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Commenting blogs form part of Off-Site SEO techniques that provides great backlinks to blogs without much risk. Most commented site on the Luv blog includes do-follow links for your latest blog posts. Only website reviews will help you get top backlinks and gain traffic. So write a comment on this site and get high authority links back to your site. No matter what type of links are when it's DoFollow links or NoField, there are always essential links for your websites. NoFollow is not a good link for websites, but through nofollow you can enhance your website traffic.

Tell me the best way to build comment backlinks to boost ranking

Many blog owners ignore comment backlinks and thus lose a lot of opportunities to fight for your website. Only authentic comments with relevant and quality content should be posted on high DA sites and blogs because the low quality or spammy comments won't benefit you.

Do you want to get more backlinks for your blog

We can help! Geolance is a platform that provides professional commentators who will leave comments on blogs and websites. These commenters are real people with real accounts so they won't be flagged as spam. You can pick the commenter yourself or let us choose one for you. Either way, we guarantee that your blog posts will receive great backlinks from reputable sites in our network of over 1 million bloggers and site owners.

If you don't have time to do it yourself, then let us take care of it for you! With Geolance, all you need to do is give us the link to your latest blog post, and we'll find a commenter within 24 hours – guaranteed! It doesn't matter what industry or niche your business falls into - if there's an audience out there looking for content like yours, then we'll find them. And when they comment on your blog post (which includes a do-follow link), Google sees this as valuable engagement between two relevant sources, which helps boost SEO rankings significantly. 

How many comments should I post per day to gain SEO ranking

Link building is a very tedious task and requires a lot of patience because you have to accomplish many factors before getting a good ranking. No spammy comments should be posted on any site because these types of sites penalize websites that publish spammy content or links in their blogs. I recommend posting 10 quality comments per day, every day for the next 3 months. This will definitely help you in your link-building process, and once done, daily comments will provide great authority backlinks to your posts.

How do I find relevant sites for backlink comments

Relevant high page rank or high DA sites are hard to come by because they don't list their website directory, and thus finding them isn't an easy job, but it's not impossible there is no limit for several comments, try to write as many as possible relevant, genuine comments that will provide more knowledge about the posts. If it's too much, then you can start writing 4-5 top-quality comment posts daily that will bring huge traffic with good backlinks.

What are the most common mistakes that bloggers make when they use blog commenting techniques

Do not spam anyone's site or write spammy comments; create your style of commenting on blogs. Creating your unique style will help you get better results because then only people will get attracted to you. Linking domain or keywords to the link is not a good practice because it'll reduce your site's rankings and maybe penalize too.

Can I change my comment later if I find the most interesting

Yes, you can edit or delete any comment in the future. Before deleting, make sure that there is no reply in the comment box because these types of sites block websites when they find low-quality backlinks in their sites, due to which they won't allow users to delete them easily. So be very careful while posting your links via blog commenting techniques on high DA sites. Make sure that you didn't break their site rules and regulations.

How to find the top comment spamming sites list

Commenting on any blog articles will give you a backlink and thus traffic to your site. Comment spamming is a tricky and risky task but doing this for the first time helps you understand how it works. Top comment spammers who spam blogs using bots may not be penalized. Still, if you're doing this manually, then only Top comment Spammers who use bots may not be penalized. Still, if you're doing this manually, they'll only face the adverse effect, and their sites will be deindexed after some time by google search engines. So I recommend creating your writing style because no one can compete with your knowledge and skills regarding commenting on high DA blogs or websites.

How can I post comments on different blogs

You can use these two methods to post comments on different sites.

1) Use Blog Commenting Software

2) Use Text-Based Commenting Service In the first method, you have to register your blog or website in a commenting software and then add your email address connected with the controlling panel of this software. After this, you'll get an option to enter the exact URL of any site you want to comment on and submit it. Submitting a cross-check will happen, and if everything is ok, it'll start visiting other websites & blogs automatically using its IP address and user agent identifier until all quota is finished. You can also write many posts simultaneously but make sure that you keep all the other things I told above so that there won't be any issue or chance of getting penalized because it's just a waste of time and money if your site gets deindexed.

In this second method, you can use Text Commenting Service. Here you have to enter the exact URL of a site where you want to post your comment, and according to our requirement, we pay for the services. After successful payment processing, their system will start posting comments automatically until all quota runs out. So it'll not take a minute to complete your order but depending on internet working speed, it may require a maximum of 24 hours for completing the order process. You can also check how many posted comments are live or indexed in Google using this service provider's dashboard, which is very easy to access.

What are the advantages of blog commenting techniques

There are many advantages of using the blog commenting technique because it's a simple way to get backlinks in a short time and increase your site traffic. If you want more backlinks in less time, follow the below-mentioned steps, which will help you get better results from all over the world compared with text-based comment services or software.

1) Post comments on different types of posts

2) Use proper anchor texts while posting comments

3) Don't post the same content again & again

4) Comment only on high DA sites

5) Always add keywords in email ids

6) Delete spammy comments after completing the quota

7) Keep changing IP address every 15 minutes

8) Always make a unique profile

9) Add your website in "Google webmaster tools" & "Bing webmaster tools"

10) Link back to your site from popular posts

11) Post on different languages blogs

12) Create quality content weekly for your blog. If you're using blog commenting software, some options will be automatically done. If you're using a text-based commenting service, do all these steps manually.

What are the benefits of a job

You can get many benefits from doing a job, and the primary use is money. After completing your work, you'll be paid for it, which will help you buy anything from anywhere. And for this, you have to register on different forums where people are looking for blog commenters to hire them. So if someone is offering a reasonable price, then go ahead; otherwise, wait until someone offers a better price or rate to post comments on his sites or blogs because if you've clicked on the buy backlinks option, then he'll provide every detail regarding payment structure and other things that's why ask all questions before starting any project because there's no point in getting into a useless argument later on that whether you did right or wrong thing by accepting a particular offer because both parties involved in the agreement are not in a good mood for arguing.

What is backlinking

When someone links his website with yours or vice versa, it is called backlinking. It's also another type of link-building technique that is the most effective way to drive traffic from google search engines. When someone links with you, then your site shows up in the results but only when Google or other search engines have indexed that page; otherwise, it is not possible because the website needs time to index a new web page after publishing it online, which depends on many factors like Server Location, Site Age, Page Rank, etc.

How can you get backlinks

There are lots of ways to get backlinks. One-way links with relevant keywords are required for any website, so there are chances of getting natural backlinks if your content is good enough and brings results for viewers. If you want to find backlinks, you need to use Google's "site:" command, which will help you find sites linking with your competitors. All these options are discussed in detail how to get more backlinks article »

How can you increase backlinks

There are many ways to increase the number of backlinks on websites, like submitting site links to social bookmarks, directories, answer forums, guest blogging, etc. Social bookmarking is one of the best ways to get more links because it has enormous traffic and results in direct traffic and referral traffic. Link building has different types, but here I'll discuss some practical techniques that can be helpful.

1) Make high-quality posts at high PR forums

2) Add blog posts at high PR forums from different categories

3) Make friends with high traffic bloggers for sending guest posts

4) Add your website link in the signature at top of every post

5) Great Post comments on high PR sites or blogs

6) Use social bookmarking services for making profiles and earning points to get more links. Now you know all techniques that can be helpful, so it's your turn to choose the right place to start getting backlinks. Remember one thing, don't overdo these things; otherwise, Google might penalize you because there is no point in breaking the rules and losing money for earning pennies. Every search engine has rules, guidelines, and policies for this kind of activity. That's why I recommended not taking risks while trying anything new.

What are the benefits of blog commenting

There are lots of benefits for getting high pr backlinks at popular blogging sites like Google loves fresh content, blogging is an effective way to build links, you can comment on different categories that will help for better indexing and if you want to rank site then having good no. of blog comments is just because it's one of the best ways to increase site ranking in search engine results. So it's better to use any high PR blogging sites for commenting and then submit your link with the title per subject.

How can you get more blog comments

there are lots of ways for getting blog comments on popular blog sites like choosing niche wisely, finding targeted keywords, making fresh and informative content, and finally sharing these tips with others and asking them if anyone has some suitable opportunity related to the website or any other work so try to be generous while sharing your knowledge because there is no point in spending money on social bookmarking profiles, forum profiles, etc. but at the end, I'll recommend having a complete profile at all famous bookmarks because this will give you an added benefit of receiving direct traffic from different channels like bookmarks, directories, forums, etc

How much time do I need to submit posts at blog commenting sites

It all depends on your internet speed and server location because there are lots of hosting providers available, but not every hosting company has its servers located in the USA or UK, so choosing the right company is essential. If you have good speed, it will take only a few minutes to submit a great post at many bookmarks, but it will take more time if you have poor acceleration.

What is the difference between "no-follow" and "do-follow" links

I am sure that you're not new to this topic because mostly all bloggers know about these two types of backlinks. That's why I'll recommend checking their blog posts related to link-building techniques or SEO factors because there might be some information regarding these two links that can be helpful, so feel free to check them out before starting something new.

So what is no follow link? No, follow links don't affect page rank, but they still give authority and page power, so there are chances of getting more traffic through this technique as well as it's also helpful for getting a high page rank.

How can comment backlinks improve your blog

Every blogger knows the importance of backlinks. That's why they do everything possible to get at least one link with every post so commenting on high pr blog sites is also helpful in getting quality links. If you want to get maximum benefits, try to find popular blog sites related to your niche so it will be easier for you in the future. Once you become familiar with these types of blogs, finding new opportunities will not be difficult for you.

What are the best ways to start

Think about techniques that can work perfectly or which can be beneficial; when I started my online career, I used only three methods like awesome article submission, guest posting, and social bookmarking, but when I tried something new then, I came across some more sources like forums, profile building sites, etc. so these are some of the best ways to start because there are lots of opportunities available on the web that you have to find out yourself so it's better if you do your study about these methods.

Software development blog commenting sites

Software development blog sites are best for getting high PR backlinks because these blogs are popular among professionals related to the IT field. So you can get great results by choosing the right blog readers commenting site with high page rank, excellent article, and daily updated content, so it will be better if you take some time to find out the most suitable blog comment services related to your niche.

How can you submit posts

Nowadays, there are many companies available that provide high pr directories submission services but make sure that the company should have servers located in the USA or UK because there is no point in using services from countries where hosting speed isn't good enough. The biggest reason behind this is malware attacks because when someone uses proxies, they can harm you and your targeted website, so professionals should do it to get maximum benefits.

How do you go about finding the best blog commenting sites

Many ways are available for this task, like search engines, social bookmarking websites, etc. Still, I always recommend choosing high PR blog commenting sites that have a good number of backlinks because not every website deletes their comment links after some time and also these types of pages rank higher in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), so there are lots of chances that your great post will stay longer on 1st or 2nd page.

How to increase the chance of getting backlinks

If you want to increase your chances of getting high PR blog comments, then make sure that first and last names are placed in the comment box because this is the first thing that shows up on every other blogger's screen. The most crucial part is that you should write something natural; if you start promoting your blog link or other website links, then there are fewer chances of getting links, so try to find out some resources related to your niche and leave a comment with valuable information.

How can you get maximum benefits from blog commenting sites

Always use only high-quality blog commenting sites that have no spam policy because it will affect websites reputation as well as page rank, so better take help from someone familiar with these types of websites and also try to avoid using the same IP address while creating new accounts because it will send red flags to some security or spam system. Please start with a few blogs commenting sites that have high PR so it will be easier for you in the future when you'll become familiar with these kinds of blogs, then finding new opportunities will not be difficult for you.

What are the best sources

Participating in forums can help you a lot, especially on the "Online Promotion" forum, which is related to online marketing tips, starting articles, and blog comments, but before taking part in any forum discussion, make sure that your account should be adequately filled because most of the time moderators delete accounts without any notice and also do not provide a reason behind this action.

What to avoid

There are many off-page SEO techniques that you should avoid because there could be a high risk of getting banned permanently by website owners or moderators, which is not suitable for your online business. So before using any service, make sure that the company provides refunds in case their services don't work out like they claim but most importantly, don't use a proxy list while making new accounts because it can harm other websites reputation and also give negative results in the future because website's security system will keep an eye on these kinds of accounts so better use the unique IP address.

How to stay safe?

Sometimes it happens when someone uses black hat SEO methods like comment spamming etc which gives temporary benefits but later on can cause a lot of problems, first thing first do some research on clients who are already using these services so you can ask them about their experience if they are satisfied with their work or not. So in the end I would like to say that choose only those types of blog commenting sites that allow users to use the same IP address multiple times because it is a hard but not impossible task.

What are the benefits

There are many benefits of getting high PR blog comments because these links will be indexed faster by search engines and also increase page rank quickly, link backs tell Google that this website is important which helps in better ranking on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) so there are lots of chances of getting more traffic from SERP. High pr blog commenting sites help in building relationships between bloggers and website owners, which could be beneficial for your website as well as blog.

There are many other benefits of using high PR blog commenting sites, but these are basic ones that I can think of right now. Perhaps you have some more ideas, then feel free to share them in the comments section; we would like to know about things we missed mentioning here.

How do I create comment backlinks

First of all, you need to find some professional blog commenting sites that allow users to use the same IP address multiple times, so it will be easier for you in the future and blog owners. In addition, some services enable people to buy backlinks. Still, we advise our readers not to accept them because if your service provider gets caught, then it's better that you call off the deal before things get worse and research about previous clients who used these types of services.

When I first started with blogging I got comments from spammers and automated tools and my rank dropped rapidly but after making new accounts on many high PR blogs commenting sites it became easy for me to get links quickly without any risk of getting banned by website moderators or security system. You can always sell high pr blog comments to your clients because they are worth a lot in the current situation.

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