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Geolance is an IT, software and industrial automation marketplace that helps businesses to be more productive. To achieve that, our team of project managers and engineers provide them with a clear vision of industrial control systems. We closely work with our client's team to deliver automation solutions that bring customized results. Our experts use innovative technology to simplify experiences and get positive business outcomes. 
Our automation experts provide OEMs, system integrators and industrial end-users solutions with solutions that add value to the products in industrial automation and control. We help to improve quality and productivity, reduce waste and downtime, and increase safety and efficiency. Our professional visualization and HMI programming will help you address your innovation, productivity and globalization needs. 

Our experts specialize in:

  • Applications for the head unit

Developing factory automation software that unites vehicles, drivers, and internet-based services.

  • Head-up displays

We design apps for HUDs that add to the driving experience.

  • Rear-seat entertainment 

Creating software for rear-seat entertainment systems that include in-car internet, navigation, audio and video.

  • Instrument clusters UI

Our automation engineering experts adapt navigation software for instrument clusters.

  • Voice recognition and guidance

Delivering cloud-based voice recognition and guidance services.

  • Integrated web and mobile navigation

Building apps that integrate web and mobile GPS systems.

  • Usability research an UX/UI design 

Creating the optimal feel and look of the machine to human interfaces to deliver the perfect user experience.

  • High-performance and fidelity 3D rendering

Providing incredibly realistic 3D graphics

Geolance can help with:

Engineering for control systems
Our skilled engineers and developers provide companies with automation services. We have a great experience in simulating, modelling, controls design, software, robotics, facility automation and programming.
Geolance team has the proficiency necessary to create industrial automation software for nearly any industry and need. We offer various solutions, including system enhancements, turnkey control systems, discrete system integration, and panel design. 
Also, we design control systems for different applications, including: 
Wireless controls
Process Controls
HMI and PLC platforms
Data acquisition systems
Auto Demand Response (ADR) 
Operator controls
Identification systems

Engineering for automation systems
Our engineer's design solutions, automated material handling systems and conveyor systems for a wide range of industries. Also, we supervise the logistics planning, installation process, millwright services and site preparation. We aim to provide fully customized solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing facility. 

Systems integration 
Geolance systems integration services manage workflow operations to ensure quality and optimal efficiency. We work closely with each client from the earliest design phase to understand the specific needs of each plant. This insight allows us to plan and engineer systems that feed materials in sync with production equipment. We also implement manufacturing control hardware and software which make sure that each step of facility operations functions precisely and synchronizes along the way. 
Geolance integration services include: 
Hardware  and software engineering
System design, prototyping and usability testing
Enterprise and systems architecture
Equipment and technology integration

Our industrial automation services include:
End-to-end HMI development
We offer integration of HMI systems with mobile and cloud devices to transform vehicles from means of transportation to personal devices.
Safe navigation systems
Our engineer's design innovative navigation systems that can lay your route to any destination you want.
Real-time traffic updates generation
We combine HMI, navigation and in-car entertainment systems with cloud-based location platforms to receive real-time traffic data.
Automotive design
We provide UX/UI developers with experts in automotive design to raise the market value of your products.

Our professional services will help you:

Boost productivity
Make your productivity better with easily accessible plant floor information. Also, it will help you to increase efficiency in your manufacturing operations.
You will get:
Easy access to real-time plant data. 
Improved efficiency and productivity.
Lower life cycle, implementation and operating expense.
Secure investment in capital equipment.

The benefits of our solution:
Reduced work-in-process and cycle time – bigger inventory turns
Better quality and faster line speed to meet global standards
Optimized production 
Better machine utilization
Reduced errors and waste.
Increase safety
Remain safe with effective and ergonomic security systems that do not interfere with the work process. Geolance can help you:
Identify zones that need protection
Define security functions to be performed
Increase overall equipment effectiveness and utilization 
Control Energy
Manage your energy costs and get a substantial return on investment. Our automation company provides:
Monitoring – Find out how much energy you use.
Simulation and Analysis – Analyzing every aspect of your energy usage.
Software - Provides analysis tools and functional graphics. 
Communication - Local, wireless or remote networking of data collectors over TCP/IP, Ethernet and industrial open architecture networks.
Design - Delivering project integration  and management solutions 
Reduce Downtime
Maximize production capability, make your overall equipment efficiency stronger and improve your bottom line. We offer:
Downtime tracking
Identifying and reducing costly downtime events
Finding problem areas 
Improving production yields
Increasing overall equipment effectiveness and asset utilization
Get better quality
Improve the quality of your final product with full data analysis for process improvement.
As with many automation solutions, getting better quality starts with information from:
Process variables
Quality lab and customer complaint database archives
Online and offline quality measurements

Take the right actions, and you will increase the quality of your final product.

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