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If you are facing difficulties in keeping up with your current embedded software workload, our professional development marketplace, Geolance, is ready to help you carry your projects from idea to final product. We offer either full-circle embedded solutions or provide experienced professionals to join your team.

Our skillful developers have huge expertise in building low-level software and advanced embedded applications. We understand all ins and outs of the implementation of embedded technologies that you need for creating the drivers for your control systems. Also, our professionals are working with a wide range of embedded software apps including data links communications, telematics, bootloaders, and real-time operating systems. Besides, we specialize in the development of embedded systems in automobiles.

Geolance development experts specialize in:

• Development & Design of embedded system testing and software, communication protocols, device drivers, and service tools for different industries

• The optimization of embedded software design and improvement of general performance 

• Low-level programming and real-time operating systems, development, and embedded system testing

• Embedded solutions for safety-critical operations with reliability

Professional optimization of embedded software 

Our inclusive design and development approach of embedded software will ensure producing of your products in a more successful, efficient and reliable way. Our embedded system company uses an interdisciplinary approach and also creates an adapted plan that perfectly fits your unique project needs, and aims. 

We offer only an individual approach to each project and follow a special four-phase system to help your project succeed. You can see a detailed explanation of all its stages below.

Gathering of the requirements:

Our professional developers will analyze your current embedded software needs and discuss your development goals. Also, we will make a clear and effective plan of action. 

Creating a unique design:

During this stage, we will work on creating an actual design and solving all affiliated needs. 

Solutions implementation:

We will create the design and implement it into your company system.

Software testing:

To make sure that the design works properly and to increase reliability, we will do detailed software embedded testing. This process will ensure that all software that has been integrated into your overall system is working perfectly.

If you want to implement embedded technology in your business or life, you should find the right real-time embedded software engineer jobs or a team to use modern technologies in your favor.

Geolance embedded software developers have technical expertise in:

  • Technology

• OS - Windows CE, Nucleus, OSE, QNX, PalmOS, Symbian, pSOS, VxWorks, BeRTOS, VxWorks LynxOS, ThreadX, PikeOS, OpenWrt, eCos, Nucleus RTOS, RTEMS, Fusion RTOS, INTEGRITY, QNX, uC/OS, FreeBSD, and the latest ones.

• Processors - Motorola, Intel, SPARC, Intel, ARM, DSP, Network Processor, IDT, and so on.

  • Protocols

• IP - DHCP, FTP, PPP, SMTP, Mobile IP, 

• Wireless – ZigBee, Wireless LANs, Bluetooth,

  • Programming Languages

• C, C++, ANSI C, MFC, STL, Objective C, Qt, Assembler, GCC, Python, .NET, HDL, Java EE, Java, VC++, PHP, C#, Perl and so on 

  • Hardware

• Network processor expertise - Vitesse, Intel IXP series, Mindspeed, Agere Payload, Motorola C-Port C5, Clearwater, Hitachi, ARM9/11/Cortex, TI OMAP, MIPS,

• Processor expertise - ARM7 DMI, Intel x86, Freescale, Intel microcontrollers, Intel network processors, Renesas, Xscale architecture devices, 


• Device drivers, BSP, firmware, bootloaders, diagnostics

• Video, multimedia including audio, speech and imaging components, FireWire, USB, UART

• Telematics, automotive networks, 

• DPLL, DTMF decoders equalizers, comfort noise, VAD,

Combining our embedded systems engineer’s personal skills and project experience we have garnered precious expertise in a number of application areas, hardware types, and domains:

  • Solutions based on embedded Linux 
  •  Embedded programming for microcontrollers
  • Digital signal processing
  • Data exchange between    
  • Firmware for different electronic devices
  • M2M Solutions and Connected Devices
  • HID device design with HMI
  • System-on-chip embedded software development services
  • Cross-platform applications and software development
  • Drivers and BSP (Linux, Windows, mobile platforms)
  • Firmware for storage devices
  • Products SDK development
  • Embedded software engineering development outsourcing
  • Products maintenance
  • Embedded software testing
  • Integration with third-party technologies
  • Technical support
  • Embedded Product & Industrial Design Services
  • Embedded systems applications development services
  • Embedded File Systems Development Services

We have expertise in industrial automation development solutions, wearable applications development, and consumer electronics. Geolance’s embedded software engineers have also created competent connectivity solutions appropriate for the automotive industry and provided hardware and software testing. 

We serve in such industries:

  • Automotive

Developing trustworthy and pioneering automotive embedded systems and solutions that are compliant with the strictest standards of the automotive industry. 

  • Aviation Technology

As a professional embedded development company, we are cooperating with aviation technology companies, airports, and airlines on ultra-modern embedded projects for growing their operational effectiveness.

  • Manufacturing

We create efficient embedded solutions for international industrial manufacturing companies. They help them to accelerate business digitalization and modernize operations.

  • Hi-Tech

Our embedded developer's design and create next-generation embedded apps for leaders in high-tech to help businesses to stay at the head of the innovation process

  • Energy

Geolance leverage the possibilities of embedded development and computer systems to deliver innovative solutions for the energy sector.

Our embedded developers use only modern, efficient technologies that ensure high quality, reliability, and best performance. 

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