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Transportation services are important for companies who work in international trade. But without the help of the right freight forwarders, it isn't easy to smoothly transport cargo and maintain a structured logistics service. Sometimes, outsourcing is the best way to leave no impact on your supply chain and get help from shipping companies for international transportation. International freight forwarders are better for many reasons, and one of them is their knowledge of cargo-related stuff, like cargo insurance and international freight forwarder regulations.

Hiring a freight company specializing in customs brokerage services, legal freight forwarding, and transport logistics can be helpful. You won't have to keep worrying about the cargo if you hire international ocean freight forwarders. Even with air cargo, you can rest assured that the shipping company will do its best to ship the cargo unharmed. But for that, you need professionals in freight forwarder services, and we have got you covered!

Hire Local Professionals for Forwarder Services

Are you looking for a freight forwarder? Geolance offers the best freight forwarding services in the business. We employ freight cargo operators who have over ten years of experience shipping cargo worldwide. Our team of experts will work with you to develop a customized logistics plan that meets your needs and budget. We can help you with all your freight forwarding needs, whether international ocean freight, air freight, overland transportation, customs brokerage, or warehousing.

Leave the hassle of international transportation to us – we're experts in the field. You can focus on what you do best, and we'll take care of getting your cargo where it needs to go. We will deliver your cargo on time and to the highest quality specifications. We are with you for every step of your journey. No matter what cargo service you need, Geolance has the right freight forwarder for you. Trust us to handle your logistics needs and see how smoothly your supply chain can be.

What Does a Freight Forwarder Actually Do?

Freight forwards work as intermediaries between the company that wants to ship products and the final destination of the goods. They do not transport the shipments themselves, but they offer different modes of transportation to make the process as easy as possible. Using freight forwarders is better than shipping goods on your own because they have trusted contacts. As they offer different modes for shipping, they develop good working relationships with their carriers and partners. It helps them get the best prices for freight forwarding services.

Many forwarders are also capable of handling complete logistics projects, including import and export clearance, documentation requirements, etc. Freight forwarding companies provide services not only for sea transportation or air transport but also road transport. Some small shipments require less complicated delivery methods, for example, ground shipping. It is usually more economical to use a freight forwarder for this type of shipment due to the amount of savings in international shipping costs through their network.

LCL (Less than Container Load)

With regard to sea shipment - LCL (Less than Container Load) means that one large container holds several smaller shipments from different people and companies. The parties share transportation costs and increase their chances of finding partners for future business transactions by only placing a single shipment on a container. It is very common for cargo to be stored onboard the vessel until it's full, thus increasing the time between origin and destination.

Cargo is then delivered to a shipping port where it is consolidated with other cargo and loaded into a container. This allows for a cost-effective solution of shipping goods from different sources to a single destination. International shippers obtain space on a container vessel through consolidators and obtain door-to-door service for cargo destined for an overseas destination. Consolidators provide all-inclusive quotes for the service and include the port of origin, ocean freight forwarding, door delivery to destination. Transportation costs can be much less than the sum of costs quoted by individual shippers.

FCL (Full Container Load)

The term FCL (Full Container Load) means that only one party fills the container or agrees on a so-called "all in" price as well as the freight forwarding company to deliver their goods together into the container. This is the most common form of transport for larger shipments consisting of multiple packages. FCL is often used for shipments that contain a large number of small-sized packages, and that can be loaded into a 20ft or 40ft container. If you have the packaging yourself, you can usually save on the cost of packaging, whether it is a new original packaging or an intermediate bulk container (IBC) with a capacity of up to 20,000 liters.

In order to avoid the risk of losing goods due to incomplete or inaccurate packaging, a shipment of several individual packages should be sent in a large box, where each package is carefully secured. FCL is also used for shipments that consist of several individual pieces, which vary in size and shape. FCL container is packed with goods that are carefully secured against any movement. The outer box is closed with all the required documents, making it ready for transportation. This is known as "door to door" transport, which also includes customs clearance on arrival at the destination port so that you can collect your shipment anywhere in the world.

International Freight Forwarders

International freight forwarding can be tricky given the customs requirements and international trade laws. Therefore, freight forwarders specializing in international transportation services can help a lot! You can trust them to ship your goods with no hassle during the process. Freight forwarding companies that offer international service usually use ocean freight forwarder service and air cargo service. Still, the means of the ocean are more common and cheaper than air cargo service.

An international freight forwarder is a key person in the supply chain network. They can help your company ship and track goods to any country and city of your choice. There are many ways to find a reliable freight forwarding company, such as recommendations from friends or searching for one on Google. Still, you don't have to do that with Geolance because we have the directory ready to match you with the best professionals near you.

However, if you want to do more research before contracting with a freight forwarder, follow the guidelines. Check whether or not they have been in this business long enough. How long has the company been established? If you see that they have been in this industry for more than two years and attained an international A+ rating with BBB (Better Business Bureau), they must be trustworthy and experienced enough. If their goal is to offer services which can meet all your needs while keeping prices low according to your budget, yes, the company is great! It means they are interested in long-term collaboration and know how to negotiate.

Normally, freight forwarders charge for their services on both the weight and volume of the goods that are being transported. You can see this as a percentage on top of the shipping cost, which is calculated based on the actual weight or LCL (Less than Container Load) cubic meters. For example, if your shipment weighs 20 tons but fits into a 40-foot container, you will be charged on 40 tons because it is more expensive to ship a full container than just an empty one. In other words, they fill up the space so that the costs are minimized by reducing empty space.

Ocean Freight Forwarders

Ocean freight forwarders act as the coordinator of freight shipping which enables its smooth move from one port to another. The scope of work range from picking up your cargo, arranging it to be moved onboard, making sure that everything is put on the right hold and forwarded to its destination. They are the ones in charge of your cargo, so you have to trust them with it. Not all shipping companies offer forwarder services, but some provide it for their clients.

For a fee, forwarder services handle the pickup and delivery of goods from point A to point B according to your shipping needs. In short, they are paid to take care of the details. One important thing to remember is that choosing a non-licensed freight forwarder would only result in losses. Your goods might get into trouble because of improper execution or mishandling. The better choice would be to work with licensed ocean freight forwarders.

For your goods to be shipped efficiently, you need to find reliable freight forwarders who will handle every aspect of your shipping needs for you. If you are looking for local maritime shipping companies, you may want to check out Geolance. We are reliable, updated on the latest news in the industry, and have a track record of services that are guaranteed efficiency. We get updated with feeder service weekly to get updated rates for clients who need short-sea shipping or ferry routes. Geolance is your partner when it comes to finding efficient forwarding companies that will transport your goods in a timely and cost-efficient manner. It's not just our company motto, but we really mean it!

Freight Broker

A freight broker is a freight forwarder, a company that assists exporters and importers with their transportation of goods. A freight broker does not provide transportation or storage themselves but instead can offer a number of solutions to get your goods from point A to B. Before you start your search for the best freight forwarder, you must know exactly what you need. To do this, there are a few things to think about before getting in contact with them:

- Which size of shipment would be most suitable? Will your shipment require infrequent or occasional service?

- Do you need air or ocean shipping services? Or both? If so, can they provide door-to-door transportation? Will all required documents be available when needed to clear customs and make the delivery smoothly?

- Are their insurance options adequate to cover potential damages or loss during the transport process? What about general liability in case accidents damage other property than your own goods while being transported by their staff (such as a third-party's property)?

- Are there any special requirements for their international sea or air freight transport services, such as loading and unloading qualifications, required licenses, communication standards, etc.?

- What are the terms of payment? How can they accept your credit card? And if you choose to pay by bank transfer, what charges will be added to the incoming sum after deducting taxes and tariffs? These fees need to be included in your budget.

Freight Forwarding Professionals

When hiring freight forwarding professionals, usually one is concerned about high cost or unreliable quality. However, at Geolance (We provide freight forwarding services for local and international transportation to both businesses and individuals), we ensure that our customers will get both cheap prices and reliable services.

The first thing you should do is tell us what your requirements are, such as weight, size, limited time frame for delivery, etc., not just the destination country though it would be helpful. After receiving your inquiries, we will check all the possibilities regarding schedule availability and shipment sizes to find out which shipping line can fit your requirements. Then we will confirm the shipping line and cost for you as soon as possible and prepare all of your shipping documents for this shipment.

We will send you a tariff that includes all of the charges on export, import, and door-to-door delivery so that you can check them easily and promptly. After your confirmation on the tariff, we will go ahead to arrange customs clearance paperwork such as application of cargo preference or embassy letter, etc. Our experienced transportation consultants are always available to advise you about any issue concerning this shipment, such as packing strategy, labeling requirement, port arrival plan, etc. And they will be happy to assist professionally at a reasonable price.

For some urgent shipments, it's ok not to inform customers about all of these complicated procedures. Still, it's definitely essential to find out the estimated time for arrival at the destination port. We can arrange cargo pickup for most shipments within 1-3 days on average after getting your confirmation on the tariff.

As one of the leading shipping companies that provide freight forwarding services, Geolance helps customers to reduce their costs with professional services by working closely with selected carriers who are fully dedicated to serving our local customers. All employees here understand that they are obligated to solve various problems arising during shipment since they are expected to be familiar with all processes from starting a quote inquiry up until final delivery.


You can focus on what you do best, and we'll take care of getting your cargo where it needs to go. Trust Geolance to handle your logistics needs and see how smoothly your supply chain can be. We offer you unbiased, transparent, and easy-to-use navigation through the fragmented markets of the international freight forwarding industry. The platform helps importers, exporters, and logistics service providers (freight forwarders) to connect directly. So post a project with us and find the logistics service that matches your needs!

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