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In checking we trust, and we could hardly imagine what goods and services were around us if it were not verified and tested before it goes to the users. Some would think that in the times of full automation of our life, a manual software testing process is something absolutely out of date. However, this is not true. The Geolance digital marketplace has a wide assortment of manual QA testers performing tasks for which machines are not that effective.

Functional testing. What does your system do? And does it perform the tasks specified in the requirements? Functional testing is conducted to answer these questions, making sure that the project results meet the primary goals regarding functionality.
Usability testing. This manual testing type looks at how attractive your product is for the end-user. Is it easy to use? Is it clear and understandable? There is no useful point in having a lot of sophisticated features in your apps if the users get completely confused by them. Manual QA experts on our digital marketplace will make sure that your software is perfect for your audience.
Performance testing. How well does your system do what it does? This testing type shows how your software comes with a degree of workload. Yes, often this quality testing type is automated, but still, there is enough work for QA manual testing.
Security testing. Is the user’s data safe? Information security today is no doubt a high priority. Before launching, every product undergoes security testing. This testing type is a great thing for finding the loopholes in software. They are usually vulnerable to illegal activities, and thus testing makes your product protected.
Compatibility testing. Will the user be able to work with your product in the necessary environment? This type of manual software testing will check the compatibility of your websites or applications with the systems it is supposed to work.
Take advantage of all QA manual testing services performing by specialists on the Geolance digital marketplace, including the web and mobile manual testing. Also, try our calculator to find out about the service cost you need and go for it!

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