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Azam K. - 19970 Advertising Writer from Karachi


Hiring Manager, I am very happy to use this opportunity to briefly describe some of the skills attained at my university and a series of marketing positions that I have held. As someone who takes advantage of excellent business communication and planning skills, I have participated in highly complex projects alongside some of the most brilliant marketing minds that I had a chance to meet. This helped me to grow as a professional and to take my observation and critical thinking skills to the next level. • Have successfully deliver sales and initiate a research business development. • A self-starter • Eager to learn new things • Strive for continued excellence by putting in extra hard work • Provide exceptional contributions to the work place. I am very passionate about contemporary marketing tools such as social media management, content writing, ecommerce and PPC campaigns of all digital platforms. I believe that I can leverage these talents to help your organization complete audience engagements and to increase the rate of repeat customers. During my prior employment with Kayazar Ecommerce Store, I was able to lead an outreach campaign that helped increase the demand in the local market by 28%. By employing streamlined processes and by prioritizing the company's success, my team is consider as the most productive group for two years in a row. My role and experience is given in resume. I have 5 years experience of Business Development & Digital Media Marketing including (all digital channels). My certification and qualification about advertising, social campaigns, exterior marketing, branding, lead generation, and business development through social media are very clear and mentioned in resume.  I worked with countable firms and uncountable clients in 5 to 6 years.  Some of the talents that are applicable to the position in question include outstanding flexibility, quick adaptability and quick learning. I also thrive in team-based environments where I obtain motivation by helping others. Through on-going work with external customers, I will help represent your company in the best light possible as all projects that I partake are handled in a smooth manner. I am grateful for your time, and I appreciate your consideration. I look forward to discussing my experience, knowledge, expectations and additional career goals in further details. I also hope to gain an opportunity to showcase why I would be a good fit for your organization by presenting some of my prior projects in person. Sincerely, Azam Khan

Advertising Writer

Work experience
2021 - Present
Web Management, Campaign Manager
Brandsway Store
2019 - 2021
Ecommerce Specialist
Kayazar Ecommerce Store
2018 - 2019
Social Media Marketer
Brandsroad Media House
2018 - 2022
Institute of Technology
March 2024


Adobe Photoshop
4 Y
Content Writing
4 Y
4 Y
Google Adwords
4 Y
Google Analytics
4 Y
Indian > Urdu
4 Y
Microsoft Office
4 Y
Social Media Management
4 Y

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