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E-book archiving, journal archiving, and SMTP journals: You have chosen an archiving solution for your business. Awesome. You have decided on an idea that could potentially save thousands. And that's hard work. Which are good email archiving solutions? Not every Email Archivation solution can be created the same way. Various models are offered with different functions. Others have cheaper costs. If you choose to use email archiving tools, you must look at a few key features that should be included. Continue reading for details on e-book storage solutions with eight elements.

If you're looking for a way to keep your email accounts compliant with the law, then look no further than Geolance. We offer an easy-to-use and affordable email archiving solution that will ensure all of your emails are stored securely and safely.

With Geolance, you won't have to worry about missing any vital information in the future. Our system is designed to capture every single email sent or received from one or more company accounts, so nothing gets lost over time. Plus, our software is incredibly user-friendly – it only takes minutes to set up!

A storm pushes CargoTrans into the cloud

A Houston-based moving and storage company specializing in shipping sensitive research materials such as biological samples, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other items for companies like Merck and The University of Texas were under fire to get their hands on a cloud-based archiving solution. Their load has increased so much that it becomes impossible to archive all this data in an internal database system.

CargoTrans is now looking to move 60 million emails per year from Gmail and Yahoo! Mail accounts to the cloud with email archiving solutions.

Archive migration can be complex: [email protected]

For some sending unstructured information into the cloud using an email archiving service seems complicated. This problem was experienced by many organizations when they started to move their email archives into the cloud.

For example, archive emails at University College London required data transfer contractors for about eight weeks. The result was that research materials were missed because researchers could not access their information after the migration was complete. [email protected] is now working with a new email archiving service provider to resolve this problem and increase the speed of data delivery

[email protected] received two quotes from different providers, both under £30 per user per year. However, Newsmart's quote stood out because it provided additional functionality without increasing costs.

Eight critical features for your Email Archiving Solution

1. Instant and non-disruptive installation: The more quickly you get up and running, the better. After all, who wants to spend time and money on a new system that will only have to be changed shortly?

2. High performance: If your emails are being archived too slowly or if the existing system is not powerful enough to meet your needs, it's time for an upgrade. It would be best to always look at what performance level your provider can offer before signing any agreements.

3. Complete data governance: Data sovereignty is crucial when archiving sensitive information in foreign countries and complying with strict security measures in different jurisdictions around the world.

4. Scalable storage space: How much storage capacity does your organization need? Will this change over time? You need to know when your storage needs are likely to change so that you can carry out a detailed analysis of the archiving system's ability to meet these demands.

5. Guaranteed data security: Who/what is responsible for data protection? The provider should have an effective security protocol whether the information is stored locally or externally.

6. Transparency, both in terms of costs and functionality: You must see what additional features are available at which prices and what functions are included without extra cost.

7. Good email search function: The internal mail server was not built for searching through emails, but this feature is one of the most important criteria because it contributes mainly to usability and productivity.

8. Customer service & technical support: Sometimes things go wrong, and you need access to staff who can help immediately.

Early adopters of cloud-based email archiving solutions

The University of Texas at Austin has been using the services of a significant provider for its email archiving project since 2009. In addition to cost savings, there are two main reasons why they chose to use an external provider: 1) because the system is very scalable and 2) because many users keep their accounts open all year round, whereas UT Austin only needed a solution for a fixed period each summer when the total load was on their servers. Unfortunately, this brought considerable costs regarding hardware capacity upgrades or additional licenses.

In addition, researchers will no longer have to worry about missing important emails or documents since archived items are immediately searchable.

For similar reasons, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) archives its emails with the same service provider.

[email protected] chose New smart

[email protected] decided to opt for email archiving service provider New innovative because their initial quote was £30 per user per year cheaper than that of other providers, and they already had several satisfied customers in mind who were using Newsmart's products successfully. In addition to this, New smart offered eight key features that delivered an effective email archiving solution: 1) instant installation, 2) high performance, 3) complete data governance, 4) scalable storage space, 5) guaranteed data security, 6) transparency 7) a good email search function 8) customer service & technical support.

[email protected] will be managing their new email archiving system in-house, but if the university decides to outsource it later, there are many providers to choose from.

Email Compliance - Specific Regulations to Comply With

The UK Data Protection Act states that all companies holding personal data must have a means of protecting this information from loss or theft, as well as a secure disposal method. The UK Data Protection Act is concerned with compliance rather than retention periods in email archiving. However, it mandates that emails containing personal data be securely disposed of because they are considered sensitive under the act.

In North America, healthcare organizations are governed by a separate set of regulations: HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Implementing an effective email management solution will ensure compliance with HIPAA requirements, designed to protect electronically protected health information (ePHI) email communication containing patient records.

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR), the US department enforcing HIPAA requirements, has imposed sanctions on entities that fail to follow these guidelines. Failure to comply can result in severe penalties, including hefty fines and corrective action plans.

Email archiving is also mandatory for all companies subject to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). After several high-profile data breaches at major corporations, this legislation was introduced to avert future incidents. SOX contains 11 key sections to promote transparency, accuracy, and integrity across financial markets, including email archiving.

Gregory FCA warns about using open source software for your email archiving solution.

There are several notable alternatives for open source email archiving software. Still, Gregory FCA warns against adopting these services due to serious security vulnerabilities. Instead, they advise clients to use a closed source solution provided by a reputable service provider rather than assembled from open-source code – as this will offer an effective way to secure data integrity and compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

New smart for Universities

New innovative's products are ideal for universities that need an enterprise-class scalable system that can handle vast quantities of data, is easy to manage, and has a guaranteed high search speed. In addition, it offers instant installation, complete data governance, and guarantees regulatory compliance with IT policies such as HIPAA or SOX.

The email archiving solution offered by New smart's product suite can be easily adapted to meet the specific requirements of universities in North America, Europe, or elsewhere in the world. Gregory FCA recommends that any educational institution with growing safety concerns about compliance should make use of this service.

What is Email Archiving

An email archiving solution is an automated system designed to capture and store all incoming and outgoing emails from one or more company email accounts for a set period (the retention period). An effective long-term storage strategy maintains data integrity even when it comes to information that cannot be reproduced, like electronic mail content. The primary purpose behind an email archiving strategy is legal compliance; its secondary benefit is an improved search function.

Email Compliance

Email compliance refers to the ability of an email archiving service provider to meet the regulatory requirements of its clients. These include complying with information privacy laws, including HIPAA or SOX.

Shortcomings in Email Archiving Solutions

An open-source solution may be cheaper than other commercial alternatives. Still, Gregory FCA warns against this because system administrators usually create these community-developed solutions rather than professional coders. This results in software being vulnerable to attack and has little support from a dedicated support team should problems arise. The owner of open-source data is also at risk of losing proprietary rights over their intellectual property if they rely on conventional open source systems.

The other drawback is that there's no way of interacting with different sources since open-source software is not vendor-specific. As a result, there will be no way of integrating other functions within the system, which will lead to multiple problems when it comes to data recovery.

The Benefits of Email Archiving

Gregory FCA says that email archiving solutions are essential for companies that need to adhere to laws such as HIPAA or SOX in their search for regulatory compliance. Data integrity is the primary benefit of using a mail server archiving strategy; however, there are several other benefits associated with this type of service:

• Improved search functions, enabling employees (or lawyers) to identify information quickly;

• Improved company security, since there's less risk of confidential business information getting out;

• Enhanced internal communication due to the system's ability to facilitate automated notifications of data archiving changes or new messages.

Comprehensive functionality is another critical benefit of email archiving solutions since they enable users to integrate their emails with a wide range of different functions – from CRM, HRM, and accounting software to web-based apps designed for knowledge sharing and social collaboration.

8 Must-Haves in Email Archiving Solutions

According to Gregory FCA, several features must be present in an email communication archiving solution. They include:

• Compliance with industry regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, and California SB 1386;

• A built-in high-speed search engine;

• Full data governance capabilities – from user profiles to automatic notifications of new messages or changes within a database;

• The ability to easily integrate emails with back-office systems, including CRM, HRM, accounting software, and knowledge sharing tools;

• Robustness – users need a system that performs reliably without downtime even when the company experiences heavy traffic or other problems on its network.

Email Archiving Solutions - To Or Not To Be

An email archiving solution is not a requirement for complying with industry regulations. However, it does facilitate the implementation of compliance by storing essential emails in one single location that can be easily accessed. An email archive will also give organizations access to historical data they might need for audits or litigation purposes.

The bottom line is that every organization should implement an email archiving strategy to reduce risk and improve user productivity within their organization. It will also help companies comply with privacy laws without much trouble since all pertinent information is stored centrally in a secure database accessible only by authorized personnel using advanced search functions based on keywords or parameters such as sender, recipient, keywords in the message etc.

Store Your Business Data Wisely and Securely

At Gregory FCA, we take security and privacy seriously. That's why we developed the secure data storage and transfer solutions your business needs to keep sensitive information away from prying eyes while providing you with all of the benefits that come with cloud computing technology such as on-demand anytime access, virtually unlimited capacity, automatic backups, and geographic redundancy.

Security features in Microsoft Exchange Online Archiving:

• Data in transit: encrypted at rest: encrypted

• Authentication: includes multi-factor authentication and is compliant with Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) requirements 

• Threat management: includes anti-spam, antivirus, and antiphishing controls

• Data loss prevention: identifies sensitive data and protects it from leaving the organization via email or files shared outside the organization. The DLP feature also detects information that has been copied or printed to a local device or transmitted on a local area network before being sent out of the organization.

Data Retention

Enforcement of a company's retention rules is crucial for organizations that need to adhere to regulatory compliance policies such as SOX, HIPAA, Basel II, Dodd-Frank, FERPA, PCI DSS. Gregory FCA provides complete life-cycle management with unmatched security and legal discovery controls for managing content in your email archiving solution. Controls include holding/upholding policies with configurable expiration dates based on business rules, data loss prevention to prevent unintended removal of data from active mailboxes, complete audit tracking to track who moved or deleted email messages or when they were moved or deleted.

Data compliance is critical when it comes to email archiving services. It is especially essential in organizations subject to regulatory standards such as HIPAA, SOX, Basel II, Blackouts Regulations (FERPA), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI), and others.

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