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Geolance software IoT marketplace that provides only high-quality, creative and innovative solutions. Make a clear vision of what IoT program you want according to your business needs. Our experts will define the accurate IoT landscape for your company to kick-start your IoT experience. A unique structured approach will help you to understand and analyze your business needs and requirements. As well as, it will offer a quick ramp-up to find out your IoT needs and most efficient solutions that will accelerate your time to market with zero lock-in and low risks.

As a professional IoT app development marketplace, we create connected software and systems that gather, analyze and store sensor-driven information that comes from different smart devices of your network. Our team of professional developers specializes in intelligent home automation systems, industrial digital automation, enterprise and consumer Internet of Things development, and IoT is consulting. Also, we provide professional IoT security solutions that will help all your information to be safe from any kind of hacker attacks and attempts of intimidation. Below you will find more detailed information on our IoT solutions and services.

Our experts specialize in

  • IoT for Technology

Detecting weak points and specific requirements of a concrete business unit or a product line and finding potential solutions.

  • IoT for Business Solutions

Identifying weak spots of several business units and establishing integrated professional solutions for all company value     chain.

  • IoT for Building Strategy 

Find out your needs and weaknesses of the company with Geolance. Define accurate multi-functional transformation initiative that has IoT in the core

Our professional IoT developers offer:

  • Detecting business’ weak points that we can resolve with IoT 
  •  Industry benchmark and insights
  • User-centric transformation of business process
  • Expert IoT planning according to desired business goals
  • Professional plan of correction, marketing strategy plan, and product development planning

Implement solutions with a secure ecosystem to your IoT program 

As an experienced IoT development company, we offer off-the-shelf capabilities, acceleration suites and solution frameworks that enable rapid development and use of the production version of the app. Internet of things system allows devices to connect, communicate and provide information and safe interactions between devices and cloud 

  •  Start Using Internet of Things Data Platform

Enable safe information intake, organizing, and storing. Start using analytics platform and multi-tenant app that allow exploratory data science

  • Incorporate Analytics & Apps

Incorporate micro-service or customer-oriented business applications. Implement professional analytical models to produce business insights

Our skillful IoT developers deliver:

  • IoT Platform – Data Science workbench, Device controlling & organization, Data storage,
  • IoT incorporation – Device, Connectivity, Gateway,  Security, 
  • A smooth combination of IoT Apps with other IT-landscape,
  • IoT Analytics and Apps.

Ensure high-quality IT support services to understand the value of IoT

Out expert ensures that IoT will run smoothly in your company via incorporated operations platform, process management, enterprise data, and high-quality IoT platform support services.

  • IoT Platform and Device Administration 

IoT devices – Upgrading, fixing bugs and growth of clients. Device security support and remote management of the IoT platform.

  • IoT Analytics and Data Science

Analysis of information pattern and performance. Examination of data models accuracy. Data cleaning and generation of reports.

  • The Integration of IT with OT Systems

Process migration and change. Standardization and automation of the process. Implementing IoT workflows and processes.

Geolance professionals provide:

  • Professional analysis and Data Science
  • IT/OT Convergence
  • IoT applications and microservices
  • High-quality analytics and providing insights

Geolance Top Solutions

Our professional approach is aimed at core areas of the asset value chain that helps companies to speed up a time to market and amplify the saving of costs. Our solutions and IoT app development services take care of the unique needs of connected products, users, operations, and infrastructure.


Enable products with IoT to perform more than their primary functions by giving access to accurate, real-time, immediate data and information about the performance of the product.

  • Expert Tracking of Assets
  • Product Intelligence 


Combining the real-time flow of user data with IoT solutions so that companies can provide new kinds of services based on new revenue models.

  • Worker Safety
  • Transition of care
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Remote Maintenance Assistance 


Using IoT apps in specified environments allows organizations to considerably optimize all costs and metrics involved in managing those premises.

  • Predictive Maintenance & OTA, CBM update managing
  • IoT for industrial applications
  • In-premise Trace & Track


Allow companies to smooth its industrial or business operational flow, minimize the total cost of ownership and wastage, and make its operations perfect.

  • Inward/Outward Logistics, Cold-chain Logistics – Recalls/Return
  •  Active Grid Management, Remote Service Platform

We offer a full range of IoT development services using the most sophisticated technology and professionalism of our expert team of IoT developers. Our professional IoT solutions will help you to transform your devices and gadgets into smart systems. Our services include:

  • IoT App Development
  • IoT Implementation & Support
  • IoT Consultancy
  • App Security Consulting
  • IoT Gateway Development
  • Application development for IoT Devices
  • Backend & API Development
  • Connectivity with wearable devices
  • Voice-Enabled Technology Solutions
  • Hi-end IoT Solution with Rich Architecture
  • IoT Cloud Platform
  • Big Data Analytics
  • IoT Maintenance Services

For implementing the Internet of Things development to your business, our professional team of IoT developers uses only effective modern technologies. They provide high-quality, competitiveness, security and smooth work of IoT apps, smart home systems, and wearables.

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