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The era of the connected device economy has begun. Geolance expert developers and prototype designers will collaborate closely with you to analyze and determine the business and technical needs of your project. Also, we will create a solution that combines the power of modern IoT platform and related tools. Besides, we offer deployment of a virtual prototype that will showcase the future product or service. That is a very important step in developing a high-quality product that will help you to avoid cost overruns, delays, and potential failure. If you are interested in working with our team of IoT-certified prototype experts, we are ready to help you to implement IoT prototyping into your project.  Geolance provides only a 100% quality and creative personal approach to every client. Do not hesitate and contact us in the chat right now! 
The development of virtual prototypes can save your huge business amounts of time and money in the process of creating innovative and effective business solutions. There is a complex multilevel system of development of new services and products. It includes a number of steps that comprise concept screening, idea development, cost-benefit analysis, prototype designing and making, automatic software testing, and production of a final product. Your company should resolve any problems at any of these levels before moving to the next one. If it fails to do so and a problem appears in the late stages of the development process, there will be really hard to pinpoint the cause. Using product design and prototyping to make a virtual copy of your creative business product may take time, but will decrease the risk level and the chance of problems occurring in the final version. If you want to benefit from electronic prototypes feel free to contact professionals right now. Just create your projects and our best specialists will provide innovative IoT solutions that will meet your business needs and requirements. With the help of IoT prototypes, you can optimize your future product and present the best version possible to your clients. 

Test your future product and eliminate risks and stress by using IoT Prototypes

Build an effective strategy 
Our prototype marketplace deep expertise in creating smart products will help you to understand what you need and what you do not before you ever commit to one code line. We will work closely with your company to analyze technical hurdles and get rid of them, conclude your business needs, uncover prospect opportunities for growth and create a professional business plan.
Unique & Custom Framework
Geolance experts will use the best combination of IoT tools to design, build a prototype product, set up, and modernize your company’s infrastructure.
Prototype Testing
To make sure that our virtual 3d prototype is practical, we will test it in real-world, real-work conditions from the device through the network, user interface, cloud, and company integration.
Safety & Management
Our skillful developers build high-quality protection of devices and their data, so your app is highly scalable and secure. Geolance also offers to create a management plan to maintain the performance and reliability of your solution, while protecting from a catastrophic, multi-point breakdown.
Guarantee of compliance and conformity
IoT prototype development presents unique quality compliance and conformity challenges. We will make sure your app delivers on performance, reliability, and data protection while meeting strict policies in highly regulated markets, like financial services and healthcare.
Peculiarities of Electronic Prototyping
In the early stages of product development, making a prototype is likely to be separate from the general testing process. As both the prototype models and designs are perfect, more advanced prototyping is possible. A professional electronic prototyping company will have the right expertise in the organization of these unique elements of the process. Experts will work with you to make sure that the resources, time and money you invest in your project are used the most effectively.
Electronic prototype development is the most standard prototype service and method that you should use at the earlier, pre-production stages. It allows you to analyze and alter your product virtually before it goes to production. Besides having a 3d prototype is extremely handy as you can share it with all your partners and focus team without making any physical copies. 

Geolance Offers Such Services:

  • IoT-specific and Business Product/Service Strategy
  • Deployment of IoT Product (If Necessary)
  • Solution Architecture and Framework
  • Management and Security Implementation
  • Prototype Testing 
  • Professional AAR Review
If you are interested in any of the services above, feel free to contact us, our professional team is ready to help!
The Importance of Electronic Prototyping 
As an experienced electronic prototype marketplace, we insist that the product should always have its prototype before production. There are far too many factors and elements that you need to plan, analyze and alter at this stage. This is very important if you want to be sure that you will hit on the perfect functionality and design on your first pass. High-quality electronic prototyping can illustrate and allow for fine-tuning and test plenty of elements of your product. For example, product prototyping services may work with the external appearance of the housing or with the strength and durability of the casing, depending on wall thickness and many other factors. Also, it will show the internal layout of the product, which includes where and how the wiring and other electronic elements will be configured. Geolance, a professional prototype development will help to make more efficient design elements for better product performance.
In a nutshell, our marketplace company that makes high-quality prototypes can help you to see your product before production in a way that drawing or standard design cannot show you. Our prototyping services allow you to implement a higher level of improvement and innovation in your product overall.

Electronic Prototype development, which is the best way of predicting the functionality of the future product we use only modern and the most effective technologies. 

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