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Multimodal means an order for delivery between a location and destination by using more than one transport carrier to transport the goods. Usually, the services are handled by one person or multiple carriers but under single contracts or billings. The word "multimodal" is derived from the Latin words "multi-" meaning many and the Greek "modus" which means way, method or measure. Thus, multimodal means more than one mode of transport (for example road, rail, sea etc.) to move goods through different countries or regions. Using more than one carrier or mode of transport to move cargo has several advantages over using just one. It makes the process smoother and faster, allowing for lower costs by having less bureaucracy throughout the journey, getting to market quickly the items that are in high demand, and providing customers with better service levels because different carriers can provide different services. The last two decades have seen multimodal transport steadily gaining momentum, as it has established itself as one of the most efficient means of transport.

Multimodal Shipping Is the Future of Efficient and Cost-Effective Transport

Geolance offers multimodal shipping services that will save you time and money. Our experienced staff will handle all the contracts and coordination for you, so you can focus on your business. Let Geolance take the hassle out of multimodal shipping for you. We’ll make sure your goods are delivered on time and in perfect condition, using the most cost-effective methods possible.

When choosing a shipping company, you want to know that your goods are being handled by experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality customer service at an affordable price. That's why Geolance has built its reputation on hard work, excellent customer service, and fair, reasonable prices. If you are looking for the best in multimodal shipping, contact Geolance today for a free quote.

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Intermodal vs. Multimodal Transport

Intermodal and multimodal transport involves different transportation modes and a separate transport carrier for each step. It may mean a truck or a boat, a vessel or a combination of different transport carriers. Often times, both mean that the various operators have a route which includes one trip with the same car from one location to another. It's important to learn what makes the difference in your cargo by speaking to your carriers so they can address them appropriately or eliminate any confusion. To put it simply, only one contract is used to cover the entire transportation in multimodal freight. Whereas separate contracts are used for each transport leg in the case of intermodal transportation. The transport carrier responsible for moving the shipment across all legs in multimodal freight and intermodal shipping is the same transport carrier.

It's essential that you learn the basics about intermodal transport so the shipment can be delivered in the best possible manner. Many confuse maritime navigation with multimodal transportation. Determining when to utilise multimodal shipping requires many factors, some have included the cost difference in transportation as well as the inventory costs. For shippers the cost of time is important in estimating how it works to maintain multiple independent contacts. Today we must understand the differences between intermodal vs. multimodal freight, and whether a transport system can serve all users.

Intermodal shipping and multimodal transportation are two similar but not exactly interchangeable terms that refer to a method of shipping where more than one type of transportation is used. In most cases, the “combined” shipments use ships and trucks – or more specifically – a ship with attached trucks that are then driven to the destination location. This most efficient combination of shipment is then unloaded, and the truck kicks in again to deliver the cargo.

Types of Multimodal Transport

A container allows cargoes to be easily transported through different transport modes with ease. Normally, a transport carrier like a road vehicle or a boat accompanies pickup and drop off, but other modes include railway or ship. The mode adopted to transport large quantities of goods is marine and air.

With the container method, loading and unloading can be done without any damage to cargo.

Geolance multimodal services include but are not limited to:

• FCL (Full Container Load) shipments / Consolidations

• LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments / Breakbulk

• Value Added Services like Storage, Packing / Crating

• Rubber-Tire Equipment

When choosing a multimodal or intermodal shipping company, make sure that you hire the one that has an efficient transportation management system, reasonable freight costs, environmentally friendly carriers, and shipment tracking efficiency so that you are aware at all times status of your shipment.


A multimodal transportation company can handle delays within an area of shipping for one leg of the shipment without incurring costs. All aspects of these solutions are handled by the same company, thus ensuring complete customer care. It allows track efficiency in remote parts of the world with responsibility for moving at once by the same transport agent. Additional advantages of using multimodal cargo services include:

  • Efficient Delivery Times
  • Minimization of logistics
  • Co-ordinated cost for shipped products
  • Minimized logistics coordination expenses

The forwarder picks up the goods and delivers them under a separate contract of shipping in multimodal ship arrangements. It's not even your responsibility to pay the bill. It helps minimize additional paperwork and requires even less communication. In addition to the above perks, it is much easier to handle multimodal shipping.

Logistics Management

A forwarder takes care of transportation management and delivery. A freight forwarder is a third-party logistics provider involved in international trade, such as brokering and consolidating cargo shipments from different parts of the world onto ships suitable for its final destination. It serves businesses involved in importing and exporting bulk cargoes - typically sold at wholesale prices - to other countries or regions. A forwarder can provide a complete range of logistics services including:

• Logistics consulting and arranging flexible and customized solutions to their clients' logistic needs.

• Management of freight by managing customs, warehouse handling, storage solutions, distribution, picking up goods from manufacturers or capitalizing on the most efficient mode of transport amongst others.

• Ensuring clients get timely, efficient and reliable logistics service with the lowest transportation costs.

All in all, using an intermodal and an intermodal company would ensure that you are capable of achieving some real benefits that otherwise might be impossible to achieve by yourself if you were to handle the shipment independently.

Multimodal Tracking

The visibility of a shipment may depend on a limited number of factors and often the number of logistic suppliers involved. A multimodal transportation company must have an efficient tracking mechanism in place, or else it would not be able to handle its responsibilities efficiently. A good tracking system records location and status by means of global positioning systems (GPS) and automatic identification system (AIS) devices. In addition, it should also provide access to information from radio frequency identification device readers provided at different points along a transport path so as to ensure total network efficiency. It also offers useful information such as cargo type, container number, dimensions and weight.


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