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We’re changing our gadgets, laptops, mobile phones, hardware but the software may remain the same; we just update to new versions. For software to be relevant to a wide range of users, it is necessary to ensure that it is compatible with a variety of other software and hardware.

What is compatibility testing?

In Quality Assurance, compatibility testing is a non-functional type of software testing that aims to verify the product’s agreement (the web, mobile, or desktop application) with a variety of other operating systems, browsers, databases, hardware, or devices. Product compatibility parameters should be in the software requirements. Then testing activities should cover cases of the software under the compatibility test as much as possible.

In testing practice, Geolance specialists use different tools and approaches for better compatibility testing results. However, every software or product has its compatibility requirements, and different software compatibility testing types are applied. But in general, our specialists recommend to verify the following cases:

If the software works properly with different browsers.
If all data and media content are correctly reflected, if the resolution, font size, frames are saved and so on. This is a popular and important activity for performing website compatibility tests.
If the software works without errors on different hardware combinations.
If the product works correctly using various network configurations: 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, local network, etc.
If the software or product works on different mobile devices and its operating systems (if the product has a mobile application or should be compatible with mobile browsers).
If the product saves compatibility with different Operating Systems (Win, Linux, Mac)
For successful business raising and development, the product, software or services that a company provides should be of high quality, reliable and attractive for users. Trust your product to specialists on the Geolance digital marketplace; we will try our best to provide specialists in compatibility testing services for your web, mobile or desktop application. As a bonus, you can calculate all costs on our site on page Evaluate Your Project.

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