Interactive Prototypes
Multi-touch Hardware Programming
System Automation

Development of NO-CODE (FSM, Framework) tooling platform in a PC-based for developers automatics, robotics and controlled devises (PC, SBC, Tablets - CPU Intel or AMD)

Company Beeptec Engineering nominated in the ranking of the leading Israeli startups, as a developer of NO CODE tooling in the field of automatics and robotic. Welp Magazine, an independent London-based IT publication. ROBOTEAM: Role definition - Engineer team of engineers: - prototyping and adaptation of systems to various configurations; - support for various design and development departments; - performing tests and experiments that include field trials; - conducting tutorials, training and tests in Israel and abroad. DUSTPHOTONICS: Development of the XYZ control system high-precision linear motion controllers for optical research. Development of an external user interface with functions of external control of video monitoring and data collection in real-time. INNOVIZ TECHNOLOGIES: Field - Lidars for the automotive industry. - Implementation a company verification automation strategy (ATE); - Develop LabView applications to automate testing according to system requirements. AGAS CONCEPT: Field - Medical equipment (dermatology of the face). Modelling, development, prototyping and the transition from development to production; Development of Real-Time OS software for managing medical equipment for the following physiotherapeutic procedures: - optical therapy of the facial part of the skin; - electrophoresis of the facial part of the skin; - magnetic resonance therapy; -vitaminizing lifting of health-improving biological preparations. MEITAV-TEC: Field of intelligent HVAC temperature control. - Develop LabView applications to automate testing according to system requirements; - Introduction ATE to production. see less

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