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The modern automotive industry is setting new standards for in-car navigation systems. Digital transformation and innovative tracking solutions are bringing improvement in both the driving experience and safety. 
Geolance is a professional tracking solution provider. We offer expert map compilation and development of various navigation solutions. Our specialists have collaborated with most of the large global map providers to build high-fidelity GPS solutions. That is why our GPS experts have enough experience to develop a navigation system for you. We are ready to bring innovation to your life.

Geolance developers are specialized in: 

2D&3D rendering
Providing the quickest in-car rendering for instrument clusters and heads-up displays. 
Map compilation
Accelerating the time of map compilation.
Online & offline search
Connecting navigation systems and cloud technology for better search.
Immediate traffic information
Combining navigation systems for cars and cloud-based location platforms for better path guidance and routing.
E2E incorporated navigation
Integrating navigation systems with mobile and cloud devices.
Accurate GPS locations
Collecting information through a vehicle tracking system using lane calculations and GPS for precise positioning.

What can Geolance bring to your business? 

We develop expert navigation solutions
Our specialists have vast experience in navigation product development such as map compilation and management, guidance and car positioning systems.
We rich the best UX with map optimization
We design custom GPS software and navigation interfaces that shorten touch response times and optimize the user experience
We work internationally
There are no boundaries to our development company. We have happy clients and customers all over the world. 
Our innovative services include: 
  • Standard industry truck-specific routing, mapping and mileage for vehicles of all sizes.
  • Developing of scheduling, routing, supply and transportation chain management systems.
  • Complete standardization and customization of navigation solutions across your entire company.
  • Reducing out-of-route mileage, saving time, money, fuel costs and toll.
  • General optimizing of drive time with car software development.
  • Support both an intermodal and global business with Rail and Worldwide map data.
  • Exclusive capability to send route plans directly to the driver to follow. That will ensure correct route compliance.
Indoor Wayfinding and Navigation
Geolance indoor navigation helps users to navigate between two waypoints on a map or to a particular destination indoor. Our unique algorithm uses accessibility parameters, weight, distance and speed, along with a number of paths to create an optimal travel path.
Benefits of the solution
✓ Give directions to your destination based on location.
✓ Customize blue dot elements as well as opacity, colour, pulse rates, animation, and more.
✓Create and organize all style elements of amenities, paths and places of interest.
Status and Asset Tracking
Visualize moving and static assets to track and display their location. Also, you can follow their movement on highly accurate maps by using information from Indoor Positioning Systems. 

Benefits of the solution
✓ Real-time GPS tracking.
✓ Visual picture of all available assets or those that need maintenance.
✓ Compatibility with third-party RTLS providers. 
✓ A great rendering of high-fidelity maps.

Business Intelligence Development
Benefit from the combination of tabular data and high-fidelity maps. That will allow you to collect new insights into activities and reveal relationships between data sets. Geolance, a business intelligence platform, helps users to understand how data influence their organizations.

Benefits of the solution
✓ Layer extra information on a map through SDKs and REST APIs.
✓ Visualize sensors, occupancy, utilization, cost, and other location-specific data.
✓ Insert maps into custom or existing Business Intelligence tools.

Smart Parking
Visualize historical or real-time parking data on a map by integrating our solutions with third-party parking providers. You will be able to find the closest parking to your desired destination. Also, you will have a seamless journey from the parking lot to the venue. Besides, it makes the navigation process more comfortable.
Benefits of the solution
✓ Integrate smart and real-time parking data via SDKs and REST APIs.
✓ Create the most suitable journey from the parking lot to the venue.
✓ Configure and control rendering and visualization of parking availability.
Customize navigation solution according to your needs
Map building
Use multi-dimensional indoor maps in mobile or web applications.
Add multiple layers inside a map.
Connect maps with other systems for perfect visualization
Add HTML, or custom user interface views to maps in any location 
Create and import your own plans or work with our navigation experts to build accurate vector-based maps
Map Managing
Customize maps for cosmetic or branding changes (colours, fonts, opacity, widths and others)
Control zoomed visualization (map details, label collision, destination labels)
Alter the feel, behaviour and look of animations (floor transitions, paths, blue dot confidence circle, pin drop)
Find and highlight destinations, display their details, track moving destinations and add custom images.
Embed interactive map elements with your other systems.
Indoor location
Provide compatibility with 3rd party indoor location systems. 
Help you choose the right location.
Easy navigation between any locations solution while takes into account accessibility, distance and route preference.
Create simple wayfinding with step-by-step directions.
Precisely locate and show directions to an asset or person in real-time.
What will you get?
1. Fast real-time maps
Geolance offers the creation of vector maps that are rendered in real-time. So you get quick and smooth maps as a result. 
2. Easy search
Our navigation solutions provide forward and reverse permanent geocoding worldwide. Find places anywhere you are.
3. Seamless navigation
Turn-by-turn directions and live traffic for seamless routing experiences

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