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Money can't buy you health, but environmentally sustainable materials for repairing your home are accessible. According to environmental studies, the air in our apartments is 5-10 times dirtier than outside air. It's a well-known fact that the average person spends at least half of their life at home—the materials used in remodelling impact the cleanliness of the air inside your house. As a result, any renovation must be done ecologically responsible. For example, parquet floors are a good stylistic fit for midcentury modern home styles but may look out of place in other classes.  At Geolance, we offer environmentally friendly materials for construction and renovation because it's essential to limit the release of harmful substances into the air in your home.

Natural Resources

When renovating your house, you should consider all factors that can improve its good looks rather than generate additional expenditures. The quality of the materials used determines whether or not your home renovation will be successful. When choosing environmentally friendly materials, you should invest in high-quality brands made from natural resources like cork or linoleum. Parquet flooring is worth paying attention to if you're aiming for an eco-friendly renovation because it's made of wood and other natural materials that are easy on the environment. For example, cork flooring is made from a natural substance with a low carbon footprint.

Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are a popular choice of material that can be used for flooring because they are durable, pleasant to the touch and easy to maintain. However, because of their high density, they require intensive processing during installation, which might cause them to emit VOCs (volatile organic carbons), such as formaldehyde, into the air we breathe.

The most common way to lay hardwood flooring is by aligning the planks parallel to the longest wall. Apart from a few exceptions like sagging joists, this is preferred to lay wood floors because it aesthetically provides the best result. But there are other options. With every choice, you will want to consider each room and your entire floor plan so that your flooring looks cohesive as you move from room to room. 

At Geolance, we take environmental protection seriously and offer a wide range of flooring products and services that ensure an ecologically clean renovation or construction project. Our parquet boards are made of natural materials—birch, oak, ash, beech, cherry, and maple—from sustainably managed forests. In addition, all our products meet the requirements of the European Ecolabel.

If you're looking for a reliable and environmentally friendly supplier of flooring products, contact Geolance today! We would be happy to discuss your needs and recommend the best solution for your project.

Ultimately, the "right" way to lay hardwood planks is not straightforward.  If you're not experienced, it can be challenging to get the "look" just right. If you want to avoid any problems, ask for expert help.

Rather than veneer construction, most of today's parquet tiles use solid wood, which means refinishing is plausible. But sources for hardwood parquet tiles are limited, and you may need to search for the style you want. If you consider a wood parquet floor, you are likely weighing its virtues against a traditional hardwood floor.

The installation process of parquet boards

First, the surface on which the parquet must be laid must be smooth, flat, and level. If it's not, you'll need to fix it before starting. Unevenness can cause the boards to warp and buckle.

Next, you need to determine the layout of the boards. Again, you can use a template or outline the floor on the subfloor with a chalk line.

Once you've decided on the layout, you need to cut the boards to size. If you're using solid wood parquet, make sure you allow for expansion and contraction. The ends of the panels should be mitred (cut at an angle) so that they fit snugly together.

Finally, it would help if you glued the boards in place with a unique adhesive that will hold them firmly but enables them to expand and contract without breaking. The seams should be staggered so that the joints are held together by multiple rows of board ends. Nailing parquet boards

You need to attach each flooring board with a nail for a solid wood parquet. It's best to drill pilot holes for the pins first and then hammer them in place. Using a pneumatic nail gun is recommended to enable considerable time savings and accuracy.

Softwood parquet boards can be glued onto concrete or wooden subfloors without the need for nails or screws. However, if you're using a floating installation method, you will need to attach the boards with special cleats.

Parquet hardwood floor direction

When installing a hardwood floor, always follow the manufacturer's recommendations. However, in general, wood floors should run parallel to the longest wall in the room. This will create the illusion of length and make the room appear larger. If your room is particularly long, you may want to stagger the boards so they don't run in the same direction.

Visual congruity usually requires the boards to run away from the main entrance of a room, but structural integrity mandates that they run perpendicular to the floor joists. When installing a floor in an entire house, the structural requirement may constrain you to maintain a specific direction throughout unless you fortify the subfloor. Sightlines Running the flooring boards from the main entrance of a room toward the opposite wall simplifies the sightline and makes. To achieve this pattern, hardwood flooring planks are installed parallel to each other along with the length or width of your room. This classic pattern is used to create simple and even contemporary designs, enhancing the original look of the hardwood floor. In addition, this addition, this hardwood flooring pattern enables you to choose the ratio of wide and narrow boards, resulting in a uniquely customized look. This pattern works well when your goal is to achieve a more rustic feel. Become inspired by browsing our collection of hardwood flooring options here . 

Horizontal hardwood floor direction

Most people prefer to have wood floors run horizontally, from side to side in a room. This gives the room a more unified look and is especially popular in traditional décors.

Vertical hardwood floor direction

If you want to create a more contemporary look in your home, you may prefer to have the wood floors run in a vertical direction, from top to bottom. This will give the room a more dynamic feel and appear taller.

Laying hardwood floor perpendicular to joists

When installing a hardwood floor, its actual amount of visible blemishes determines the grade of hardwood flooring (number of knots)l and provides you with more stability over time.

The number of visible blemishes determines the grade of hardwood flooring (the number of knots). These are referred to as "character marks" or "defects" and can include natural color variations, mineral streaks, wormholes. You can create unique patterns when not, bird pecks, etc. The fewer character marks it has, the hardwood flooring you have.

Diagonal hardwood floor direction

You can create unique patterns when installing hardwood flooring boards in a diagonal direction. Use this method to highlight specific features of the room or build more complex designs with your wood flooring.

The grade of parquet planks begins at 4-5 knots per square foot. Th, giving is most famous for basic geometric designs. However, if you want more intricate designs, you can provide a grade of 3-4 knots per square foot, giving plank variation.

Laying block parquet

Plastic panels are environmentally friendly, but they should not be used in locations where heat is generated, such as near a stove or a boiler. When heated, the plastic releases dioxin, which is harmful to the environment.

Linoleum is the most harmful material in a living room, and it pollutes the air with a variety of hazardous chemicals. Please don't waste your money on the cheapest option; it has only a tiny percentage of a chemically neutral base.

Most parquet flooring tiles are prefinished, which means you will not need to stain or varnish the finished floor.  The downside is that you won't be able to change the floor's colour or end in the future.

At Geolance, we use only natural materials in our parquet boards. They come from sustainably managed forests and meet the requirements of the European Ecolabel. In addition, we offer a wide range of finishes, so you can choose the one you like best, and we will install it in your home. Get in touch with us today. Sign E1 indicates the level of environmental friendliness. The symbols E1, E2, or E3 reveal their degree of environmental friendliness. The sign E1 suggests the level of ecological friendliness sign E1 indicates environmental friendliness - substances poisonous to your body are minimal, and you may even design a children's room. E2 These names might be different dependable for a bedroom, but OK only appropriate for industrial premises since the material is harmful to humans. Depending on which country you live in, these names might be other, but it's tough to mix them up with anything else.

An open-concept space can appear to flow smoothly into one large area if your wood flooring is installed from the long end of the distance to the other. However, oddly shaped rooms or narrow open hallways may not lend themselves to flooring laid along one continuous line of sight; a thin wood strip can be installed to define the threshold where the flooring changes direction. 

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