IoT (Internet of Things)

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a global network of physical devices connected to the Internet — "things" equipped with sensors, and information transfer devices. These devices are combined by connecting to a control center to manage and process information.

There are many ways to use this technology. For example, you are the owner of a large store and want to understand how your employees work, what customers pay attention to, whether the warehouse is properly equipped, and whether the cash departments are loaded. You don’t need to track all this manually. "Smart" systems will process video from surveillance cameras, which are already in your store, analyze it and give you information about the behaviour of customers and employees.

According to forecasts, this year, the number of IoT devices in the world will reach 8.4 billion units, which is 31% more than a year ago. By 2020, their number will reach already $20.4 billion. In this case, the cost of the final devices and their service by 2017 will be $2 trillion.

Organizations continue to invest in appropriate equipment and technologies. And the forecasts also indicate that these companies are ready to invest in people with the right skills.

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