Faucet Installation and Repair


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Have you decided to install your sink rather than hire someone else to do so? A bathroom or kitchen sink is the most common. Of course, there are several types of mixer and installation methods to consider.

When choosing a new design, your choices are endless, and with so many different types on offer, you will likely find one to suit your taste. For example, there is no reason not to match a sinker in a bathroom with a mixer in the kitchen.

However, be careful – if it is a new installation – consider whether the acquisition of mixer and sinker is compatible. In most cases, you can install just one or the other depending on your needs. For example, if you choose a modern leaky faucet with pull-out spray, this model usually has a stiff hose, making it very easy to clean the sink and its surroundings.

Suppose you have decided to install a kitchen sink; you will notice several options for choosing the mixer. First, there is the choice of having only one faucet repair or two separate ones for hot water and cold water. It also depends on what you need and how often you want to use both water supplies (such as when cooking or rinsing dishes etc.).

Usually, two separate faucets make it easy to place the mixer in a position where you can use it comfortably – especially if one of them is slightly higher than the other. As a result, it allows you to work more effectively and efficiently.

Moving on to the installation, there are two main ways: it can be plumbed in and fitted with a copper pipe, and if you want to use a single-hole sink, then this method is generally more straightforward. Your mixer and sinker may come in one pack or design and be easier for you to install. If not, you can work it out by asking someone who is an expert in plumbing to help you.

About the types of faucet models, there are two choices: modern or traditional. Traditional styles are recognizable by their design and character. They are characterized by having separate handles that must be turned separately to control hot or cold water.

This type is usually recommended if you have children in the house. It prevents them from being scalded with boiling water when someone else turns on the hot water tap.

Modern faucet cartridges are more comfortable, easier to use and practical. They allow you to control both taps using one handle. In addition, the mixer is activated by moving your wrist in a circular movement, which is very practical when using both water supplies.

Suppose you have just one dripping kitchen faucet and a hole in the sink. In that case, it is advisable to choose a modern design because they are generally lighter and better designed for single-hole installation. If you do not know what type of mixer and sinker will look best with your chosen model, you can always visit a specialist who will show you different styles.

Types of faucet and faucet repair

Single handle mixer with extended spout for a modern look in one place

It is a single handle mixer with a modern design and extended spout for easy cleaning. The mechanical or ceramic cartridge mechanism, depending on the type of faucet installed in the kitchen.

In most cases, this faucet model will be ideal for installation in one place because it allows you to control both water supplies at once. However, the mixer tap provides water with a lower temperature than the original state due to the aerator. In addition, mixer taps are equipped with anti-splash stop valves, which prevent the formation of splashes when water flows out.

Mixer tap with pull-out spray is equipped with a flexible arm that allows you to move the spout assembly in any direction and easily clean other parts of your sink. In addition, it can be turned into a stationary entire faucet valve stem position by closing the pull-out head.

The mixer tap is equipped with an additional spray function that provides water with a higher temperature than the original state due to the aerator positioned inside it. In addition, mixer taps are equipped with anti-splash stop valves, which prevent the formation of splashes when water flows out.

Carefully follow all safety instructions for installing your mixing equipment. A professional plumber with experience in bathroom design and construction is your best resource for faucet repair if you are unsure about what to do. You can also ask your friends or family members for recommendations on plumbers they trust.

To begin, you'll need the following equipment to attach the faucet:

We start by double-checking the hot and cold tap water for operation. Next, we turn off the tap in the apartment or house.

The next step is to cut off the water supply from the mains. You can use either a double-handled key or pliers to turn the water cut-off valves, usually located just under the sink. The next step must be removed if it is for both caster and existing taps. If only one of two, you can start with them first. You next need to remove the old faucets themselves from your sink. This can be done either with a wrench or by using the grips of the pliers.

In some cases, you may have to remove an existing mixer tap assembly from its place. In this case, unscrew the screws that attach it to your sink and pull it out. Be careful! Loosen, but do not remove anything yet.

In the pipes' holes, we place mechanical water supply purification filters. Next, the eccentrics are secured using a 150-millimetre distance between them. Check this setting against a bubble level to ensure that the oddities are correctly spaced. After that, we attach the faucet to its horizontal position.

The taps are not equipped with supply lines. These must be purchased separately and brought to the water supply purification point. They can use three different types of pipe:

If you choose flexible piping, you will need two 15-millimetre connections and a compression ring for each faucet. Take care that these parts fit correctly; otherwise, your installation will leak.

We must then open the faucet to attach these tubes. You can do it by turning the diverter valve at the bottom of the tap, just above its base, in a counterclockwise direction.

Then secure tubing with a hose clamp. Make sure there are no leaks in your installation before proceeding further! Then turn on the water supply slowly. If there are no leaks, proceed with the next step.

The last part is to attach the sprayer hose with its accompanying holder tap assembly if they are compatible. Attach it by screwing in a clockwise direction. Our job is finished!

You can then turn on the water supply and check for leaks before using the sink.

The decorative cups on the eccentrics conceal where the faucet will be attached to the main water line. After removing the tap from the oddities, we replace seals to allow water flow. Finally, we secure the connection nuts by placing a piece of fabric beneath the key to avoid scuffing the chrome-plated finish.

We then attach the faucet to the eccentrics and turn it clockwise – it is tight enough with hand pressure.

Now we can screw on our new faucet. We use a wrench or pliers. If you use one of these, you must tighten the nut as much as possible before using a second wrench to tighten the nut a bit more. It is essential not to over-tighten because it can damage or even snap off the nipple. In this case, you will have to return to step 2.

The next step is adjusting the height of our faucet by turning the retaining ring counterclockwise and pulling it out from its diverter valve seat in the faucet.

The hand shower is held by a metal clip that can detach it when you pull the hose underneath.

Our final step is to insert our hand shower holder into its diverter valve seat at the base of the faucet by rotating counterclockwise and tightening with a wrench or pliers again. To reduce water supply consumption, water-saving devices can be attached easily at the end of the tap.

Check that your faucet handle is working correctly before you use it!

Water flow Conservation Tip: Turn off your tap when you are not using it, for example, while brushing teeth or shaving.

You've now had a chance to examine for yourself how simple it is to install a replacement faucet handle, and you're convinced that replacing one isn't nearly as difficult as many people claim.

With the right tools and some basic knowledge, you are now ready to save big on your water bills by repairing rather than replacing them.

What guarantees do the manufacturer provide?

Depending on the manufacturer, they may provide between 5 and 10 years of warranty for this product.

The warranty of a faucet is one year from the date of purchase. If the model has been discontinued, its guarantee is established by mutual agreement between the client and supplier.

To ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards, we test them using accredited devices in independent laboratories before shipping them to our clients.

These tests are performed under the most stringent standards and guarantee a consistent level of quality.

What is the advantage of flexible piping?

The advantage of flexible piping is that it allows you to easily change your dripping faucet if the old one breaks down without having to pay for a plumber's services.

In addition, flexible piping is more resistant to pressure than rigid piping.

Flexible piping is easier to install. However, it is often composed of black plastic, which lengthens the life of the dripping faucet handle. The two-handle cartridge faucet replacement is a process that can be completed in just five steps.

What are compression faucets?

Fix a leaky faucet that lies between two small-diameter pipes that go into the spout and handle. These thick tubes are held firmly by a collar, to which they can be tightened or loosened using an Allen wrench, depending on the movement of the handle.

These parts are attached to the dripping faucet body by tightening nuts whose colour coordinates with the collar. The valve body is composed of plastic or metal and gives out hot and cold water through two holes in its underside.

The supply tubing goes through one hole, while a tube behind the second hole is bent downward to form a "J" shape.

This curved tube is pressed against the metal through which hot and cold water is flowing by applying compression force, hence its name.

The entire mechanism is under pressure when the fixed leaky faucet handle is in its central position; when it is turned counterclockwise, the tubing inside compresses, which causes the water to flow.

The advantage of this leaky faucet handle is that it requires no tools to install. It also does not contain any ceramic parts and is more resistant to pressure than other models.

A plunger faucet body is composed of a thick ring that closes the opening of the tap, which can be opened or closed by activating an attached arm or lever.

The handle may be located next to the spout or at its center. This leaky faucet spout is found primarily in European bathrooms and requires more pressure than other ceramic disc faucets.

This pressure makes it necessary to use a leaky faucet with a deep basin to avoid splattering water once the tap has been opened fully.

What are aerators?

Aeration is a process that uses air to mix with water to break the surface tension of the liquid and make it easier to wash. This system consists of a round cap with an intake hole at its center and a screen-like cover at its outer edge.

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