing it onto SiteGround's web servers.

Security setup and configuration of CloudFlare, SSL certificate, spam protection, etc. are also included as part of the package free of charge.

The setup process will be done remotely via TeamViewer or any other method available to us at the time. This offer is valid for new websites only and cannot be used towards an existing SiteGround Managed WP/CMS installation service that you already purchased before (we can only give credit if you are canceling this service). We are not able to offer refunds or pro-rated credits for customers who would like to cancel their existing CMSMS installations with SiteGround to take advantage of this special pricing offer so please be sure that you want a new site before purchasing this option.

Please note that payment for this service is due at the time of purchase and you will be fully refunded if we cannot install it for any reason.

It should also be noted that you can purchase our CMSMS installation & configuration service as part of our WordPress managed to host package here:

The following video provides a quick overview of how easily the installation process works on SiteGround's platform which runs on top of PHP7, NGINX, XCache, Varnish Cache, MySQL 5.6+ with support for up to 2000 concurrent connections per website instance - please feel free to send us your requests via email or by using our Live Chat option for more information about CMSMS on SiteGround.

What we offer:

- Installation and configuration of CMSMS on SiteGround's servers - Initial start-up of new CMSMS install with either a wizard (screenshot below) or default options (one domain, with demo content). The client can also choose to import existing content from his/her server instead of using the wizard.  - An unlimited number of plugins supported with free updates and upgrades by the team when they become available - Monthly support calls for WordPress & Theme changes, monthly updates/upgrades waiting time, website backups, etc.

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