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We can’t imagine our modern life without the novelties of technological progress, which doesn’t stand still for a moment. We can say that today the development of technical innovation is so fast that sometimes you don’t have time to buy one device, as tomorrow something already more perfect and attractive is released. All the gadgets that every one of us uses daily for recreation or entertainment have its unique software.

The basic need for each user, even the most unpretentious, is compliance with the requirements of the software, but to ensure that it works correctly, without errors and failures. The Quality Assurance Department operates to prevent such errors occurring in a product. The primary task of the QA is to check the product with a variety of methods and means and tools to meet the requirements. Just to check the performance of the primary functions that the product should meet following the requirements of functional testing. As you can see, the development of software for programmers is only one of the first stages of the software development lifecycle.

Functional testing in software testing examines the behaviour in advance and does the functional specifications analysis of the component or system as a whole.

Depending on the purpose, functional testing of software can be carried out:

Based on the functional requirements specified in the requirements specification. At the same time for executing test cases, the composition which takes into account the priority of the functions of the software, which must be covered by tests. In this way, we can make sure that all the functions being developed work correctly with different types of input data, their combinations, quantities, etc.
Based on the business processes that the application needs to provide. In this case, we are not interested in the performance of the individual functions of the software, such as the correctness of the operations performed, regarding scenarios using the system. Thus, testing, in this case, will be based on system usage (use cases).
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