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Steel doors are generally prefabricated, which makes Installation significantly more difficult. If we consider all of these things, the structure's advantages and protective qualities will be apparent. A properly installed steel door, for example, protects against intruders (including burglary attempts), noise, odours, dust, and drafts. Only an expert artisan with the proper training can complete the preparatory work and hopefully install the structure. Follow applicable building codes, standards and accepted practices specific to your geographic location. 

Installation is important

A steel door's Installation will affect its strength, the quality of weathering over time, and how it interacts with other building components.

Steel doors are one option to increase security, insulate against noise or keep out drafts in your home. Install a new door as part of a home renovation or as a standalone project. Find out how to install a steel door and get instructions on Installation from an expert.

Features of installing a steel door

Several phases are involved in the process. First, preliminary preparation of the opening is often necessary, such as expanding (for this, a power angle grinder with a cutting wheel would be preferable). Contemporary trowels use various techniques of installing Steel doors: Attaching to mounting plates. This is the most popular installation method since almost every model has three "lugs" on the sides of the box. Next, the package is placed in the opening (in this case, the technological gap between the mounting plates and the walls should be no wider than 20 mm) and secured with metal frames rods (they are driven into the walls).

Attaching the door to the opening can be a little trickier. This technique works best for large boxes, such as coffins or storage units wider than 150 mm. In fact, in this situation, the package must be "drowned" in the doorway. The manufacturer's technological holes are usually used to fix the box. If they aren't there, to begin with, drilling them yourself should not be difficult. The canvas and the walls must have no more than 15 mm of space between them.

Concrete construction is often used to create a safety barrier. Steel doors with a hollow steel door frame that has been concreted are one of the most popular methods of constructing Steel doors. Unfortunately, the entry is almost difficult to remove from the aperture. The secret behind this method's success lies in using a concrete mix with additional anchoring for the box installation and another fixing for the door.

The standard security measures are typically implemented to make the structure as reliable as possible. The Installation of locks, frames and hinges is not tricky, but it still takes time. To begin with, all holes must be drilled in advance or into existing rectangular patterns (if they live). The lock must also be mounted before installing the door. This task should be personal protective equipment Step 1: Attach door frame anchors ​ Insert metal stud anchors into frame throat and tap into place with a hammer—position at hinge location and directly opposite on strike frame. Attach three anchors per side, totalling 6 per frame. Step 2: Install the door frame into the rough opening. Install 1-inch wood spreaders every 36" inches as illustrated. Check for plumb and square. Attach steel jamb studs to the floor through floor anchor or floor extension. Install steel jamb studs to floor and ceiling runners and tightly against frame anchors. Position steel studs in frame throat and secure with screws. Step 3: Check for plumb and level. Attach top header to steel studs in the center of header location, tighten all screws securely. Install bottom header to floor runners and tight against steel jamb studs.

The metal is thick and difficult to drill through, so steel frames usually come with metal tabs that attach to the edges of the jack studs framing the doorway. Before starting the process, you need to get the proper tools to set hollow metal door frames. First, it's a good idea to know that the steel door frame is open, which means that you can drill through them quickly. Next, you need to use a hole saw, as this tool allows for openings with even edges and ensures smooth transitions from cut-out openings into metal frames.

The critical steps in the process of installing Steel  doors are:

1. Cut the necessary opening in the wall;

2. Remove the box from its packaging;

3. Connect it to metal studs that have been previously installed into place or install a metal frame for this purpose;

4. Attach the lock and hinges to the door, then you can slide it into place and seal up any gaps between adjacent walls;

5. Check the plumb and level of your door, as well as any possible problems with the surrounding material, before you seal up all gaps between adjacent walls.

You can find a complete tutorial for this process here. It's also worth noting that you should use an electric screwdriver to avoid damaging the box with a regular one. You can also install hinges using a standard drill.

If you are facing installing Steel doors in your home, you should be aware that this process is complex and requires dedication. That's why it's best to seek professional help when considering this type of Installation. Our company can solve any issues related to metal door installation. In addition, we offer a full range of services related to the structure of metal doors and windows.

Commercial steel door installations

Commercial steel doors are often used in steel trades, in small workshops and factories. They are also used for airlocks in office buildings, warehouses and archives. This particular door is one of the essential elements of defence (against fire or burglary), but it still has to allow entry into the building. So when selecting a commercial precast door, we should not lose sight of its quality and design.

A security door is the first barrier against fire and burglars. It's always open - there is no way to get in or out, except by door opening it from the inside. The opening method (the lock) is often used for commercial doors too. This option allows you to choose the level of security - it could be a simple lock or an electronic access control system.

Security rooms are often used in factories, warehouses, archives and pharmaceutical production plants. They are also widely used in banks, central offices, medical facilities and airports.

All steel doors should withstand high temperatures (up to 1000 degrees Celsius). Therefore, whether using conventional hinges or continuous hinges, all screws for the upper portion of the frame, hinges and closer must be attached solidly to the door framing and surrounding framing as substantially as possible to assure long service. Equally important is to ensure that the closer selected matches the door size and weight being used. Too heavy a closer is equally as bad as too light of a closer. 

The most common type of steel door is a 25-gauge (0.016 inches) door with an overall thickness of 1.5 inches and a solid core made of fibreglass or polystyrene foam insulation covered by two layers of steel (each 0.032 inches thick). This door is certified to withstand fire for up to one hour and burglary for 20 minutes.

Another type of steel door is a 23-gauge (0.025 inches) door, but the solid core adds the thickness to 0.5 inches, making it much more reliable than 25-gauge doors. This model is tested at temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius (350 Fahrenheit) for 10, 30 or 60 minutes.

The most reliable doors are made of 24-gauge (0.034 inches) steel with a solid core and reinforced by four layers of steel 0.032 inches thick each; at the top and bottom, an aluminum filler is applied between steel sheets to create two closed pockets. The 24-gauge steel is very reliable and stable, but it is also more expensive than the usual 25-gauge steel sheets. This door is tested for fire resistance (at up to 1000 degrees Celsius) for one hour or two hours and burglary protection (depending on the number of layers).

As we said above, the steel door frame should be fixed to a surrounding framework, mostly brick or concrete. We offer commercial doors equipped with extended flanges at the top and bottom of the frame to simplify Installation. There is also a so-called "self-seal" option available. It refers to specific welding techniques used during manufacturing that create an additional seal between the frame and door leaf. Both standard and "self-seal" commercial steel doors can be equipped with continuous hinges or conventional hinges. We should also mention that we offer special units for underground installations (tunnels, metro stations, etc.).

From whom to order the Installation of steel doors?

Are you interested in Steel entrance doors with frame installation and reliable results? The service offers assistance in finding an experienced artisan. Customers may enjoy all of the benefits that you can provide: you negotiate the price and conditions yourself; seeing a professional takes between 5 and 10 minutes; you pick a specialist from among several prospects based on criteria such as reviews, ratings, and portfolios. Being among the best materials for frames, steel door frames offer proprietors an affordable and environmentally friendly solution. That's why today we'll show the expert how to install a steel door frame.

This may seem like a simple task, but it can be hard to install a door frame correctly. Professionals suggest using screws and nails; they don't recommend using wood or other types of fasteners.

Tools required: hammer, electric drill, chisels, hacksaw (optional), screwdriver, measuring tape and leveller (if needed).

Our main goal is to make you comfortable with the door installation process, so we show it using a metal door frame. Installing an interior door is very similar; however, measuring and marking are different.

Do you require a high-quality installation of Steel doors at a reasonable price?

Our service will be inexpensive, high-quality, and safe. So you'll get more bang for your buck! Right now, you can request a price estimate and place an order in just a few clicks. So whether you need hollow metal doors and frames the same day or an automatic Geolance operator for your building, we can help. 

If you're interested, contact the service's operators right away!

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