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They are demolishing work - demolishing divides during reconstruction, removal of finishing during repairs, dismantling of walls or entire buildings. In any case, careful disassembly must be neat, safe, and aimed at preserving surfaces or materials. Moreover, old buildings and emergency buildings are replaced by new beautiful buildings with modern architecture. For this reason, the need for dismantling arises. Dismantling work operations can be done manually or with our machines, whether in one day, shorter or at night. We offer you a complete solution for all types of dismantling work and the disassembly and assembly of production equipment. Our company's services cover practically all areas requiring disassembly or demolition.

Operating a crane, Bobcat, wheel loader and other machines for moving and lifting heavy materials;

- Dismantling of walls, ceilings and floors;

- Dismantling of staircases and railings;

- Demolition of facades;

- Dismantling of roofs;

- Dismantling of doors, windows and other parts;

- Dismantling of production lines - disassembly or dismantling to remove them for replacement or installation of new ones.  

We are happy to provide you with a detailed offer according to your needs. We specialize in dismantling work in compliance with all safety and environmental rules. Learn more about us;

We offer you a complete solution for all types of dismantling work and the disassembly and assembly of production equipment. Our company's services cover practically all areas requiring disassembly or demolition.

Types of dismantling works

Construction demolition is a difficult task. It necessitates physical effort and the appropriate management of the process to ensure that it is quick, safe, and environmentally responsible. There are three sorts of work when we speak specifically about construction dismantling:

Walls and separations are destroyed. To safeguard the floor (if necessary), cover it with wooden shields first. The electrical wiring and other communications from the wall must also be removed first. It is required to remove the door or window structure from the wall before proceeding. Disassemble layer by layer: finish-plaster-wall material using a sledgehammer and a chisel, a hammer drill, or a jackhammer. Work-related hazards include Dust raised by the demolition work.

They are removing the floor. Removing the screed and flooring are examples of dismantling jobs. This is a dirty job - all clean surfaces must be safeguarded, and the availability of construction waste collection and removal. The best equipment for removing a screed is a hammer drill.

The choice of method is dictated by the structure's condition, its surroundings, the reasons for the demolition and cost. The use of explosives will usually be the fastest way of destruction but may not be possible when other buildings are nearby. In case of demolition must not generate Dust and noise; usually, manual processes will be applied. Explosives Demolition using explosives can be done safely, but it must be carefully planned and carried out only by experienced workers under competent supervision. The safe way to do it is, after pre-weakening, to re use no more explosives that will safely bring down the structure so that debris can be safely removed and scrap salvaged. 

Removing the tiles is the most time-consuming aspect of tile repair, and it must be done meticulously to avoid harming the subsurface surface. This will save money on levelling before re-finishing. It's possible to remove the tile while maintaining the material in certain situations (if it's relevant). Still, a professional is required to take off the material carefully most of the time.

The process is divided into four stages: -> The dismantling of communications systems is one of the most time-consuming and complex phases of the job. This category covers the removal of water supply and heating pipes, sewage systems, electrical cables, and other forms of communication. Accuracy is required for the job to proceed smoothly without damaging critical surfaces.

The delimitation of work and access zones anticipates the main dangers (falling objects, projection of materials, exposure to possible dangerous substances, etc.). This phase also involves the definition of working and security zones.

The structure to be demolished should be thoroughly surveyed and any drawings obtained so that as much information as possible on the nature of the system, its method of construction and materials is available to the demolition contractor. Asbestos is commonly found in buildings and other structures to be demolished and requires contractors or sub-contractors who are specialists in handling it.

The contractor must ensure that safe working practices are in place and that these are adhered to by all those involved in the demolition. He must also ensure that adequate welfare facilities are provided for his workers.

Only after these preparatory stages have been completed can the demolition properly begin. The most common demolition methods are manually applied (sledgehammer and chisel or pickaxe, crane and chains).

Mechanical methods (break out the concrete with a jackhammer) require fewer workers but are more expensive; we must also consider the noise generated by such tools. Therefore, the best option is to use sledgehammers and manual labour only if the risks involved justify the cost savings of not renting heavier equipment.

The use of explosives should only be considered if the demolition is carried out in an isolated area where there is no risk of damaging other buildings.

In any case, the contractor must protect the public and workers from flying debris and Dust. A perimeter fence is essential, as are signs warning of the danger. The demolition contractor should be responsible for worker safety but should not tolerate lax attitudes or breaches of regulations. The building owner is ultimately responsible for the welfare of workers on the site.

Our company's services cover practically all areas requiring disassembly or demolition. When it comes to construction dismantling, we have relevant experience with all types of constructions: wood, concrete, brickwork... In addition, our team has a wealth of experience with toxic materials (paint, asbestos, etc.).

We have the necessary equipment for each dismantling work. We also have a large team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that your dismantling job is completed quickly, safely, and according to your specifications. Contact us today for a free quote!

Demolition work can

Demolition work is a dirty, dangerous business. The contractor must take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of workers and the public. This includes setting up safe working practices and ensuring that all workers on the site follow these. The contractor should also have the necessary equipment to complete the job safely and effectively. Contact our company today for a free quote!

Construction demolition contractors need to complete the job quickly, safely, and according to specifications. Our company is experienced in all types of constructions, including wood, concrete brickwork, and more. In addition, we have the necessary equipment for every dismantling work. Contact us today to receive a free quote!

How to order dismantling work in an apartment

Of course, high-quality dismantling services do not need expert knowledge. These are some of the most straightforward operations. However, you can't trust them to anyone. A specialist needs to fulfill the following criteria. First of all, he provides a detailed plan of work. Secondly, a "patient" with a stretcher is required. Finally, and only the last thing - a bucket big enough for a body part or at least large pieces of concrete and glass located in various places on the site.

Workday by day will not solve this task without a magnetic detector. But the last criterion is a bucket ... And this requires a bit of planning because it's hard to find such a container on the territory of an ordinary apartment building.

To not have to climb into several tons of rubble for a bucket with body parts, you must limit yourself even in terms of money. In this case, order a dismantling job without a stretcher or magnetic detector. Of course, these two services will add to the cost of the work, but at least you will be sure that it will be done qualitatively.

The main thing, in any case, is not to skimp on safety measures. On the contrary, it's better to pay more and ensure that everything will be done according to the rules.

It is also worth noting that you can order a dismantling job not only in an apartment but also in a house. The principle is the same: you need to think about all the details and plan everything. This will help to avoid unpleasant surprises and problems during the work itself.

The following characteristics are pretty enough to get a high-quality result. Do you want to get high-quality dismantling works? On the Geolance website, find a contractor who has been independently verified and based on reviews and ratings: offer your pricing for the job, talk about order specifics with possible applicants. The search might take several minutes; nevertheless, the conclusion will be of excellent quality, and the service will be reasonably priced.  As part of the dismantling process, our team of professionals is responsible for planning and ensuring the proper conduct of dismantling and demolition operations in compliance with current standards for the safety of people and the environment.

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