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Almost any commercial enterprise, during its activity, is faced with the fact delivery of documents of varying importance, such as business correspondence, sending letters by your delivery-documents-to your colleagues, a government agency or a partner.

What may appear to be a simple task at first becomes more complicated when you need to deliver documents on time and promptly, especially when your commercial success and competitiveness in the market are at stake. In such situations, it becomes essential to engage the services of a courier that is well-versed in this business and can handle any delivery.

If you urgently need to get essential documents from one place to another, then a document courier is perfect for getting the job done. If you've left something to the last minute, we can deliver the same-day service, or if you require delivery during a specific period, this can be scheduled in advance.

Our courier delivery of documents has several advantages, including:

  1. Speed and urgency of the document's delivery;
  2. Ability to issue a necessary paper without delay;
  3. Personal approach to the customer. Dispatching documents via courier service is carried out by a courier, which can monitor the process of all your deliveries of essential papers from beginning to end.

Use a document courier to ensure that every necessary form, report, commercial invoice or other document reaches its destination on time. This type of service is often used by businesses, as it allows them to be more efficient and gives them the ability to send important documents on time.

Expert solutions for professional experts.

A document courier is ideal for swiftly moving crucial papers from one place to another. We can provide same-day delivery if you've left something last minute, or if you require delivery during a specific time frame, we can schedule it ahead of time.

A document courier can work with you to find a solution that's designed to help you become more efficient, including drop boxes, mobile apps and more.

All of our drivers are highly professional and have years of experience in moving documents for top businesses. So you'll be able to trust that they'll handle your delivery with the utmost care and respect every.

A document courier is a fantastic option for transporting sensitive documents when you need them immediately from one place to another. We can deliver same-day if you've put off something until the last minute, or we can schedule delivery at a particular time.

Clients expect rapid and secure document delivery services for sensitive document data. Documents and files sometimes need to be delivered out of the office for official or personal reasons (submitting copies of company documents; papers; project documentation). It's critical to use a courier service to send these materials because it ensures safe delivery.

A document courier is also a good choice for those people who regularly need to send essential items to their customers or suppliers. In this case, it's possible to schedule delivery on a specific day and time, thus ensuring that the documents will be delivered as planned.

We provide a courier service to our clients for urgent document delivery because we understand what it means to succeed in business today. We have quick delivery and an easy-access system that enables us to offer document delivery service on any day or night.

Courier services are an excellent idea for businesses that need to send a large quantity. We can manage any scale of documents, from a few pieces to hundreds. Our drivers are experts at handling large volumes of papers and getting the job done safely.

Courier delivery of documents is an easy, fast and safe way to get essential papers delivered when you need them.

Types of courier delivery of documents

All types of document delivery are currently available:

  1. Express - instant delivery - within three hours of the order.
  2. During the day - orders are dispatched on the day of registration of the application.
  3. In 24 hours - documents are delivered to the addressee within the next working day.
  4. Other types of courier document delivery service are possible, so it's best to contact us for more information.

Businesses widely use the courier service because it allows them to get things done without delay. Thousands of leaders and ordinary people have already appreciated it because of its convenience. Documents being delivered by a courier company save time and effort for you.

Whether it's a customs document, invoice, tax return or official certificate - your records will be transferred by us as quickly as possible.

There are many reasons for using a courier to deliver documents:

  1. Urgent delivery of essential business data;
  2. Delivery of certificates and other documentation to the Customs Service;
  3. Sending reports.

Оur responsibility for any delivery is to ensure that the documentation is delivered promptly. It has its characteristics, with all of the simplicity of execution.

The following types of document delivery may be conditionally divided into three categories:

  1. Standard delivery of documents These are the most common services for delivering documents; the essence is to pick up the papers at point A and give them to the desired addressee at point B. No additional actions are required from the courier. The documents are delivered at the appointed time, even if there is nobody to receive them.
  2. Non-standard delivery of documents If, for some reason, the standard model is not suitable.
  3. Secret delivery Services use this format when transferring documents containing commercial secrets, personal data. The service involves the transportation of papers in a particular case, in compliance with security measures, by private vehicle. Conditions may vary, but the essence remains the same - maximum information protection.
  4. Special delivery of documents This is the delivery of documents in which the courier needs to perform an additional task. For example, a customer may instruct to bring a private person's papers to a government office: this means that the courier must take and stand in line, hand over the documents to an official, receive a receipt or verbal confirmation that the task has been completed successfully.
  5. Express delivery service. This is the fastest delivery of papers, relevant in cases where every minute is essential. The courier is required to be prompt and to have a short working vehicle. 
  6. Non-standard delivery of documents If, for some reason, the standard model is not suitable (for example, if it is necessary to make the courier walk on foot around the city), you can use an auxiliary type.

The term "fast track" refers to the express delivery of confidential documents. These are the most frequent services for delivering papers, to pick up the records at point A and dispatch them to the specified recipient at point B. Thus, there is no need for the courier to take any additional measures.

Do you want to receive high-quality legal documents with high dependability and reasonable pricing? There are various ways to arrange things: contact a specialist firm, seek a courier in the newspapers, or engage a reputable contractor using the Geolance service.

Frequently asked questions about document delivery.

How to order specialist services?

1. Visit the Geolance website

2. Post your order specifying what you want to use the specialist for and how much it is necessary to pay for this service

3. Find out how much time it will take to find the contractor in your area using our special algorithm

4. Benefit from additional features of our service during construction of a cooperation model

Geolance will help you find the best courier services quickly and easily!

You can choose a courier from several candidates based on reviews and ratings in a few minutes on this site. The customer himself determines the amount of payment for the service and the necessary conditions. Order safe delivery - use the services of trusted specialists. Geolance will help you find the best courier services quickly and easily!

How to order courier services?

Just place an order through our service, and we will do the rest. Not only will you receive your papers as quickly as possible, but they will be delivered by a dependable worker who is responsible for his actions. You can use the Geolance website to get the best courier services quickly and easily! To place a job order, you need to specify what kind of service is required - for example, document delivery. Then define whether it is necessary to use a company car; if yes, then what type of vehicle should be used. It is also required to indicate the size and weight of the package and a list of the necessary documents to be handed over. In addition, you can choose a courier in a few minutes from several candidates based on reviews and ratings. Our customers leave only positive feedback about our work - this speaks volumes!

What is the price for document delivery?

The cost of preferred courier delivery depends on the type of service you need. You can use the Geolance website to find out how much it will be for this or that type of professional couriers service very quickly and easily.

On the Geolance website, you can choose a courier from several candidates based on reviews and ratings in a few minutes. The excellent customer service himself determines the amount of payment for the service and the necessary conditions. Order safe delivery - use the services of trusted specialists.

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