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People who own a house with an attractive lawn and outdoor features want to keep the area as beautiful as possible. A healthy lawn provides them with a great early morning experience to enjoy the fresh air. That's why they are ready to invest in the best lawn care they can find. Many homeowners first look for some lawn care basics and lawn care tips to ensure they are doing everything they can before hiring professionals. However, sometimes finding the experts should be the first thing to do so that you learn the best lawn care tips from them!

Despite their interest, there is so much to know about lawn care that most people do not know. The difference between cool-season grasses and warm-season grasses, finding the right grass seed for the growing season, removing weeds, etc., these small things make the lawn attractive. If you want to have a beautiful lawn at your property, we can help you find the best professionals for the job!

Hire Local Professionals for Lawn Care

Spring is right around the corner, so it's time to start thinking about your lawn care needs. Geolance offers a full range of lawn care services to meet your needs, from fertilizer and weed control to aeration and pest management. We have the experience and expertise to keep your lawn looking great. Let us take the hassle out of keeping your yard looking its best. With our comprehensive lawn care program, you can relax and enjoy your outdoor space worry-free. Post a project with us today to find the best professionals!

How to Grow a Healthy Lawn the Natural Way?

A healthy lawn requires a lot more than daily care from any homeowner. You have to find the best practices to make your life easier at perfect lawn maintenance. You have many lawn care products to consider, from finding the right grass seed to insect pests before finding the right one for your lawn. Some people go overboard and spend thousands of dollars on their lawn maintenance, deteriorating the lawn's condition.

You can avoid that by finding natural ways to ensure deep roots and nutrients for your lawn. Organic lawn care is the best way to achieve this. You can add organic compost to the soil or use mulch or cover crops. You can also water deeply and less often to encourage deeper root growth. These things will help your lawn look green and gorgeous and save you money in the long run.

Cool-Season Grasses and Warm-Season Grasses

When it comes to lawn care, there are two types of grasses: cool-season and warm-season. Cool-season grasses grow best in the spring and fall when the temperatures are mild. Some common types of cool-season grasses include Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, and rye. Warm-season grasses grow best in the summer when the temperatures are hot. Common warm-season grasses include bermudagrass, zoysia, and St. Augustine.

Geolance can provide services for the best lawn care in your area. We have a team of experienced professionals who can help you choose the right type of grass for your lawn and provide tips on how to care for it. We also offer various other lawn care services, such as mowing, edging, fertilizing, aerating, and more.

Lawn Care Mistakes to Stop Making So You Can Have Healthier Grass

Many homeowners look at many companies at the same time and pick the one with the most attractive online presence. Still, sometimes looks can be deceiving, especially when you are looking for a professional service! If you want to make sure that your garden or lawn area does not suffer at the hands of an unprofessional person, we recommend that you learn the mistakes you or the person you hire must avoid.

- Applying Weed Preventers Too Lately

Weed protectants kill crabgrass by inhibiting germinated seeds of the seeds they feed on. Applying a good application during this time of growing helps to eradicate weeds. Crabgrass generally sprouts after forsythia plants are blooming, which requires the application for early flowering to avoid further flower dropping. Avoid applying crabgrass prevents seeding lawns because it will prevent the planting of new seedlings. Are there any seeds in this field for growth? Autumn becomes a good season for planting warm grasses in early spring for warm grasses. A refreshing place to be in the cold weather.

- Aerating Your Lawn at the Wrong Time

Over time soils begin to compress with walking, or the thatch accumulates. Aerating relieves the soil by letting more moisture reach roots. If the soil gets dry, it should aerate while the grass is actively growing. Why timing is critical: It is common to aerate on damp soils when aerators do not have sufficient penetration to penetrate. Please wash the lawn after applying water, but be patient until it's clear. Ideal temperatures for aerating occur typically during spring and autumn (for cold season grass areas), but summer should still be accepted for properly watered grass.

- Not Fertilizing Your Lawn

As lawn mowing or composting takes place, the soil dries, which also means it must be fertilized. For cold seasons grass (green fescue, bluegrass and red seed grass) typically means autumn and spring. Winter grass may require maintenance from the warmer fall season, but the grass must remain covered by winter ryegrass. The end of summer and the beginning of winter are the most successful seasons for warmer grass-like Zoysiabermuda and St. Augustine. Experts say that supplying lawns with cool-season fertilization is most helpful.

- Treating Broadleaf Weeds When It's Dry

Dandelions creepings, cleaves, and clover is an all-time favourite wide leaf weed. When your grass has grown, it is best to remove any active growth. If nothing else gets wet, then it's worth it! Temperature variations also improve fluid treatment speeds. If it is very humid or hot this summer, it is best to water the grass before it rains off. The best time to apply herbicide or weed feed with tamper is early morning.

Basic Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips

Following lawn maintenance tips are worth trying to ensure a healthy lawn for all seasons!

- Water Wisely

You can abide by municipal meter water laws. Lawns in natural conditions could last much longer if you use the same method. Summer peaks dormant before being replaced by darker colours as the cooler, wet winter declines. Rain can also provide water that runs the grass nicely. If this does not happen, water very much one-time daily at night or early in the morning. Avoid watering late at night, and cooler weather can bring diseases.

- Repair Bare Spots in Your Lawn

Bare spots in the skin could be indicative of significant problems. Unless fixed, it has the potential to grow as time goes on. How to repair bare spots on the floor with your own energy might not always be so daunting, though you need help. One of the easiest ways to fix a bare spot on the floor is to purchase an area rug. This can be done relatively cheaply and will help cover up the area until you have time to address the issue permanently. If you don't want to purchase an area rug, or if that's not a viable solution for the space, you can try to repair the bare spot on the floor with some quick and easy fixes.

- Choose the Right Grass Seed for Your Lawn

All lawns will do the same. In this context, it is important to grow the right turf for your area to ensure that soil conditions are incorporated, and the proper shade conditions are in place for your grass type. Different grasses have different ideal growth temperatures, so knowing what type you have before starting a lawn care routine is essential. For example, if you live in an area where the summers are scorching, you will want to focus on watering your lawn more frequently than if you live in an area with cooler summers.


You deserve to have a beautiful lawn without all the hassle. Let Geolance take care of everything for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your yard. Geolance offers full-service lawn care so you can relax and enjoy the warmer weather. We'll take care of everything - from mowing and edging to fertilizing and weed control. Post a project with us today and get in touch with the best lawn care professionals available in your area!

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