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As expert prototype designers we consider essential building professional apps, websites, and software prototype before final production, as it helps to optimize and improve the future product. We provide a wide range of prototyping solutions that include sketch prototyping, visual 3D prototyping, etc. Also, as professional usability testing, we offer high-quality usability testing services and think that it is very important to have an idea of how real users use the system you are designing. We provide professional competitive analysis and benchmark, during which we compare your interface with your competitors to find strengths and weaknesses of your design and get suggestions for new features and future actions. Also, we perform multi-device and multi-platform analysis, through analyzing your current design usability across different platforms in order to take into account all aspects of the interaction that your target audience has with your interface. That will help you to ensure that what you are bringing to the market fits its purpose. Besides, user testing at the stage of prototyping can help to avoid a variety of problems in the development process.

Bellow, you can find more detailed information on user experience and usability testing that we provide. 

User experience and usability testing

Our experienced UX company offers a broad range of user experience and usability testing using expert recording capabilities, equipped with software and hardware necessary to provide the full range of technical requirements that our clients need. Also, we provide remote, real-time observation of on-screen activity to analyze the user experience and find ways to make it better. 

Our marketplace works with:

• Lean startups entrepreneurs that use us in their Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop.

• eCommerce managers that use us to uncover and fix their site’s or mobile app prototypes biggest problems, and then run A/B tests to see the level of the improvement.

• Executives that use us to find the position of their company among the competitors.

• Product managers that use us to get an understanding of their target audience to observe what they do, and hear their opinion.

We offer such types of usability testing:

Tablet & Mobile

Test on various mobile platforms


Test desktop applications and site usability.


Analyzing experiences across different platforms

Storyboard Exercises

Every user will share experience and provide valuable feedback

Early Design

Testing prototypes to make changes before building the final product or service

Fast Iterative Testing

Test on alternating days, making changes on the off-days – That will take only a week

Quick Testing

Test a small group of users and receive quick results

Remote Usability Testing

The audience around the world or country can partake in online usability testing

Stages of usability testing 

Our expert team offers professional usability testing that consists of 7 stages. The first stage is the usability test planning. The second one is creating scenarios and tasks. The third - recruiting participants – we enroll people to conduct real-life testing. Then we conduct the usability test and analyze usability test data. After that, we create and present a usability test report and check whether the accepted recommendation has been incorporated. 

Our usability testing solutions

Crowd Testing

With the use of our on-demand global network of software specialists to manually perform website, soft or web application testing, and provide you actionable, fast feedback.

Automated Testing

Put into practice the newest website usability and mobile test automation capabilities that connect right into your software development lifecycle.


Make sure that your payment transactions work all over the world – in every country, on any mobile wallet, and in every application.


Map your customer experience and test them in real-time, using a group of people that represent your target audience.


Allow your software to be easy to get to everyone, providing you peace of mind for compliance with the most recent standards.


Professional usability testing ensures that your applications are competitive and are meeting the expectations of the end-user.

For better usability testing in the early stages, we recommend creating a digital prototype. Those prototypes are essential for detecting problems with website, app or software development and making alterations before final production. Optimize your concept, minimize potential risks, refine functionality and boost product or service effectiveness right at the beginning to protect product success.

Geolance prototyping services

Our prototyping services give our clients an opportunity to confirm the product concept of their project and lay the right base for its success from the first days. On the fundament of the project’s needs, we leverage incremental, evolutionary and rapid prototyping to:

• Do user testing before production and get valuable feedback from stakeholders

• Reproduce business automation and processes, find out and fix issues

• Create sales tools for POC and marketing for technical feasibility and concept validation

• Set efficient delivery milestones and achieve correct project estimates

Our prototyping solutions

Design of the Interface

For creating mobile applications design prototypes to test and simulate user experiences, we bring in our graphic design team and a team of UX experts. On the base of the functionality and the target audience, offered by the software, our professional designers make a GUI and help you to get a clear vision of what the final product or service would look like. Also, they help you to see and analyze how the users will interact with the future application. Depending on the level of design needs, we do this for the entire product or just for a core set of features.

Needs Elicitation

In the process of creating a prototype for innovative products where the scope is not defined, our needs consultants collaborate closely with product conceptualizers. They are working to outline the software requirements and business objectives of your project. Besides, our experts stick to business analysis and software engineering best practices to provide clear and accurate specifications.

Functional Implementation

Our company provides fully functional and ready-to-work implementations of prototypes for the functionality and core features of the app, complete with reporting and data flow. At this stage, the prototype gives clear user experience insights, roles, interactions and access to data. 

Clickable Wireframes

Such mobile website wireframes allow you to get a rapid visual representation of all pieces of the final product. Depending on its complexity, we make comprehensive wireframes that not only replicate app behaviour but which also give an opportunity to test various user roles that cover different business scenarios.

We are specialized in

Mobile Prototyping

We are ready to provide users with interactive and compelling mobile experience by supplying usable, useful and wanted web application prototypes. Sketch iOS and Android app prototypes and testing are a great way for differentiating yourself from the competition, building good relationships with the target audience, building loyalty, extend the level of engagement with your company, brand development and using them for growing your business.

Creating Software Prototypes

Such software prototypes can be used for establishing your project’s direction after the core concept has been confirmed through stakeholder feedback and usability testing. Also, the power of visualizing your idea before you spend all of that time and money to produce it, decrease the risk and make sure that your software development team has a lucid goal to achieve.

Prototyping for websites 

Our website prototypes allow the project stakeholders to get a clear vision of what the final product will look like. There are plenty of reasons to do this: to find out strengths and weaker points, to generate investment and support for the project, to test ideas and theories regarding the structure and layout of the website. More importantly, it helps to receive valuable user feedback through usability testing in the website development process. 

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