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Brampton, Canada
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Amos D. - 15671 Media Events Co-ordinator from Brampton


I am an eager, enthusiastic, determined, strong personality and a never-give-up attitude individual who wants to be the first person to touch and change people’s lives through sports. As Nelson Mandela said “sport has the power to change the world” but it’s just that people don’t know how to use it. I aspire to make a change the way the sporting industry works, which is free from all type of discrimination, has a strong work ethic and that is working hard towards developing sports for the better and also helping the young and the old generation achieve their goal through sports be it professional or personal. I truly believe that with constant hard work, a clean heart, and respect for others and yourself you can achieve anything you want in this world. Never give up because your dream doesn’t have an expiration date so take a deep breath and try again. As a child, I always wondered what my true calling was, but I never knew that I would be on a journey in the sports industry to discover my true calling. Being an athlete myself I always knew that my true calling was in the sports industry and I cannot wait to unlock the door of my dreams. My purpose has always been to make the world a better place to live in but I never thought that I would use sports because when I was younger, people said that sports can’t do that, but according to me it does. I am passionate about making a difference in the sports industry where people enter without any fear and they are recognized by their talent rather than being discriminated on the basis of their cast, colour gender, or nationality. I am very determined to help people who love sports, as well as companies, achieve their goals through sports because at the end of the day the smile on the faces of people is the most rewarding part for me. I am great at interacting with people, solving problems, and being creative, and have a desire to work in a military sport-like environment because I am passionate about military sports, but I can work in any environment because I love sports. I am here to learn, absorb and apply what the industry has to offer and as said by Bruce Lee “knowing is not enough; we must apply”. Currently, I am a “Sports Management” student at Humber College who is open to volunteer opportunities and internship opportunities within the sports industry for positions like marketing, sports coordinator, sports manager, fan engagement, or national sports coordinator.

Media Events Co-ordinator

Work experience
2022 - 2022
Sports Program Coordinator
Special Olympics Ontario
2021 - 2022
Security Guard
2021 - 2021
Sports Administrator
Athletics Ontario
2021 - 2021
Volunteer Member
Canadian Alliance
2019 - 2019
Brampton Beasts
2019 - 2022
Humber College
Advanced Diploma
February 2024


Apple Mac
2 Y
Decision-making Skills
2 Y
2 Y
Indian > Hindi
2 Y
Leadership Skills
2 Y
Microsoft Office
2 Y
2 Y
PC Hardware
2 Y
Problem Solving
2 Y

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