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The link between your site and good old-fashioned eateries is growing stronger by the day. E-commerce solutions for food ordering are becoming a big hit in small businesses, especially with restaurant owners to increase online exposure and drive more customers to their establishments. With this kind of e-commerce opportunity, you can add value to your site by giving it an edge over other sites that only sell products or services. There is even room for service industries such as accountants or lawyers who want to offer clients additional services without adding to overhead costs.

More than just a restaurant website

Your site doesn't have to be focused on food or dining to make use of online ordering. By including this feature, you'll open your business up to a wider customer base while still satisfying existing patrons. You can offer lunch specials or enhance dinner with desserts available for online purchase and quick local delivery. It's an excellent way of driving further sales through your current clientele.

There are several options for adding restaurant menu and ordering food online capabilities to your site without too much trouble such as with the help of ready-to-use eCommerce scripts that work in tandem with most content management systems (CMS). However, if you're thinking of going all out and providing full service by letting users place orders online and having them delivered straight to their doorsteps, you'll need to hire a skilled web developer who can work with your team on providing the best solution.

Do you want to increase your sales?

Adding online ordering to your website is an excellent way of doing just that. It's a convenient feature that will make it easier for customers to order from you, and it can be used to drive further sales through your current clientele.

With Geolance, adding online Facebook ordering to your website is easy and fast. You'll be able to offer lunch specials or enhance dinner with desserts available for online purchase and quick third party delivery apps. It's an excellent way of driving further sales through your current clientele.

Getting started

You've decided to take the online ordering plunge, or perhaps you're thinking of starting small and getting some e-business under your belt with menu options. Either way, it's important to plan and consider what needs to be done before you sign off on any contract agreements. Here are some things for your consideration: What kind of restaurant do you run? Casual or fine dining? Fast food or catering? A coffee shop or bakery? All these plays into the type of customer service that is expected when placing an order online. Take stock of which online services are already available in your area so you don't duplicate effort and compete with yourself.

Do you need to hire a developer? If you've never worked on an e-commerce website before, then hiring a web developer is the best way to go. You can outsource and use an existing team of developers or work with freelancers who will create your site from the ground up and install all the scripts and programs needed for online ordering and offer local delivery. There's no guarantee that they'll be familiar with your service so pick someone who has experience in this sector. How much do you want to spend? It all depends on how much time and effort needs to be put into development plus what kind of customer base does it need to reach. Local eateries will require less investment than ones that want to sell their menu to international customers. There is also the cost of hiring a developer, web designer, and graphic artist as well as domain registration fees and hosting costs.

How do you plan on using the site? Do you want to use social media such as Facebook or Twitter to promote your online services? If so, then look for an eCommerce solution that will allow this type of integration. You may even want to consider sending text messages and emails directly from your website or CMS so customers can order food with just a couple of clicks. What about loyalty programs and customer rewards? Having some sort of membership program is a great way to encourage more repeat business from satisfied patrons who are already familiar with your menu offerings. Online ordering makes it easy for them to place their orders and let you know what time they want it delivered.

Looking at the big picture

Short of building your website and finding an off-the-shelf solution for online ordering, there are several ways to go about this so as not to break the bank or waste resources. There is no one size fits all when it comes to setting up a restaurant site with online capabilities so consider offering menu options instead of full service until you've got enough patrons lining up at your door looking for takeout orders. You can always upgrade and add more features once your business gets bigger and better known in the community.

Build stronger customer relationships with online ordering

If you want to use food delivery services, then you need an eCommerce website that can handle orders. However, if your restaurant is relatively small and does not cater to international customers, then choose a menu option instead of full service so you don't have unexpected expenses piling up when the business is just getting off the ground. You are better off providing basic information about your dishes along with pricing so patrons can decide whether they want to order or dine in first before committing the business to your establishment.

Using an existing CMS for this task requires careful planning on how it will be implemented. Make sure that whatever system is chosen can offer proper security protocols as well as integration possibilities for other important areas such as social media marketing and email campaigns. You don't want to neglect to promote the restaurant online, after all.

The best way to do this is by starting small and building a customer base first before spending too much time and money developing a complete eCommerce site that can handle online food orders. Think about what you need before investing in web development – it's not as easy as going into a store and picking up something off the shelf or making an order over the phone with your credit card. Be careful who you hire to create your website because it will be one of your most important marketing tools if you want to grow your brand.

What are some of the features included in online ordering systems?

One of the most important ones is menu options for customers to choose from. Whether you are offering local cuisine, Italian dishes, or Asian fare, customers want to know what they will be getting in advance before committing to a purchase. Some systems even have the option of sending text messages and emails which is great for sending out promotional deals whenever you are running a sale on certain items.

One thing no restaurant website can do without is a free online ordering system that includes the menu with pricing information along with quantities for each item. This is something your site needs no matter how big or small it might be because hungry patrons don't want to waste time looking for this information when there are hundreds of restaurants competing for their business in an area. Many people eat out at least once a week so make sure your menu is included in whatever site you choose and that it's easy to read and understand so patrons can get their orders in quickly.

Don't be confused by similar terms such as "eCommerce website" and "online ordering software" because the latter only refers to a system for accepting orders while an eCommerce site can refer to a menu option, full service, or all of the above depending on what your business needs. The important thing is that you know what your requirements are before committing time and money to hire someone who promises the moon without asking too many questions about how everything will be handled.

Customizing features

One way of keeping costs down when it comes to designing and building a restaurant website is by customizing online ordering with panels for customers to fill out their details while ordering. This is especially important when you are offering different payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, and cash on delivery orders because the information needs to be passed along to your bank or payment processing. You can also choose whether or not this information should be saved for future orders which adds another layer of security to your site.

Using a CMS website platform will allow you to integrate other features that can enhance online sales like tying into social media networks so patrons can share their experiences with other customers through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or other sites that are popular today. You might want to start by creating an Instagram profile where people can tag photos taken in your restaurant – this is free promotion at its most basic level and it can work wonders if done properly.

Building trust

The web is the best way to build trust among customers since they can look around and read reviews posted by other patrons who have already visited your restaurant at some point in the past. These testimonials will give people an idea of what you are offering so each one must contain detailed information about food, service, ambiance, and more so visitors know whether or not your site is worth checking out.

Many modern websites created for restaurants also include menu options that can be sent via email or text message to anyone with a compatible mobile device which means free advertising all day long! Even non-profit organizations use this type of technology to send out promotional deals while student groups can send out flyers about upcoming events. The possibilities are endless when you have a listing page where customers can leave their contact information and receive messages from you whenever something new is added to the website.

When it comes to building a strong online presence, your restaurant website needs to be designed with your target audience in mind since countless restaurants are competing for attention on the web. Whether you own a small café or manage one of the many fine dining establishments in your area, take steps towards improving customer relations by offering menu options through this portal rather than chatting up patrons at tables while they wait.

Seamless integration across your entire operation

Building a restaurant website with integrated ordering means everything is in one place to make it easier for you to track customers, take their orders, and online ordering process takes payments whenever they are ready. This can be especially helpful when your menu includes gluten-free meals or other dietary restrictions that require the customer's input before you decide what to offer them.

Customer satisfaction surveys can also be added onto your site so you can get feedback about food quality, service, ambiance, price points, and more so any concerns are dealt with immediately while positive comments will keep customers coming back regularly. You might even discover new ways of luring in customers by offering special deals through social media networks or partner sites which will give people an incentive to check out your online ordering platform.

Integrating your restaurant's website with NexRep will also give you access to online marketing tools so you can choose the best deals, discounts, and other offers that are likely to appeal most to your current customers. This is a great way for businesses with multiple locations or catering services to build relationships with existing customers while drawing in new faces who find out about your site via social media posts, texts sent by friends, or word-of-mouth referrals.

Customers who visit websites frequently expect there to be menu options available because they know this means placing an online order is just as easy as making changes to their settings. If you need help getting started with incorporating online orders into your business model then contact us today! We offer custom eCommerce development services to any business looking to establish an online presence which includes restaurant owners who want their operations streamlined so they can focus on running their establishments.

More orders mean more profits

The revenue expectations for a business owner should be set at a level that is both realistic and achievable, but it all depends on how well you market your restaurant's website. The only way to make money from a site is by attracting visitors who are looking to place orders or make reservations through this portal rather than simply reading reviews. In other words, the only way to get people to take action online is by advertising deals, offers, discounts, and other incentives which can be used to attract new customers while keeping your current ones happy.

In many cases, including menu options with NexRep will also provide full integration across your entire operation so everything runs in real-time meaning orders can be submitted and confirmed immediately before being sent off to the kitchen for processing. This means more revenue for your restaurant because the work doesn't stop when the order is submitted since you still need to wait on patrons who might be ready to place their second orders, request additional appetizers and entrees, cancel their reservations (if applicable), and send off email inquiries about new events and parties they would like help managing.

Do not underestimate how this single feature can revolutionize customer service within your establishment by taking steps towards making it easier for guests to do business with you no matter what time of day it is or whether they are seated in your bar area, lounge, sports room, private dining rooms, balconies overlooking lush gardens or fountains with spectacular water displays. The sooner you add online ordering capabilities to your website, the sooner you will be able to start gaining back some of that valuable free time that was lost while trying to coordinate your staff's efforts between different tasks.

Every business owner knows how important it is to ensure their customers are happy with the experience they had at their establishment because this can help them earn word-of-mouth referrals which can lead to increased profits. However, small diversions like getting up from a table during dinner with friends or family to approach the hostess counter for assistance means more time is spent away from the people who matter most instead of focusing on what matters. Online ordering makes it possible for restaurants to cut down on customer interactions by taking orders directly through an online portal which not only saves guests' valuable time but can also improve operational efficiency.

NexRep is a full-service restaurant customer care call center that offers live chat, email promotional support, and order taking capabilities by phone to businesses who are looking for a cost-effective way to fill orders without having to hire additional staff members or retrain existing employees on specific procedures they never thought would have been necessary until now. With more options available for placing orders from the convenience of your computer, tablet, or even mobile device (we offer apps and extensions) you'll quickly discover why we're one of the leading outsourcing firms in this industry today.

Analyze your metrics to optimize your site

All the effort that went into developing your restaurant's website did not go to waste just because you're now ready to start accepting online orders. There are plenty of tools available at your disposal which can help you improve upon your existing search engine rankings, increase leads, and allow customers to browse through different categories or tags or perform more detailed searches based on terms like location (city name, state/province, etc.), cuisine types (Italian food by neighborhood), price (dining for less than $15), discounts (buy one get one free), type of food (pulled pork sandwich) or even hours of operation (open Thursdays through Saturdays).

Your site needs to be more than an attractive brochure that lists every item on the menu with a photograph and brief description. While it may seem like there's nothing left for you to do other than wait until your first order comes in, we encourage you to explore as many resources as possible as they can help you understand how people search for information about your restaurant which could lead to the discovery of new keywords and phrases connected with what your business is all about.

When looking at analytics, consider customer data such as location (city name, state/province), Internet service provider (ISP) information for website visitors who are most likely to share their experiences on social media platforms, search engine terms used, several visits per day or month, average session duration by page visited or section within a page browsed through during each visit, bounce rate (how long a visitor stays on the website), and customer preferences, and the average time between each page view as these can be used to create content that will yield high return rates for those who may have been looking for something completely different.

Do not ignore customers who have provided contact information during their visit to your website – they are most likely interested in getting more details about what you offer so there's no reason why you shouldn't reach out with additional information. The same applies to those who purchased your site or subscribed to your newsletter – show them some love by sending them an email after they receive their order along with another message later on if they haven't come back since then.

Make sure all of this is included in your marketing strategy because it is not just about acquiring new customers but also retaining the ones you already have.

Take advantage of live chat and email options​

An online customer care call center such as NexRep is capable of offering a wide range of services including live chat, email support, and order-taking capabilities by phone for restaurants who want to ensure their guests' satisfaction while reducing operational costs. If your company has an existing website that receives thousands of views every month or generates leads daily (this can apply to not-for-profit organizations as well), simply add our contact form with its designated telephone number and we'll take it from there while you focus on providing world-class service to everyone who interacts with your business keeping in touch over time regardless if they've been to your establishment or not.

Determining the best time to make contact with potential customers who may be interested in placing an order for pick-up or delivery can help you fill tables during busy hours without straining your staff – once they decide on what food they want, a member of our team will take down their order and pass it along to you over the phone. When a customer returns from work and wants to place another order, chances are they won't remember all of the details about their previous experience so starting up a conversation about what items on the menu are most popular could help them make up their mind faster while encouraging them to keep coming back for more.

Launch your online ordering site & stop sharing your profits with others

If you have been wondering how to serve more customers around the clock, an e-commerce website is the best solution as it can be accessed from a mobile device or computer anywhere in the world at any time while offering 24/7 support for those who want to place an order. You will also be able to sell other items that are related to your business such as branded T-shirts and hats which not only generate additional revenue but help grow brand awareness among existing and potential guests.

The days of taking up space in crowded strip malls are over – why rent out commercial real estate when you can set up shop online instead? If there's a need for additional seats or tables at your physical location, add them during non-peak hours rather than daily which will reduce the amount of money you spend on business expenses while increasing your online customer base at the same time.

Market your restaurant for constant growth

Once you have successfully started an online ordering website, it's time to market the brand by posting content on your blog, writing reviews of nearby restaurants on customer-focused websites such as Yelp and Google+, participating in social media conversations related to dining out, or trying new food items, etc. Those who are not yet aware that you exist will come across your business after performing a search which is why it is important to offer freebies now and then – this gives them something to talk about with their friends so word of mouth can be effective during these times when many people spend hours each day online.

Consumers have access to great deals but they are no longer loyal to specific companies – if they don't like what you're offering, they'll come up with a thousand and one reasons to return their hard-earned money while complaining about social media about how you didn't meet their expectations so staying ahead of the curve is necessary not only for your financial gain but for your reputation online.

More customers will come through the door if they can order ahead of time with an app

Customers are demanding more out of their online ordering experience – they want to be able to do everything with ease which is why many restaurants like Burger King and Subway allow them to place unlimited orders for pick-up using their smartphone apps. This option reduces the length of time needed for you to take down someone's phone number over the phone or manually enter it into your POS system or online food ordering system while allowing customers/clients who may not have access to a landline (or simply choose not to make calls) the ability to make changes before submitting it right away.

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