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Since users tend to move from traditional desktops to various mobile gadgets, mobile application development is now a significant niche in the market, and to get high download rates and good feedback for your mobile app, you need to provide quality. The statistics show that most users choose Android and iOS smartphones. This means that the features and properties of both operating systems must meet the user’s needs, which are daily becoming more demanding. To avoid losing popularity, mobile application developers have to provide the highest quality mobile apps testing services. The Geolance digital marketplace provides top specialists in mobile application testing.

What experts on the Geolance marketplace include in mobile app testing (mobile testing)

Functionality testing. That is one of the basics of mobile app testing types to check whether your software possesses all the necessary functionality.
Mobile compatibility testing, to check the behaviour of your software on different mobile gadgets and with different browsers. High compatibility results will provide for a wider range of users, and testing a mobile app can’t do without it.
Usability testing. That is what the modern user concentrates on and what mobile testing applications should necessarily include. The buzz about mobile apps is that they should be convenient, user-friendly and work time-efficiently.
Performance testing. This is mobile software testing aimed at checking how effective the app will be under the pressure of numerous users.
Security testing. Since mobile gadgets are now a goldmine of personal information, mobile testing is the way to ensure their safety. Security mobile apps testing guarantees successful software for users.
Thorough Android app testing and iOS mobile app testing based on a QA framework our specialists have developed their own extensive experience. Our mobile QA testers resort both to manual testing and to automation tools depending on the particular tasks and goals of the QA check. Experts on the Geolance marketplace ground their work on elaborate test cases and deep knowledge of the sphere. So, what our clients get is a reliable product at a relatively low cost.

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