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For each product that appears on the market, quality is very important. Nobody wants to use software that works with errors, looks unattractive or does not protect users’ data. To increase the competitive ability of software (the web, desktop or mobile or other product), that you have ready for release, it’s imperative to conduct testing.

Performance Testing uses a range of approaches, activities, and scenarios to simulate load at different levels. All these steps are necessary to reduce the risk of problems when a product is available for use by a large number of users.

Load testing is a gradual, soft load of the system. Performance testing goes beyond the limits of the requirements for the product. This testing type will immediately help to understand how the system behaves within the permitted framework.

Stress testing. In this case, the testing activity takes place in conditions that exceed the norms, by the requirements. This performance testing type is necessary to determine the capabilities of a product and to know the system’s ability to process information and maintain stability in non-standard, unpredictable conditions of use.

Volume Testing is a type of system performance testing that is important because it determines the reliability of the system not under a load of users or during the time but estimates the amount of data that an app, program, or particular product uses.

Spike Testing is a system test at a time of sudden load increase. In this case, test engineers increase the number of users for a long time, something which the system does not expect, and observes the behaviour of the system and its ability to handle such a flow of information.

Reliability testing can determine the ability of the system to work stable under continuous load. It allows not only to identify the limits of workability but also to determine the moment when the product works with a significant deterioration of performance.

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