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The new logo symbolizes the company's distinctiveness, which significantly influences its recognizability and marketing. However, to be genuine, it must be true that the creation of logos is entrusted to an expert in advertising who is professionally trained. The logo will be a nice icon if it isn't created by someone who understands how to communicate information to target consumers effectively.

The collection of essential information, concept development, draft preparation and approval, and implementation of the final version are the four stages of logo creation. The company logo.

In the first stage, the designers work on defining the components of a sign. For example, the company's goal may be landmarks, its product types, target audience characteristics, and so forth. Then it's determined whether the logo will be drawn or written: either way, it'll include a symbol and text. It doesn't matter what solution you choose; no one will recall an overly complicated logo.

Working on the design of a logo, the designer (art direction) creates several options and considers what the logo will look like on product packaging, letterheads, business cards, and other items. In general, producing a sign may take many hours because it is necessary to test the outcome in public and, if required, modify it.

The cost of a custom logo design may be meagre. This is true if you obtain it directly from a professional instead of via a marketing agency or other intermediaries. Geolance provides a service that allows you to locate a competent designer or artist, and the expense of designing a logo will be 30-50% less than that charged by advertising agencies. The following are the most significant benefits: the client picks a specialist, sets the deadline for delivery, and determines the fee rate.

Brand recognition

There are over 160,000 marketing agencies in the world. This number can be justified by the fact that most of them provide logo design services.

However, there is significantly less demand for freelancers who offer logo designs. It's likely due to two factors: firstly, it is often assumed that working with a designer will require more time and effort than using an agency. Secondly, this process is particular, and business owners often do not have enough knowledge in this area to understand if their designer is experienced or not.

Designers working with Geolance are recommended by previous customers who have already designed logos for other companies. This significantly reduces the risk of making a wrong choice because the designer has already gained the trust of at least one client.

When looking for someone to design your logo, keep in mind that money is not always a key factor; the quality of any graphic design work largely depends on the talent and skills of the designer. If they charge too low prices, then most likely their work will be of low quality.

Therefore, if you are looking for a specialist designer who can create an outstanding logo for your company, remember that the rates go up with experience and skill. Furthermore, customers who have used our services recommend them to their colleagues because of the attractive prices and the high-quality work done by our designers. So, if you are looking for an innovative logo design agency with attractive rates, Geolance is the right choice for you.

Basic variations

The basis for the creation of every logo is information. The client provides it in written or oral form; otherwise, the designer may need to conduct simple market research (e.g., through keyword searches on Google).

Basic questions that must be clarified: what company you represent, your industry sector, its area of activity, target customers, etc.

It's important to remember that the logo should express your business rather than someone else's. Your task is to convey the information about your company creatively, so you might even consider asking for advice from experts in this area or studying best practices.

Logo development stages

To learn more about how much it costs to order a sign, let's look at the stages of its creation. These include collecting relevant information, concept development (creating several versions) and its approval (final logo), as well as implementing it in practice (graphic design).

Creating an electronic file for screen use is the first stage of the development of a logo. In this case, the artwork is distributed to different templates and formats for printing on business cards, letterheads, envelopes, etc.

In the second stage of developing a sign, you need to prepare its storage version in vector graphics format (.eps). The main task of creating a logo is to create an image that will be recognized, remembered and associated with the brand.

The printing of a logo can be done on paper or other materials; its application should meet specific rules to ensure that it remains clear and legible. It's essential that it is possible to reproduce the image precisely at any scale, such as enlarging or reducing it later.

If a picture is a thousand words, then a logo is a billion. The essence of a large proportion of companies can be found in their symbols and signs. Their task is to convey information about what the company represents, its activities and goals.

Logo designs for Geolance

Geolance is the international service for freelance projects, which allows you to quickly find team members and professionals in a particular field - connect with a specialist on the portal. The professional will provide you with an estimate for their services and select a designer or artist from our website. It'll just take several minutes! We have millions of graphic designers, stylists, writers and sociologists. Go to our website - Geolance.com

The logo design process in Geolance

Geolance is the international service for freelance projects, which allows you to find team members and professionals in a particular field quickly - just connect with a specialist on the portal. The professional will provide you with an estimate for their services and select a designer or artist from our website. It'll just take several minutes! We have millions of graphic designers, stylists, writers and sociologists. Go to our website - Geolance.com.

Brand identity and graphic design for start-ups

The first set of logo concepts should be creative and innovative and will make a long-term impression. It's good to consider the brand's unique value proposition (UVP) at the initial stage because this is what will define its distinction from other brands. The UVP contains such indispensable information as: the target audience, unique benefits for consumers and a unique selling proposition.

Design a Symbol for Modern Brands

A well-constructed logo has a business owner advantage that captures the attention of consumers. However, it takes a good and deliberate design process to develop a successful logo and a distinctive identity. This blog provides you with a complete solution to repurpose and improve an existing logo. It presents some helpful guidelines for logo design. It provides a framework logo designers can use to guide clients from the earliest aspects of visual research to the final design release of project documents. Often we'll explore a range of practical solutions to give your client brand strategy an advantage. Since savvy designers are always seeking ways to bring an additional positive effect to their work, we will explore some useful possibilities in helping clients with a logo designing project.


Great logo designs don't happen by accident. We have spent many years developing a plan for those whose vision was to be the perfect logo. If you have a logo, every element of a logo, including fonts and colour, can change someone's perception of the company's image. Let's talk a lot about creative skill and creativity; however, you have to be focused while basing logo ideas to be explicit and strategically informed. This process helps you defend your work without being offensive -If you're a graphic symbol designer. That's good because I feel confident when selecting the proper sketches logo. Do not forget to look at my strategy guide to set up discovery sessions with your clients. If you'd like to learn more about the legal side of graphic design support resources, or if you want a contract reviewed by a lawyer, visit my site - legal docs from your logo designer.

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