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The question can be answered with a simple example: A person has suitable housing for rent and wants to rent it profitably. How to do it? Naturally, place ads on unique sites. Photos must be attached to the ad. Man makes them on a regular digital camera. As a result, he gets dark, sometimes blurry pictures, which will cause an adverse reaction rather than an increase in customer demand.

This is one of the situations when better photographic equipment, sometimes with the help of studio light, will come to the rescue. As a result, the photos will be bright, delicious, and favourably reflect on the space's benefits while obscuring its flaws.

Geolance specializes in residential & commercial interior design photography, architecture photography, hospitality photography, and furniture photography. 

Interior photography services

The many types of interior photography available today include: Shooting in natural light - for advertisements, publications in periodicals, designers' portfolios. Disadvantage - reproduction of the room's natural ambiance; Shooting with lighting equipment - for advertising purposes. The advantage is a shiny "image" with bright colours that catch the eye; Shooting interior three-dimensional panoramas - for online publication. The benefit is that instead of viewing the space from separate angles, you may see it as a whole.

It may be challenging to get a decent snap inside. This is because light fluctuations, which may not be able to cope with pricey equipment or mobile lighting, can make it impossible. As a result, thinking that good interior photography must only be done using an expensive camera. A lot of effort goes into appropriate light placement as well as the post-production processing of completed pictures. Each photographer has their techniques for achieving this.

Architectural Photography Services

Architectural images photographs of commercial, institution, residential and industrial projects. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to make pictures that you'd love to keep in your memory for years to come. A broad collection of architecture photography services are provided throughout. In addition, our company is connected with many different companies throughout. To build and restore our buildings, we offer a photographic experience that communicates with the viewer.

Additionally, we provide pictures of commercial properties like restaurants, shopping centers, institutions like schools and hospitals. The brand new sign of the student center at the University of Nebraska is the latest project added to our portfolio.

The exterior shots were captured using a drone. In addition, our architectural photographers placed aerial photography equipment on top of the building to shoot of the campus. Our photographers want to make good pictures that your commercial real estate photos company can use in your advertisements and website.

As we were creating the portfolio of the student center, we also made a virtual tour for online visitors so prospective students can get a feel for what their new school will be like.

We are passionate about using the right angles to show off the best features of your property. Our services are offered to a wide variety of clients. They include realtors and real estate agents, private home sellers, architects, interior designers, businesses and corporations, marketing firms, the hospitality sector, the construction industry, and real estate marketing companies. 

Architectural interiors photography

Interior architecture photography is a perfect tool for interior designers to show off their work. This service can be found in the portfolios of major companies specializing in the design and construction of institutions, commercial buildings and homes. In addition, some small business owners opt to take pictures of their property themselves to use them on Yelp or Instagram. Finally, Geolance can give your online presence a boost by bringing in traffic from outside sources.

Hospitality Photography Services

Our company offers a wide selection of photography services for the hotel industry. This includes photographing hotels, resorts, B&B's and inns from all over the world. Our past clients include Hampton Inn, Marriot Hotels, Ritz Carlton, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Bay Hill Hotel & Lodge, Hyatt Place Lake Buena Vista, Merlin's Rest Resort.

Some hotels have used hotel photography services to create virtual tours of their facilities. These are available for prospective guests to use free of charge on the company website or Facebook page. Others have chosen to use pictures on their website and social media pages. In addition, many of our hotel photography services are used for print and digital advertising campaigns.

Our focus is on connecting your business with potential customers through great photos that showcase everything from the rooms to the restaurant décor. In addition, some visitors may enjoy seeing images of the property while planning a trip or deciding where to stay when vacationing in another state.

The company website and the company's own social media pages are excellent venues for advertising hotel properties. They can also be used to show photographs of guest rooms and public areas. Our photography team has an eye for making images that capture attention and make people want to visit your hotel or restaurant the next time they vacation in your area.

The hospitality industry has many business owners who want to give their customers an idea of the surroundings they'll enjoy while staying in their establishment. Our professional photographers travel around the world to create hotel photography services that allow online visitors to envision themselves relaxing in the comfort of a room or enjoying a meal at one of the on-site restaurants.

How to prepare the room for interiors photography?

Naturally, the rooms should be clean. High-precision cameras will catch any debris or stain in their line of sight. It isn't necessary to inform the photographer of the function of photography and the advantages of interior aesthetics; simply explain why certain features are essential to highlight in photographs.

It's essential to recognize that a professional photographer has the highest potential for beautiful interior pictures. A non-photographer will struggle to perform the tasks, as well as a photographer, would. Looking at samples of professional interior photography in their portfolio, you can see this quite clearly.

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