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Sara D. - 17008 Health Information Management Consultant from Toronto


To whom it may concern, I am writing to you with great interest in joining your team. My name is Sara Maria and I completed my Master of Public Health in Health Promotion at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto, with an undergraduate background in psychology (B.A.). My experiences and personal values have motivated me to pursue opportunities in public health consultancy to aid organizations to tackle health challenges in an innovative manner. As a passionate candidate, I believe my educational background, along with my work experiences in non-profit organizations and research will make me an asset to your team. I have served alongside many philanthropic forces, which have provided me with invaluable communication and interpersonal skills in working with vulnerable populations. At CAMH, I have developed skills in writing health literacy information sheets on the COVID-19 vaccine for patients experiencing serious mental illness and/or addiction to tackle vaccine hesitancy during today’s fast-paced environment in public health. At Bonheur Du Ciel, a non-profit organization, I aided in promoting the necessary social determinants to develop a youth gender equal protection program for orphaned children and youth who have experienced traumatic experiences. Through this firsthand experience, I was able to understand the importance of healthy community awareness and gender equality plans through different techniques. Additionally, as a skills trainer, at the International Rescue Committee, I empowered and built the capacity of adult Syrian, Palestinian, and Iraqi refugees by instructing them on business, English, and communication, to provide them with the tools they need to overcome the challenges they are encountering, such as inclusion in their host country. This training was implemented to empower women economically and enable them to thrive in their communities. I developed the training based on the trainee’s needs as well as the donor’s requirements and submitted a final report revealing how the training was implemented. As a youth coordinator in Skoun - Lebanese Addiction Center - I implemented prevention and training programs on substance use among youth, and monitored the implementations, while communicating outcomes to multiple stakeholders. During the refugee crisis in Lebanon, I contacted different international non-governmental organizations to develop a prevention program for street children using different drugs. I also developed health litarcy brochures for different ages (12-15, 16-17, 18+) while also applying the donor’s requirements (e.g., logo of the donor). Finally, as a research assistant in the Department of Public Health at the American University of Beirut, I worked to increase female educational attainment and prevent early marriage in Syrian refugees. I sought to achieve this through developing gender based student-oriented sessions, leading a team of volunteer facilitators for those sessions, as well as monitoring and evaluating the life skills classes presented by community facilitators. This role made me acutely aware of the impact of public health efforts in supporting humanitarian planning processes for education and protection response during the refugee crisis. Overall, my experiences with different organizations working with vulnerable and high-risk populations, have helped me develop my skills in working efficiently and also helped me learn how to adapt and thrive in challenging work environments. Furthermore, I developed excellent time management and research skills through successfully balancing my academic, research, work and extra-curricular responsibilities. As a research affiliate conducting a global health practicum at the University of Connecticut under the supervision of Dr. Lisa Butler, I extensively researched about internally displaced persons in Kenya and the interventions required for sexual education and HIV interventions particularly in women. I conducted a literature review and provided suggestions for the required HIV interventions to protect them and ensure that they best meet the needs of female internally displaced Kenyans. I received the opportunity to develop a training manual on promoting positive parenting and maternal mental health which provided me with exposure on leading the writing of manuals, organizing culturally sensitive activities for 3-hour sessions, and allowed me to think critically about global health issues. As a compassionate and mission-driven candidate, I firmly believe that I am capable of understanding and working with countless communities and interdisciplinary teams. I believe that my interest in working at a global organization, alongside my relevant experiences, makes this an excellent opportunity to further develop my knowledge and research skills, to collaborate with professionals and stakeholders within the field, and most importantly, to apply my learnt and developed skills. I wish to continue expanding my skillset by joining your team and working on different international programs contributing to the education and protection of children. I greatly appreciate your time and consideration of my application for this position.

Health Information Management Consultant

Work experience
2021 - Present
Health Promotor
Inner City Health Associates
2021 - 2021
Communications Coordinator
Center for Addiction and Mental Health
2020 - 2020
Research Assistant
University of Connecticut
2020 - 2021
Peer Researcher
Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services
2019 - 2019
Youth Coordinator
2018 - 2019
2019 - 2021
University of Toronto
Master of Public Health
2014 - 2018
Lebanese American University
Bachelor of Arts
November 2022


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