Meat Grinder Repair


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Meat grinders, whether they be old-fashioned hand cranks or modern electric ones, often cause problems. Most of these problems are caused by meat getting stuck between the grinder plates and within the gears. A small piece may get caught up in such a way that it does not allow the plate to turn (but is still held in place by one or more teeth). The tooth acts like a wedge which causes the plate to bend out of alignment when the handle is turned. When this happens, there will typically be two results:

1) one or both of the plates does not turn, and

2) an awful grinding noise coming from either just before where things get stuck or at some point around where everything starts turning again after being freed.

Don't believe that these qualities can all be found in one place? Just go to a professional, confidential expert or small firm that specializes in this. Geolance will put you in touch with the most experienced artisans with recommendations for low-cost and quick repairs.

The most common problems and methods of prevention

An electric meat grinder is a must-have kitchen tool that allows you to create high-quality minced beef and mince other items. There will be no difficulties with the machinery if you buy branded versions; they are designed for long-term, intensive use. As a result, all faults are generally the result of incorrect operation. Furthermore, the following issues may occur: Due to grinding meat with cartilage and small bones, knives (cutting elements).

  1. When you use a washing machine, the sharpness of your knives may be reduced because these parts are washed with harsh chemicals in one.
  2. The device's mechanism is blocked by moisture, causing water to enter.

The most frequent repair of different brands like Braun, Kitchen Aid meat processing equipment and Bosch meat grinder is the replacement of minor operational components. It's pretty cost-effective. The majority of the time, repair may be completed on the customer's premises. This is why it is critical to invest in name-brand goods.

Switching on issue

A manual meat grinder is a relatively uncomplicated device since there are no difficulties that need to be managed by the user—the issue may be with the outlet or the cord connecting the grinder to its current source. Before getting your phone fixed, try replacing the battery or changing the power supply. To be able to grind for more than a few decades without sacrificing quality and dependability, get an expensive and long-term grind. You might have a drained battery. If you believe your battery hasn't been charged or if you don't have the appropriate power supply, your grinder won't start.

Friction issue

Fresh meat should be frozen for around 30 minutes before being ground, according to some sources. For friction reduction, there are other techniques to include food oil into the grinder. It also solves issues of meat drying following grinding to answer specific consumer complaints. This implies you want the meat to be hygienically frozen for thirty minutes, then rub it for 30 seconds to produce a smooth texture.

Meat not rotating

There are two types of meat grinders—stainless steel and aluminum. If you have an aluminum grinder, the food is much softer. There may be a few plastic parts that are somewhat more fragile compared to other models. The cutting blade should be perfectly aligned before starting the device because problems with one knife might result in the rotation of the opposite knife. If both knives rotate, it is recommended that you return to a professional for assistance with your Braun grinder.

Masticating meat grinder provide an extremely good quality of minced meat compared to other models. These are typically smaller and more expensive than manual grinders. There are alternatives to metal plates that are made from porcelain or plastic materials. Plastic plate materials contain BPA which might induce health issues if not completely free of this chemical substance. Cutting elements may be restored using sandpaper, grinding disks that come with sharpening balls, or ceramic-based discs (ceramic blades).

Grinder Head Issue

The meat grinder's head spins the meat into its blades, where it is ground. A faulty charge might result in uneven grinding and clogging. In this case, all you have to do is open the nose and clean it, then replace it properly. This occurs since the head may have loosened due to frequent usage. If the problem persists, take it to a repair shop near you.

Grinder Teeth Issue

The teeth of the knife frequently wear away as it is thrown away. If the bones come on the meat, this is very important. You must first remove the casing and cut out the teeth. Don't give up if something needs to be replaced. Unless they sharpen and reposition them, there are no additional screws required. It just takes a few screws to replace them. Teeth's health should be checked.

Hammer and Saw knife and plate replacement parts

We also produced the grinding blade and saw blade for butcher guys, American Eagle, Torrey, Virus, Hobart/Hollymatic grinders. We have a broad range of all required sizes available.

Grinder and Saw stud replacement, safety switch replacements

Grinder and Saw Studs: replacing safety switches and repairs for butcher boys American Eagle, Torrey Biro, Hobart and Hollymatic.

Features of the repair of electric meat grinders

Professionals that work in the marketplace regularly encounters typical problems. However, they're generally ready to swiftly and guaranteed to repair malfunctions, except when repairs would be more expensive than purchasing new equipment. In general, specialists are prepared to address the following difficulties:

The electric motor's power will decrease due to wear on the pulleys, plain bearings or brushes. The master will make a simple repair, after which the vehicle's power will be restored.

The launch does not proceed from the initial press. One of the reasons is that the thermal radiation fuse or the electric motor starter has failed. Therefore, a replacement is required, which will be handled by a specialist.

There is no inclusion. There may be many causes for this, so the professional repairs electric meat grinder after a thorough examination in this situation.

During operation, the technique changes speeds or turns off. It's all about the switch that needs to be replaced. This is a simple job for a professional.

Who to order a meat grinder repair?

Is it more cost-effective to fix your broken equipment yourself or hire a professional? In the first scenario, you'll spend a significant amount of money and time, whereas, in the second, there are several apparent perils. You can avoid all issues by choosing private master repair or a service center for electric meat grinder(s). It's as simple as following directions and keeping budgets and deadlines. After that, it's simply a question of finding someone who meets your requirements and accepting them. You may pick someone based on evaluations from other users as well as portfolio pictures.

All professionals have a track record. You deal with the chosen professional directly, so you pay for services only and not commissions or fees. You may only pay for labour after the job has been completed. This eliminates any possible hazards, trust in the repair's quality, efficiency, and politeness of the contractor.

Frequently asked questions about Meat Grinder Repair.

Where do I go to get expert services?

There are many options for you, such as your local hardware store, skilled tool shops and devices training schools. These professionals can easily handle simple to complex repairs electric meat grinder. However, the best option would be a professional specializing in servicing regular, restaurant equipment or has restaurant supplies a specialized company that provides technical services 24-hours a day.

What should I look?

Every professional should have valid references. Other options are valid certifications for electric meat grinder repairs. If possible, request photographs of their work and individually check them before choosing the right one. It's best if you find several professionals with good reviews or testimonies that you need to be able to select the most suitable one.

What is the cost of repairing meat grinders?

This question can be answered only after you receive this service. The cost depends on the sort of damage, the electric motor, auxiliary components and other circumstances. However, it's best to plan for at least $ 100-150 per hour including parts and labour costs. Additional expenses may include transport costs if the unit is sent to a specialist or workshop at a distance.

What types of meat grinder parts do you repair?

Specialists can handle all sorts of models. However, you need to be able to describe the problem in more detail so they can come up with a solution efficiently and quickly.

How much is the visit of the master?

It's best to clarify the details in advance. After that, you'll have a better idea of how much time it takes electric meat grinders to repair based on this schedule.

What services does it provide? What are security measures in place by the service?

After choosing a professional, you must negotiate all the details. You should know your rights and obligations as well as those of the service provider. All professionals and services who carry out this type of work must abide by safety regulations and use security measures to prevent accidents and damage to property.

What are the specific responsibilities of your job?

This question can be answered only by the contractor. However, there are some basic things you must have in mind. The service should respect the deadlines, offer an initial valuation of damage and provide a detailed estimate. The work must be carried out in accordance with your instructions and with regard to quality standards.

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