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Reach full potential on all platforms with expert hybrid app development 
Geolance is a hybrid mobile app development marketplace that can build multi-platform mobile apps for any business or requirement. We understand that each platform is unique and has different capabilities and attributes. Therefore our hybrid app developers carefully create your application to make sure that it reaches its full potential on all platforms.
Our multi-platform app development specialists have a huge experience in cross-platform mobile development. We employ diverse technologies like Appcelerator Titanium, Rhomobile, MoSync, PhoneGap, WidgetsPad, HTML5, Whoop and others to develop innovative hybrid phone apps. The robust features of these frameworks provide excellent functionality and enhance business value. Besides, we offer full-circle hybrid app development that includes concept analysis, design, architecture, development, usability testing, deployment and even your marketing strategy. With our services, you will get a complete high-quality product that is ready to launch.
Technologies that we use for the development of cross-platform apps
Our experts choose the top technology stack for cross-platform app development to ensure that your app functions the same way and looks attractive on each platform. 
Appcelerator Titanium
We built mobile apps on Appcelerator Titanium through web programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Python, HTML and Ruby. This development platform gives access to location information and more than 300 social and other APIs. Also, we use Arrow with Appcelerator Titanium to build, connect and test mobile apps.
Sencha enables designing, developing, and managing multiple cross-platform applications. It helps to accelerate our web app design with pre-tested and pre-built components and themes. As it is an enterprise-ready framework, it also speeds up our cross-platform mobile app development process.
The expertise of the PhoneGap framework allows us to develop applications for iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android, Symbian Palm, and BlackBerry devices. For development on this platform, we use JavaScript and HTML web programming languages. The advantage of PhoneGap is fast access to hardware features including location/GPS information, camera, accelerometer, sound and more. 
Our developers use C# Xamarin and .Net framework for building the cross-platform and native iOS and Android apps. It also supports the native development of windows and mac. A key feature is that a single code base can be compiled to multiple devices and platforms. Besides, Xamarin has a cloud service. That allows testing any number of devices.
Mag+ gives developers an opportunity to build on top of their core components. That saves hundreds of man-hours of coding and helps to utilize total project time.
Kinvey, a backend service, helps developers to set up and operate a cloud backend for their applications. It enables the protection of your mobile data. Also, it helps with the standardization of backend integrations and scaling up or down with turn-on infrastructure.

Geolance cross-platform development services include:
Multi-platform application development
End-to-end mobile solutions
UX/UI Design
Application building for all possible frameworks
Application testing & marketing
Cross-platform application porting
Application support and maintenance
Cost-effective solutions
Our professional developers deliver
End-to-end Solutions
Innovative infrastructure puts Geolance ahead of many competitors. We provide in-house or outsourced research, programming, design, development, testing and marketing.
Experienced Professionals
Only qualified and skilled developers will work on your project. Therefore, you will receive an application with a highly interactive user interface and flawless architecture.
Service Customization
Our expert team can create the application with a wholly customized design and functionalities. Hire devoted cross-platform app developers to get the application that will meet all your business needs. 
Customer-Centric Approach
We believe in a unique approach to every client and interactive behaviour or project management. We encourage clients to share their ideas and have meetings with the development team frequently.
Use customized cross-platform applications to achieve your business goals
Our cross-platform specialists have vast experience in the field of hybrid application development. We create customizable multi-platform app solutions for both iOS and Android devices at the price of one codebase and using the same language, IDE, and APIs. Our cross-platform experts can develop:
Social Network Applications
Business Applications
Calendar Applications
Geo-based Applications 
Enterprise Applications
Classified Applications
On-Demand Applications
E-commerce Applications
Cross-Platform Desktop Applications
Benefits of cross-platform development 
Geolance cross-platform development services, flexible business models and distinct processes provide optimal solutions. They minimize the project cost and maximize the growth of your company. 
Experts build complex cross-platform applications for all main mobile platforms. Our engineers are always working extra hard to add new functionalities and features for your project.
Reduced Cost & Market Impact
We use an agile process to build applications with higher quality, productivity and less time to market. Development for multiple platforms helps you to reduce total development costs.
Easy-Manageable Source Code
Get full control of our originally developed source code for Android and iPhone apps. Also, you can efficiently manage the application’s executable file. 
Efficient Project Management
Our specialists will help you plan your project’s schedule, scope, and budget to set plans and keep release dates on track. 
Full Project Control
Smart management makes your project planning process easier. The complete project control tool gives you updated information on your laptop or mobile. So, you can regularly get accurate real-life information on the project status.
Customer Experience Improvement
Here in Geolance we always focus on client interaction for the ongoing benefit. We value your feedback and understand your business goals to develop a successful cross-platform application. 

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