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The World Economic Forum lists data breaches and cyber-attacks as the most significant global threat for 2020. E-mail is still a viral vector in the business world for sabotage. However, the importance of using email security practices is inadequate, mainly because almost every company relies heavily on the channel to communicate daily. Cybercriminals could easily exploit the hidden weaknesses in company-wide email security by exploiting distributed and targeted attacks, malicious URLs, other malware, and ransomware, as well as team member errors.

Best practice #1 – Improve your endpoint and email security hygiene

Many companies still rely on basic inbound and outbound email security best practices such as password-protecting emails and creating a culture in which employees must be aware of what is allowed and prohibited in their environment, including protecting sensitive data.

IT managers should configure spam filters and antivirus software to protect against malware that can spread through spam mail or phishing when it comes to endpoint threat protection. In addition, Authenticode code signing will help ensure the authenticity of the software you install.

If you are concerned about your email security

Email security is a huge issue. We're here to help you protect yourself and your business from cyberattacks, phishing, spoofing, spamming, spying, and more! Our team of experts will work with you to ensure that only the intended recipient can read the emails sent by your company. That way, no one else can access sensitive information or use it for their gain.

If you want to know how we do it – just ask us! You can contact our support team at any time if you have questions about our services or would like a free consultation. We'll be happy to answer all of them in detail, so there are no surprises regarding implementation. And remember – we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans! So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Tell me the importance of email security.

Email security is the process of ensuring that the intended recipient only accesses the email you send. Email security aims to protect private or confidential information from being seen by unintended recipients via phishing, spoofing, spamming, spying, virus attacks, and other cyberattacks.

Best practice #2 – Implement a secure e-mail gateway

A single company can have several different email servers configured differently depending on which department they handle their mails. Hence it becomes essential for companies to implement a centralized policy based on business needs to use proper practices for sending out emails. According to ZDNET, before implementing an e-mail security solution, it's also vital to ask yourself two questions: "What kind of email security measures are in place at the secure email gateway? The level of security your organization requires. An email has become an integral part of any business setup. You can use email rules to block or allow specific messages based on the specifications you have given.

Best practice #3 – Use email encryption tools

Many countries worldwide face advanced email threats from nation-state cyberattacks, which often occurs via phishing emails containing malware, ransomware, and spear-phishing emails. As a result, it becomes vital for employees to encrypt their sensitive information before sending them via organizational email systems. There are various email encryption tools available that offer end-to-end protection while accessing content inside the body of an email message.

Best practice #2 – Protect your email content with encryption

According to eSecurity Planet, email content is exposed during transmission and saved on servers. Using encryption for email content offers the confidentiality and privacy of data at rest and in transit. These can include IMAP or POP3 which are protocols used for receiving, organizing, and synchronizing emails on devices such as laptops and mobile phones.

Best practice #4 – Avoid using free webmail services

Webmail providers like Hushmail and Gmail offer end-to-end security without having access to your customer data. We all know that organizations handle sensitive information about their customers; we, therefore, need an open standard we can trust – ENCRYPT – "Ensuring Requirement for Cryptography." The platform makes sure that the email security systems in the United States are not compromised.

Best practice #5 – Identify and implement best practices for network segmentation

Network segmentation is an essential requirement for companies today to effectively deal with phishing attacks where hackers can quickly access sensitive company data through one compromised system. Additionally, it's essential to install multi-factor authentication mechanisms like intelligent tokens, which provide strong authentication by using two or more factors such as something you have, something you know, or something you are (biometric) that users could use to gain access into their accounts and business email compromise.

According to eSecurity Planet, organizations need to create an isolated network away from crucial business servers through strict firewall rules. For example, sensitive information should not be stored on the same server as customer data. Furthermore, your email security solution should implement strict access control rules to make sure emails are stored in a secure sandbox with multi-factor authentication mechanisms that protect data at rest and data in motion.

Last but not least, companies must opt for encryption tools that offer end-to-end encryption if they want to ensure their network is protected from advanced threats without impacting team member productivity. This way organizations can continue offering services through their websites while ensuring employees don't accidentally send or receive confidential content because of simple mistakes or misconfigurations within the organization's network environment.

Benefits of Email Security for Enterprises

To have a secure email service, several different benefits come from it. One of the most obvious benefits is that it can help protect and secure an organization's data and information:

It also means that you will be able to save money because you won't constantly be replacing devices or having to deal with costly security breaches:

One of the main reasons why people use email security for any type of business is because it can protect both internal and external systems:

Solutions Providers for Email Security

As mentioned previously eSecurityPlanet has created a list of top 10 providers who offer an automated email encryption solution to their customers. The following companies were chosen based on what they provide in terms of encryption, DLP software, threat intelligence, support capabilities, and cloud security.

Importance of email security

Email is a significant platform built to give people the ability to send messages from one point to another. However, email has been shown over the years that it has become relatively easy for attackers and intruders to steal information through emails or use them in ways that can cause severe damage. For any business to be successful in today's world they need to make sure their network environments are secure and protected from all types of potential security breaches.

The top 3 benefits of using email security:

1. It can help protect your company's data and information. This is extremely important in terms of having a secure network environment because when you have access to sensitive information, hackers might make phishing attempts to steal it from you, costing your organization a lot of money.

2. It can save your company a lot of money in the long run because it will ensure that you don't continuously need to replace costly devices or constantly deal with security breaches. This is an important aspect to consider when it comes to protecting and securing your business's network environment because not only will it help lower costs, but it will give you peace of mind knowing that your organization's systems and data are protected from all types of potential security threats.

3. Email security also works by providing end-to-end encryption, which means you won't have to worry about hackers stealing information through emails or using them in ways that could cause severe damage. With of email encryption, organizations can make sure their network environment is adequately protected without impacting team member productivity.

Email security solutions are critical because they provide a secure platform for employees to utilize when it comes to communicating and sending information from one point to another. The days of insecure emails should be long gone and companies need to make sure their network environments are secure and protected from all types of potential threats or breaches. With this in mind, you can rest assured that using email security will give your business the protection it needs without having any profound impact on productivity within your organization, which makes them such a fantastic choice for businesses everywhere.

Secure email against threats others miss!

Also, depending on the size of your network environment, you might need a secure email solution that provides you with all types of different features and benefits - such as spam protection, data loss prevention (similar to email encryption), and even anti-virus protection. However, many different providers offer these types of services, which is why it's important to make sure you choose one that has a good history in terms of providing customers with effective solutions

Specialists on our digital marketplace offer a various range of email security services such gas:

  • Email server security
  • Email encryption
  • Antispam
  • Cloud email security

Our digital marketplace has plenty of security specialists. We offer a wide choice of Web Application Security specialists that provide the perfect solutions for threat scans for all inbound and outbound emails. Also, they can prevent your sensitive files from being sent with data loss. Find experts who can secure email with special prevention tools to keep all the information safe from any intrusion on our digital marketplace. Besides, you can get high-quality spam protection from unwanted content.

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