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Contact Us Guidelines:

1) Please consider searching previous posts on using the search bar at the top of every contact page before submitting a new post via email. We have an extensive list of themes available already that may be suitable for your needs. If you find something you like with features close to what you're looking for, please use those as a starting point instead of re-posting your request from scratch.

2) Before making any purchases or donations on, please ensure that the theme you are searching for is not already on sale or included in one of our bundles. We do our best to prevent duplicate themes from being sold simultaneously, but it does sometimes happen by mistake. If you find something that looks close, then compare the screenshots and read all of the available information carefully before making your purchase.

3) Please use a valid email address with an appropriate subject line when contacting us via email. For example, using "latest blog post" as your subject line will cause your message to be filtered into spam, where we won't see it until much later! This also includes support requests sent over through Ticksy and other 3rd party ticket systems where we cannot see the subject line of your email.

4) Before contacting us about a theme you're having issues with, please check for solutions on our support site first. 95% of the time, we will ask you to search for previous posts and FAQs before we can begin troubleshooting, so it is essential to do this step first. Not only does this help keep questions less repetitive, but it helps prioritize your issue by making sure that we can easily find any existing threads related to your problem.

5) Please avoid submitting duplicate requests, even for different products or themes. We don't mind responding multiple times to let you know that your request has been received with detailed instructions, but sending separate emails makes things more confusing than accessible. Please be specific in a drop form builder when describing your needs and provide all of the requested information or screenshots to help us assess your request.

6) Please include as much detail about your website as possible when person contacting us via email. It would help if you let us know all of the relevant information so that we can properly diagnose any problems without having to ask for additional details later. Sometimes issues are unique depending on what type of website's contact form name you have, so it is always best to be as descriptive as possible when explaining your issue. Any links, screenshots, or other details are beneficial, so please provide them if possible - even if they're incomplete!

7) If you don't hear anything back from one of our support staff within 24 hours, please check your spam folder before sending another message. We try to respond as quickly as possible but sometimes we fall behind and miss the notification email. If the problem is urgent, please send an additional message after waiting a whole day if you still haven't heard anything back.

8) Please check that your wordpress contact form has been submitted correctly before contacting us via email. Your site must be live for the form to work in a personal and meaningful conversation, so it is essential to ensure this information is correct before sending another request. Remember that any details you provide through our support system will be visible publicly, so please only include the relevant information such as URLs or usernames when replying over email.

9) Before reporting a new bug, glitch, or compatibility issue, check to see if other users have reported or discussed a similar problem before submitting a new request. We spend countless hours each month browsing through posts and comments to find similar patterns that we can then use to fix bugs or support requests that we may not have seen yet. If your issue is resolved, then please provide as much detail as possible so that it can be cataloged for future reference and development.

10) Do NOT make any purchases or donations related to ThemeHybrid without contacting us! As the developers of this software, we encourage users to submit bug reports, product suggestions, and other types of feedback using our online forms, including but not limited to: Theme Hybrid's Facebook page (, Theme Hybrid's Twitter account (, and Theme Hybrid's support system (

11) If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, then please be sure to send another message since we have probably missed your earlier request for help. In most cases, we try our best to respond as soon as possible, but sometimes our schedule gets busier than usual, so please give us a little extra time before checking back again over the next day or two.

12) Please avoid duplicate reporting issues, bugs, or requesting support related to general WordPress problems or plugins unless you're specifically asked for additional details that pertain to ThemeHybrid. Our theme and great contact form plugin reviews will often ask that users provide screenshots of contact pages and other information when reporting an issue with another WordPress theme form fields, wordpress plugin, or service wordpress dashboard. This is because most people are not familiar with the inner workings of ThemeHybrid itself. Hence, it helps to clarify which components are causing the problem before trying to fix anything.

13) Sometimes, your website will experience an increase in spam attempts after making significant changes to your theme's contact form settings and a contact us page template. If this happens, please follow these steps before contacting us via email:

· Delete any contact forms you have created on your wordpress site using this theme. All information submitted through this simple contact form will be sent directly to spammers automatically if they are still allowed to post messages without moderation even after you delete any existing submissions.

· For WordPress users, temporarily disable all plugins until everything has been fixed. Some plugins will cause issues even after disabling, so it is essential to remove them until you determine which plugin or setting has been altered.

· If the problem continues even after disabling all plugins, then please try switching web hosts since your account may have been compromised in some way. We recommend that you change all usernames and passwords and upload directories for any additional recently installed components before cloning the original site on a new host.

14) If you are having difficulty finding support for this theme, do not hesitate to send us an email at [email protected] with your request along with your complete wordpress website URL so we can help better understand how our theme was integrated into your current design. Please note that users of ThemeHybrid are not permitted to modify any of the theme's source code which includes removing copyright notices, license keys, author signatures, or other embedded mechanisms that prevent Themehybrid from being distributed without permission.

15) Please send your feedback using our online contact form template ( If you're asking for technical help, then you should include as much specific information as possible along with screenshots whenever possible to speed up the process. We will try our best to provide a solution, but please do not expect immediate assistance since spamming us will only delay the development process by making it more challenging to manage incoming requests.

16) What is not covered in this article: The following list covers some common questions related to WordPress themes or licensing issues. While you can still contact us via email if any of these items apply to your current problem, we will not be able to provide a solution since it is out of our control:

·          Functionality problems with other WordPress plugins, themes, widgets, and services, including third-party license keys added to this theme's files without prior authorization from the author.

·          Problems caused by editing specific theme settings, which include broken CSS rules because it affects how the original code was written, so any changes made are not supported.

·          Creating a child theme within another parent theme does not work correctly because ThemeHybrid makes extensive use of plugin options along with custom PHP functions for easy integration.

·          Issues with content or features not covered inside this article because each project is different, so please send us an email instead of posting a comment to speed up the process.

·          Creating customized functions within files will break the theme since it is unnecessary for this theme to function correctly. Please do not attempt to support these requests unless you are willing to purchase a feature request via our website (

17) This article covers only basic installation and configuration settings that apply to all versions of WordPress, starting from 3.0+. If your version supports specific functionality, then refer to the official documentation below along with any other related articles before contacting the theme author with your request.

·          WordPress 3.0+ -

Theme Hybrid's WordPress themes are 100% GPL which means that you can modify, distribute, or sell any original product based on this theme without permission from the author as long as its use is non-commercial. The copyright header is left intact along with our name alongside any derivatives of our work, even if it has been modified beyond recognition. When purchasing a license key, please install it directly on your live website instead of uploading it to your local testing server. Any problems will be complex for us to troubleshoot when using the wrong version, so we can only verify usage by checking the visit logs.

If you decide to create a child theme, please use the same version number to avoid breaking any future updates that might affect your customized files ( Do not mix themes within each other unless necessary since it can also cause problems which makes it difficult for us to support any functionality issue when using different variations of this theme on the same website. Please do not distribute our files without permission or post them publicly online because this is illegal. We will take full legal action if it results in copyright infringement issues with WordPress, Google Webmaster Tools, or anything related to server loads resulting in hosting problems. If you're unsure about any aspect of how to use the files, then please do not hesitate as it will only waste time before we can provide a solution via email to avoid any problems with other customers. We also try our best to reply quickly, so if you don't hear back from us within 24 hours, then something might have gone wrong during delivery since it's difficult for us to track emails that end up in spam folders for some reason along with the number of requests that flood our inbox every day.

This article deals with themes or licenses based on what you are looking for and does not cover any related plugins created by Theme Hybrid unless otherwise stated. Since each language is available as a different download, there is no need to contact us about translation errors because they were requested over a year ago, and we don't plan on adding them to this theme. We also can't support any problems with other scripts or software that you downloaded from the internet, so please keep this in mind before sending an email about any compatibility issues. If you want personalized functionality, then we recommend hiring us for a custom solution on a default form since it should be designed around your specific requests ( along with how much you're willing to spend.

·          You may not use these images as part of another project without permission unless stated otherwise by Theme Hybrid. Please let us know if there is anything else we need to do regarding image attribution and always link back to our website (

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