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Hire Local Professionals for Food Delivery & Pickup

Geolance is an on-demand platform that connects customers with local couriers who can pick up any item from any store or restaurant and deliver it directly at home or office within 30 minutes. It’s a fast, easy, reliable & affordable solution for all kinds of deliveries – whether groceries or dry cleaning; flowers or medicine; lunch break snacks or urgent documents; birthday gifts or pet supplies! With our app available on both iOS & Android platforms - we make ordering as simple as possible, so there’s no more waiting around for hours just because someone forgot about your order!

We know how important every minute is when trying to get things done quickly, so we always try our best to offer quick solutions without compromising quality. With our talented team of professionals, we will get anything delivered to you before the food gets cold. To make it happen, all you need to do is post a project with us and find the best professionals in your area for food delivery!

Sizing the Market

In 2018 and 2019, Australia has expanded its largest delivery market by twice the same rate, but the number was up nearly twofold. This increased expansion continued into 2021 at a rate that grew from 80% to 45% faster than during 2018. Before the disaster destroyed thousands of restaurants in the U.S. a year ago, the industry rose by 3-4% each year. Delivery sales grew by a third of the year. More than half was driven attributable to consumer sentiment in grocery sales. During this time, the average restaurant was expected to grow by 9%, with most of them taking up around 4% of the year.

Food delivery service has been on the rise for a long time and not just for the people who like to order in. Some individuals do not have the time to prepare dinner for themselves after a tiring day at work. They have no choice but to order a meal and enjoy fine dining at home. On the other hand, some people are good at cooking but do not like the taste of their recipes, so they find the nearest restaurant with multiple cuisine types on the menu and order food to enjoy with their family.

Emerging Delivery Battlegrounds

Delivering meals seems easy; that's why most people do it. However, the small-business market has become a highly competitive battleground for companies like Uber EATS, Bite Squad, DoorDash, GrubHub, and Postmates. Since many food delivery apps claim to offer the fastest deliveries at the lowest prices, they get more and more traffic every day, eventually failing to fulfill what they promise. Their claims of having their own personal fleet and high-quality service can be found useless since they lack the necessary human resources. This means that it takes a lot of time before food can actually be delivered to the customer.

In fact, some companies hire people with cars to do the deliveries themselves. This leads to a lot of wasted time and gas, not to mention potential accidents when working without proper training. A separate food delivery service is a better alternative, especially if you can find professionals on a trusted platform, like Geolance. We connect you with the nearest food delivery service professionals who can deliver your food within the shortest amount of time and at the best price. No matter how much food you order, we can help you deliver it quickly and efficiently.

New Opportunities and Untapped Revenue Pools

As the fashion of eating evolves, new sources of revenue have emerged. For this to be possible, it takes inventive thinking and the ability to change operating plans built from different timescales. Delivery services for restaurants and groceries have untapped revenue potential, as most businesses now understand. That's why they are trying to improve their customer service for food delivery. Customers are looking for the best experience possible when spending money to purchase something. In the food delivery service industry, there are a few primary methods for doing business:

A. You can place an order at one restaurant and then deliver the food to a different restaurant.

B. You can place an order at one restaurant, wait for it to be prepared, and then deliver the food to a different restaurant.

C. You can place an order at one restaurant, wait for it to be prepared, and then deliver the food to yourself or someone else in your vehicle.

D. You can place an order at multiple restaurants and have all of them delivered with a single call to a delivery service.

E. You can place an order at multiple restaurants and do both A and B.

Let's say that your restaurant (R) and a grocery store (G) are both under the same corporation (C). There is plenty of revenue potential for this type of arrangement to be successful by selling groceries via R and selling restaurant delivery services to G. When everything is set up, this will make for a very profitable business. Delivery is the fastest-growing revenue pool for food delivery, but it's also one of the most difficult types of service to offer. You have to be very strategic about the location of your restaurant and grocery store and how you staff your delivery fleet.

Individual Meals

There is not much to prepare for people who live alone in terms of food. If you are a good cook, you can prepare your meal plan once a week and enjoy recipes of your choice. But if you do not have the cooking talent, you can order the best dinner from different restaurants in the city every day. What matters most, in this case, is the speed of your delivery. It is a good idea to record all the restaurants you have ordered from, whenever their service has been lacking or excellent. You can also leave comments about these restaurants so that other users who might want to order from them will know what exactly they should expect later on.

Some big cities also have options to order ready-made meals for the entire week. Some companies offer these services. You have to cook for two minutes by popping your meals in the microwave, and they are ready to be served. It is an ideal solution for busy people who are always on the run, but it also prompts them to eat food that is not healthy. So remember, if you are ordering low-quality ready-made meals every day, make sure you get some exercise every day too!

Office Orders

Some consumers wish to deliver their food at the office and save a trip to the nearest restaurant. Our services allow such individuals to get their food delivered quickly without spending too much time. Employees can be more productive and satisfied knowing that delicious food is waiting for them at the office. This also allows you to get something healthy without having to go out. A common challenge faced by people who are not used to food delivery are consuming more than what is required. Therefore, it is important to keep a record of their food habits and patterns to assist them better.

Our food delivery professionals are highly skilled, and we understand the importance of safe and secure deliveries. We always ensure that our special customers eat well without compromising any items. You can rest assured that our service is high quality and you will not come across any issues when ordering from us. Your only concern should be where to get your favourite food delivered. It is also possible that you are planning a party or any other social occasion and you want everyone to eat something great.

Fast Food Delivery

Many people enjoy fast food every once in a while. It is quite common for kids to ask their parents to order some burgers and fries when they are out with friends at the mall or cinema hall. This is an ideal solution for young adults who like to experience different cuisines available in fast-food joints. First of all, you need to know that numerous types of foods can easily become cold. Such dishes like salads or sandwiches should not be chosen when you want to order food quickly. Foods like pizza (with meat toppings), baked beans, or chips can keep their heat much longer than other foods. So try choosing one of these, if it's possible!

When you order your meal at the restaurant, just ask them to pack everything separately. For example, ask them not to put ketchup or mayonnaise packets in the bag with chips. Request them to give your food in separate boxes. If you are ordering fried chicken, make sure that there isn't any sauce or dressing on it - they should pack all extra sauces separately. This way, you will make sure that nothing leaks onto other things you ordered.

Ordering beverages along with your food can be a bit tricky, though. Try asking for cups and straws when placing an order at the counter (if such an option is available). You can also add some beverage items later when you get home and set up the table. It's better if your drink comes in cans! There is less chance of spillage this way compared to you ordering juice in a glass bottle. Don't choose foods that are supposed to be served cold when you want something delivered quickly. It is worth spending a little more time ordering your food and waiting for delivery instead.

Meals to Be Shared

Do you have team meals planned but no place delivering on time? Nothing is more frustrating than when you're craving an excellent dish, and the restaurant just won't deliver. You wait for hours and still nothing. No need to worry since we can help you deliver meals quickly with our food delivery service professionals! Our delivery professionals are trained to deliver food quickly, so hurry and place your orders properly.

We guarantee you that our team will have everything delivered on time no matter what. When the deliveries have been confirmed, all you have to do is sit back and wait for your food to be served. You can even track your meals if you want through our website. Not only will we provide the food fresh and hot, but also help you deliver it on time! Why wait when you can have your favourite dish in minutes! Trust us when we say you won't regret having our service. Do you want your meal delivered to your doorstep? Our food delivery service professionals will make sure that your food will arrive at you as fresh as it can be.


Geolance helps customers have delicious food delivered to their homes or office quickly without having to wait in line at restaurants. We will provide great service for customers, delivering good-tasting fast food to them with the option of providing quality and speedy service. With us, you will get great service and save yourself from having to wait in line at restaurants! All this without sacrificing quality or taste - we promise! It’s easy too – just place an order with your favourite restaurant and post a project with Geolance to quickly find the nearest delivery person. We’ll do the rest!

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