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Consolidated cargo is one of the major shipment methods that benefit companies by lowering the shipping costs of their goods. Separate shipments grouped by a consolidator or freight forwarder make it possible to improve the shipping process for various shippers. It may seem like a bad idea to put different goods into one large shipment, considering the impact on the receiving end if anything is misplaced or labelled incorrectly. However, tracking a single shipment like that is better than searching for missing items or misplaced products in small shipments.

Consolidated cargo brings together products from different clients, manufacturers, or warehouses into just one shipment. It's easier for everyone involved, especially you, from the electronic house bills to the primary cargo care during the shipping. That's because you can keep track of your entire delivery. In fact, consolidated cargo can even reduce your costs for shipping by an average of 15%. If you're looking to get this kind of service, you can always look for a verified and trusted professional in your area.

Hire Local Professionals for Consolidated Cargo Shipment

Shipping goods in separate shipments is more expensive than shipping them together, but it's also less efficient and more time-consuming. It's a common misconception that consolidating your cargo will make the shipment process harder for everyone involved. In reality, it makes everything easier because there are fewer packages to track and manage at each stage of the journey. Geolance has verified professionals who can offer consolidated cargo services in your area. They understand the needs of shippers and can help you out. If you're looking for a consolidated cargo service to manage your shipments, there are many benefits offered by Geolance-verified professionals.

You don't have to worry about anything getting lost or misplaced when you consolidate your cargo with us! We handle all of the paperwork, so you don't have to spend hours on end tracking down every single package yourself. Our team is experienced in handling large orders like yours, so we know exactly what needs to be done from start to finish without any mistakes along the way. We do all of this while still saving our customers money by lowering their overall shipping costs! If you're looking for reliable consolidated cargo services, look no further than Geolance!

Consolidated House Bill Document & Cargo Control Document

A Consolidated house bill document is a bill of lading that covers the movement of more than one cargo shipment. It can be a part of a sea LCL shipment, an air cargo shipment, a combination of sea and air cargo.

The consolidated house bill document is used in the following cases:

- when there are more than one cargo under an order

- when two or more orders have the same destination port but different shipping units. In this case, all cargo can be covered under a single consolidated house bill document.

In consolidated goods shipments, the delivery terms will depend on what was stated in the House Bill Document & Cargo Control Document. Hence both documents should always contain a unified delivery term for all cargos stated in them. If there's no unified delivery term between these two documents, they won't match once the shipment reaches its destination port. This may lead to delayed deliveries and customers going back and forth to the delivery port. The consolidated house bill document must be registered with the customer's local customs before clearing cargo for delivery. Failure to do so may cause delays in the release of cargo upon arrival at the destination port.

The cargo control document is a document used by the forwarding agents and consolidators to keep track of the status of every cargo shipment. It contains vital information such as goods description, quantity, weight, and other information facilitating smooth shipment handling. It is usually written by the forwarding agents, consolidators, or even the shippers who know how to write such documents for their own shipments. The consolidator would take delivery of the cargo and make their entries in the document.

A consolidated house bill document & cargo control document should serve as a reference, especially when there are multiple parties involved in a shipment. The forwarding agents will use it to track and trace each shipment's status until it reaches its destination port. The cargo control document can also be used to generate an invoice and ascertain which party is responsible for paying the charges upon delivery. The cargo control document serves as a contract between the shippers and the receiving party. As such, it should be safeguarded and treated with great care.

Multiple LTL Shipments

Consider using consolidated cargo services for multiple LTL shipments or for time-sensitive, high-value, or hazardous materials shipments. Consolidated cargo services are specialized LTL carriers that group smaller shipments to send goods through a larger truckload carrier, making the overall shipping cost lower. This is because you are using space on one large truck rather than multiple small vans or pickups. Typically, carriers should be contacted directly to make arrangements for consolidated services.

Typical consolidated service freight can include Intermodal containers, rail transportation, and air cargo. The most common intermodal container has the dimensions of 20 feet (length) by 8 feet (width) by 8 feet 6 inches (height). However, sometimes it can't hurt to start with an LTL freight broker who may have pre-negotiated rates with carriers willing to provide consolidated cargo service. If not, they'll likely still be able to provide information about carriers providing this type of service and direct you to contact them directly.

Most importantly, consolidating shipments can help save you money by reducing the total number of trips made. For example, if your business ships furniture supplies using 20-foot containers four times a year, it could be more cost-effective to consolidate the shipments into one container rather than four smaller ones. This will make shipping less expensive because a single container is a larger load that will take less time to arrive at the destination port.

Container Load

A container load is a shipment of thousands of items or pieces placed inside one single container. This type of transport is ideal for the companies who have warehouses full of different products they need to send to retailers around the world. Container loads are more economical than shipping individual bulk shipments. A consolidated shipment contains the goods from different companies. This type of cargo is more expensive than regular container transport. However, it enables you to save also in your long-distance deliveries. A company uses this type of shipping for cases in which they need to send products from their warehouse located in one place to another one situated on the other end of the world.

Together with different companies, they can create a single shipment containing all their products. The consolidated cargo may be carried by plane, train, or ship depending on its size and weight. If you choose sea transportation, you need to know the different containers used for this shipment. However, if you choose air transportation, you need to know the container capacity and dimensions. According to them, you will choose the most suitable method for your shipments! As for train transportation, it is also possible to choose between dry vans, flat racks, movers, and open-top carriers.

Smaller Shipments

Smaller shipments are the most common, but they are usually handled by independent carriers. When you're dealing with smaller shipments, consolidation is rarely an option. Even though you might not be aware, shippers can save a lot of money when consolidating their cargo. When using the services offered by independent carriers, you'll usually pay based on weight or piece count, which can lead to high costs if your shipment isn't large enough to cover those costs. Mandatory service charges are also common with smaller shipments through independent carriers, and these charges may not even be disclosed to the customer until after the shipment is already made. There are a few smaller shipments for which consolidating may be an option, but not many.

When sending a small package to another country, you can sometimes find a service that will send it via airmail or courier to its final destination point. In most cases, the carrier will have no interest in consolidating your shipment with others since it would only make the cost per unit higher. If you are doing this, be sure that your shipment is small enough to qualify for either of these options. By consolidating your shipment with others, you may be able to take advantage of a larger discount on airmail or courier services.

It's also not uncommon for a courier company to offer to consolidate your shipment with those from other customers. In many cases, the cost to ship items via courier will depend on weight and size, as well as distance traveled. For this reason, shipping several smaller packages at once can help you save money if the added time for shipping together is less than it would be if you were to ship them individually., Shipments destined for the same city or town are another example of how consolidating can help lower costs.

Can I Use Any Freight Forwarder?

The first thing you should know is that there is no such thing as "freight forwarders" but rather consolidators (the difference between a freight forwarder and a consolidator will be explained later on). This term appears very often when looking for shipping information internationally; however, it's important to understand its real meaning. In terms of international shipping, a consolidator is an agent who specializes in transporting goods from the United States to other countries. The agent works as a go-between for exporters and carriers, providing information about cargo logistics, rates, fees, and tariffs. In other words, the company that exports or imports your product uses a specialized consolidator company to transport it through the sea, airplane, or train to the desired location. The agent will determine different rates and fees depending on each shipment's characteristics and requested service.

There are many different types of consolidators, and most can be found online. However, not all of them will be able to transport your shipment; some only operate in one transportation mode (air or maritime), for example. You should conduct thorough research before selecting a consolidator for your cargo, as they offer very different services and rates. One thing is for sure: if you're planning on shipping cargo internationally, you need to know which type of service best suits your needs and select a company with experience within the industry.

Benefits of Consolidated Shipment

Consolidated shipment has more than a few benefits for cargo companies and businesses interested in low-risk shipping methods. The most important factor is definitely the cost. Combining various products by shippers into one container, freight forwarders have increased efficiency during shipment. Instead of wasting an entire space of a container on one small shipment, the service providers of a consolidation center use consolidated freight to save money on shipment and improve their relationship with customers. Consolidated shipping has more obvious benefits for shippers, like reducing transportation costs and time-saving.

The CMR (Combined Multimodal Transport) bills are also much more beneficial than separate trucking billings because the consolidated cargo establishes joint liability. It makes cargo companies trust this service more than ever before. A specific shipping route can be shared among multiple shippers, and cargo companies can ship different kinds of items at the same time. This way, there is no need for loading and unloading too many times. Consolidated cargo also benefits cargo security because all goods are locked with a Master L/C or other bill of lading before shipment. A consolidated container can also be insured under a single policy with a lower premium because most insurance companies have established standard rates for these types of shipments.

Possible Challenges in Consolidated Shipments

With the benefits, some challenges and risks make consolidated shipping difficult for freight forwarding companies. One of the main challenges is the unavailability of proper resources for consolidated shipment. It's possible that you, as a customer, would want consolidated shipment for your next shipping project, but the company you get in touch with is not providing the service. There are other reasons that make consolidated shipping a difficult service. The need for consolidation space is one of the main problems, as it's very important to find large cargo spaces at cost-effective prices for this form of shipment.

If you can't find such space, freight forwarders won't accommodate the shipment. The cargo type is chosen for consolidation usually needs careful planning, and it's essential that all other cargoes in the consolidated shipping are compatible with it. Another challenge is finding enough volume and ROI (return on investment) while a consolidated shipment. It's important to find enough volume as the fees you pay depend on it. At the same time, forwarders need to make sure that they'll be able to get back their investment and stay profitable at the end of the day.

Another challenge is finding reliable consolidators or suppliers that can deliver quality service. You should work with a third-party provider that has an established record. A simple internet search can help you find the most suitable partner for your shipping needs. When doing consolidated shipments, it's important to keep in mind that every case is individual, and freight forwarders need time to plan everything properly. While getting these services, always remember that they're usually more expensive than separate shipments. That's why Geolance is the best option, as you can find the right providers of consolidated freight forwarding.

Freight Consolidation Professionals

When looking for a freight consolidation professional, there are many questions freight forwarders and companies need to consider. These include the best consolidator for a company that depends on high volumes of consolidated cargo or what factors make a freight consolidation service stand out from the others. Consolidated cargo services vary based on several different factors, including price, the type of service provided, and the size, weight, and shape (SWaC) restrictions that apply to each shipment.

Consolidators need certain information from companies who use their services to provide accurate rates. This includes detailed shipping instructions and any special requests so that the consolidator can provide quotes using real rates. As an importer or exporter, you face many challenges to ship your international cargo successfully. You have already considered what kind of products you want to import (or export), how much they will cost, and where they are coming (or going) from - now it is time for some logistics!


We know that shipping can be a headache, especially if you deal with multiple shipments. That's why we created Consolidated Cargo at Geolance, a service that lets you consolidate all of your shipments into one large shipment, so it's easier to track and manage. You'll also save time and money on the whole process! We offer consolidated cargo services so you can focus on what matters most - your business! Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we are confident that we can deliver the best possible service to you! If you're interested in consolidated shipping, please don't hesitate to post a project right away! We'd be happy to provide further information about an ideal solution for your company's unique needs.

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